Bad romance
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At the airport, a sad Kim Minjeong looked at her family members as she did her best to keep it together. Truth to be told seeing Karina avoiding her gaze hurt her deep but she just couldn't show it.

"No more drinking!" Chaewon told her with a smile, while Jisung hit her shoulder softly with his fist. 

Mrs. Kim didn't say a word anymore, she didn't want to cry right there cause her daughter was very clear to her. If she cried she wouldn't forgive her.


"Minjeong, have a safe flight." Mr. Kim spoke as serious as ever, while Jungwoo didn't want to be there but he wanted to give Karina a good impression. "Come back soon, Noona"  he spoke happy that he will have a lot of time to make the younger fall for his charms


Winter smiled "Don't worry little brother. I will be back in a blink of an eye" she told her serious, then against her initial thoughts she walked to Karina and stood in front of her 


A red and devastated Karina did her best to not cry but when Winter got in front of her those her tears showed. 

The red haired placed her hands on her cheeks and made her look at her in the eyes. "Karina, I'm sorry. I'm so lacking in everything and I know I'm hurting you now, but I promise you that it's worth it. I could never be selfish with you and I seriously want you to enjoy every single day on your pace..." she told her as the younger's tears rolled down. 


Karina placed her hands on Winter's, while the others felt terrible for the in love couple and decided to give them some space

"Promise me something. When out time gets awful, you won't wallow in misery. Say what you feel and do what you need. Never have regrets and don't let others step on your beliefs because I believe in you"


The black haired sobbed in her lover's big hands "Even if we're not together. Give your all and never hold back. Be you and fight, and if what you're waiting for never comes back to you. Don't settle. Live, love, do your thing. And if you miss me when you feel alone, you can think about our beautiful memories and live them again just like i will." She told her holding back her tears 



"I know... " Winter interrupted her "Promise me" 


Karina nodded. 

"Good girl." The red haired said before pulling her for hug. 

The two remained like that for a few minutes telling each other how much they loved the other until they heard the information about Winter's flight. 

Her family members approached before giving the red haired a few more hugs and soon she walked away, while Karina's heart broke.


Jungwoo tried to comfort but Karina held her little brother tight. 

Mrs. Kim cried also, but Mr. Kim thought it was the best decision. His daughter needed to mature alone and Karina needed to grow a bit more before taking any kind of decision about her life.


It's been two years in Washington D.C and every passing second hurt her and burned her skin like nothing else in her life.

Winter hated the fact that she was living when Karina was sleeping and sleeping when Karina was living. It was horrible and she thought time was mocking her and making her pay for all the things she did in the past

Still, Kim Minjeong worked relentlessly in her father's new company. 

As it was expected she had a lot to prove due to her position. Somehow, all of them knew who she was and talked about her privilege behind her back making her life miserable, however none of that mattered to her.


The only thing important to her was her backwards watch, being successful there and the idea of returning back for her, but for that she needed to prove herself to be worth it. 

It was crazy how the two did their best to keep touch, but as it was expected it was the hardest thing ever. Yes, Winter could take a flight and see her, however the whole point was letting Karina live her life and if she did that she will become a person she couldn't be to her. A selfish individual. 

Angry in her office, Kim Minjeong only looked at the picture frame on her desk of her girlfriend  "I must live and must be the best version of myself." She spoke frustrated, and hurt for all the time they are losing. Every day it was getting harder 


Unexpectedly, her phone rang waking her up of her thoughts. She looked a

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