Tight grip

Bad romance
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Golfing at the club in a sunny afternoon, some siblings fought with all their tools for certain teenage girl who had no idea of the war she has caused. 


"Karina, let me help you. I am the best golfer between us" Jungwoo let out approaching to her, but he was stopped by a golf club "Easy tiger. The best? I don't think so." 


Jungwoo looked at his twin. "Should we test it?" he asked as Chaewon frowned cause she has never seen Jungwoo acting like that. She could expect that of show-off Winter, but not him 


"Of course. What about you teaching Jisung and me teaching Karina?" Winter asked back. 


Jisung and Karina looked at each other, not wanting to get involved in whatever those two had in mind. 


"Fine by me." He answered, then called Jisung to his side to teach him the basics. 


Winter smiled cause her brother was really stupid. He had no idea of what Winter had in mind and what she has planned all morning. "Karina, come over here." she told her softly. 


The black sighed cause she wasn't a fan of golf, however she still did what she was told.


Chaewon looked at her siblings practicing with Karina and Jisung "What's going on with them?" she thought as she sat in the golf cart to wait for them to be ready to "Play". She started checking instagram comfortably. 


"Okay, one of the things you have to know is to play with proper equipment. That's why proper clubs for your level are needed." Winter explained as she handed her one. 


A not so excited Karina looked at the object in her hand. She couldn't hide the fact that she was disappointed. Just like Winter she wanted to spend time alone with her, but here she was feeling tired under the sun


Winter smiled "We're not going to do this for long. Trust me." she whispered in her ear. 


The black haired looked at her "Really?" she asked, getting a wink from the older who got behind her to place her hand hands softly on her hips "The second thing is to have a proper posture. You want to try to have your back flat, tilt your hips, bend your knees and keep your head slighly back." she whispered softly, uncapable of seeing how red Karina had gotten so suddenly. 


Suddenly, Winter's hand found hers "Next one is the grip. It has to match your swing" she said in a low tone of voice, while Karina did her best to control her raging hormones.   


Jungwoo looked at them as he taught Jisung. He just couldn't believe how attentive Winter was to Karina. "There must be something going on" he thought angry, and just when he was about to interrupt them a golf cart stopped next to him. 


"Jungwoo!" Some girl called, getting Chaewon's attention."Girls" she said with a smile and got off the golf cart to greet her friends. 


Jisung was totally lost, while Jungwoo became pale. Those were his ex's girlfriends and they were probably here to kill him for breaking her heart in a 48 seconds phone call. 


The three girls came out of their gold cart "How dared you?" Eunbi asked angry. 


"Look, i.." 


"You have no excuse, you pig!" Chaeyeon let out, getting closer to him with a golf club in hand, just like Sakura and Yena. 


Chaewon got in the middle "Guys, you need to calm down." she told her friends, but the three seemed very upset. 


Jisung blinked a few times because thsoe girls were really pretty, and yes they wanted to hurt his older brother for something but he didn't mind. "I need to impress them." he thought, not wanting to be invisible to them. 


Winter and Karina looked at the scene a little lost at what was happening. however Winter grabbed her hand "This is our chance." she told her "Let's go" she added, pulling her to the golf cart. 


The two drove away, while the other continued distracted by Minju's squad. 


"I should feel terrible for leaving my brother there." 


"Trust me. He didn't mind." Winter said with a smile as she remembered Jisung's face looked at those girls. After all, he was a man. 


Karina moved her head side to side "What are we going to do now?" she asked. 


"We're going to get ready for a proper date" Winter told her softly.


After leaving the club, Kim Minjeong drove for some time until she stopped her car in front of a luxurious hotel. "What are we doing here?" Karina asked confused. 


"You have to get ready. You look pretty in golf clothes, but i want something else for tonight. Don't worry my friend will treat yo

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Chapter 33: i'm so hooked up reading this all night such beautiful story, i'm glad the got the happy ending.
oofiee 1034 streak #2
Chapter 33: they have a family 🥹 yeji lost without even putting up a fight LOL

also jungwoo char dev... well he needed time to get to know his self-
blanketlove 93 streak #3
Chapter 33: i love their first encounter with pucca karina and puppy min 🥺🩷 all these years karina had loved winter and Min grew up to love that baby powder scent
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Chapter 33: when i read the last part, i was like “is this the end” !? because i didn’t see the status but oh no😭 gonna miss this fanfic and maybe will reread it
blanketlove 93 streak #5
Chapter 33: i will miss this so much 😭😭
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Chapter 33: Finally it's finished !!!thanks for the wonderful story author-nim💛🌹
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Chapter 33: 🎉🥰🥰🥰❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Chapter 33: 🥰
Chapter 32: whipped winter is the best hehe
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