Bad romance
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Anxious and stressed because of her kids' reckless actions, Mrs. Kim walked downstairs worried about timing. "The reporter and her team will be here soon and they are not answering their phones." She complained next to her husband. 

He sighed "They will be here on time" he said with certain tiredness. It was always like this with his wife, she always wants everything to be perfect to brag about her perfect life, perfect kids and perfect marriage. 

it wouldn't be far fetched to say that Mr. Kim was already fed up with the interviews, photos and social events that only costed him a fortune. 

The two walked the stairs all dressed up, ready to wait for that interviewer and her team, however the doorbell got their attention. 

A maid hurried and opened the door with a smile on her face to welcome the laughing kids. She bowed to them as they talked about the crazy things they did during the weekend. 

As soon as the three saw their parents, they calmed. It was obvious that Jungwoo was very nervous, while Chaewon looked at the maids working hard "The interview." She murmured behind her unnie, who only had a bright smile on her face. 

"The joy of this household is back. Safe and sound" She spoke full of energy, then got closer to give her mother a kiss on her cheek.


Mrs. Kim looked at the three "Where were you? Don't you know how important today is for me?" She asked "We were so worried. Why none of you picked up their phone?" She scolded them. 

Mr. Kim didn't say anything, but he seemed serious and that face was enough to make Jungwoo and Chaewon reflective of their actions

"We ran out of battery. Blame me not them" Winter lied with a smile "Oh, everyday is very important to you, mother. Don't get upset. Besides we needed some time off." She added  


Mrs. Kim cupped her happy virus's cheeks "Always spinning free." She told her as this one only showed her dimples proud of herself. 

"Leave it. They are here now." Mr. Kim interrupted before walking away, somehow he was glad that Winter took her siblings away from time to time.


He wished he could do the same because it is tiring pretending that everything is okay when it's not just for the sake of feeding his wife's fantasy of a perfect life. 

After reading his newspaper and having his cup of coffee. He was ready for that silly interview and that magazine shoot. 

The family posed together with bright smiles on their faces, until it was time for their interviews. 

Mr. Kim wasnt impressed by his oldest daughter's answers. She has always been so eloquent and charismatic her whole life, since she was little a kid. 

The old man smiled slightly, not being able to be proud of the woman she has become. 

"Since I have know you, you have always had this innate goodness and it makes me glad to have seen you grow in this amazing woman. I'm proud now you're a top student of The University of Seoul and there's no doubt you're the future of DDM. This must feel surreal to you, right? In very short you will join your father as the heir of his empire." 

Minjeong smiled and despite of feeling full of herself, she gave a humble answer, while her father continue listening very proud of his oldest daughter without being seen. 

However things changed when he heard the next interview. He listened to his son's confusion and apparent issues. It seemed he felt like he has never had the chance to prove of what he was capable of because the spotlight was always on Minjeong.

The old man couldn't help to be worried about his son and his feeling of not being important to the family. Mr. Kim couldn't help to wonder if he was the responsible of his son's lack of self esteem.  

After a few weeks of thinking without stopping, he decided to make a special dinner with his family member's to tell them what he had in mind. 

"I have decided that Jungwoo will be the one joining me in the company." 


"What did you say?" Mrs. Kim asked confused cause she thought that spot would be Minjeong's 


The three siblings looked at each other for a second until Minjeong stood up "What's this supposed to mean? I... I have been preparing myself for that my whole life." She spoke, still confused hoping it was a joke. She felt numb and her palms were sweating

Mr. Kim used his napkin "Minjeong. This is the best for y..." 


"What kind of bad joke is this?" Minjeong interrupted "I have worked so hard my whole life without complaining at all because I knew one day I would..." she stopped talking, then grabbed her purse and left the restaurant with tears in her eyes. 


Mrs. Kim and Chaewon were speechless. 

Jungwoo also got up "Dad, what are you doing?" He asked, not believing what he heard.


"I'm giving you a chance. Now sit. We have plenty to talk aboutt" He simply said. 

The handsome man thought for a second, but he just gave in and sat again.


Mrs. Kim pulled out her phone to call her daughter "She's not picking up" 


"Leave her. She will be alright" He to

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