Bad romance
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In a fancy mansion in London, Han Haneul drank more of his expensive whiskey alone in his studio as memories broke his heart.

He opened the first drawer of his desk and pulled out a picture frame of a woman wearing her stewardess uniform smiling. "Miyoung, please forgive us" he cried out loud. 

He was in so much pain that he could barely stand it, he drank more desperately until his wife entered to disturb him.


"Did you talk to Miyoung? When is she coming back? What if we lose her again?" Mrs. Han asked extremely worried. 

Mr. Han looked at his wife "We should tell her the truth before her memories come back..." 


The old woman gasped, then got in her knees in front of him "Didn't you hear what the doctor said? She won't be able to remember due to all the brain damage caused by the crash. It's a miracle she's alive" 

"Honey.." He cute her off


Han Sooyoung cried loud "Miyoung sent her to us. I'm sure. For what other reason she would have had Miyoung's nametag in her hand when they found her? Miyoung sent her to us and it was her sign. Don't take her away from me cause I won't be able to stand to lose my daughter again.. please, we're her only family" she begged him as she sobbed


A depressed Mr. Han looked other way, it seriously broke his heart seeing his wife like that. He knew how hard was for her when she learned that the plane her daughter was in crashed. She lost herself and interned herself in a clinic to deal with it for several months until their detective came with some news 

He said he found her, but it resulted to be another woman who had in her belongings their daughter's name tag. That's why she was called like that in the hospital. 

"Sooyoung... I hope you right and she won't be able to remember who she used to be before the crash" He told her, seeing how his wife got up and ran behind his desk to give him a hug. 



Feeling the ray of sun shining through her balcony, Han Miyoung opened her eyes slowly "What? Did I slept in the living room?" She asked until she noticed that she was sleeping on someone's lap. 

Due to the impression she fell of the couch to the floor "What?"she asked, waking up the other woman who massaged her neck after sleeping in a uncomfortable position.


"Wh-wh-what are you doing here?" 

Karina blinked a few times "Good morning.." she answered, still very sleep


"Answer me!" Miyoung said irritated 


"You told me to not leave you and I fell sleep "What time it is?" She asked lost 


Miyoung grabbed her phone from her coffee table and her glasses "Damn it! It's late. Leave" she said standing up fast. 

"Oh.. yeah" The black haired let out before standing up. She grabbed her purse at the other end of the black couch and just when she was about to leave Miyoung grabbed her arm. 

Miyoung bit her lower lip, then looked other way "Thank you... thank you for taking care of me" she spoke embarrassed. 

The taller looked at that expression finding it so familiar despite of those glasses "Don't do that face.." she responded very afflicted ready to cry all of the sudden, then left her apartment in a hurry. 

"What's going in with her?" Miyoung asked with a frown, then just shook her head and got ready for work. 

In her office, Han Miyoung and her assistant reviewed different folders to know more about this company they are about to merge with, however the short haired couldn't stop thinking about Karina's expression this morning.


"Why? I must be more polite" She scolded herself in her head. 

Minji looked at her superior "Arw you okay?" She asked, putting some folders on her desk.


"Yeah...no!" Miyoung spoke honestly, then got up to look at the marvelous view behind her "I slept well all night.." she added worried 


"No interruptions? No nightmares?" 

Miyoung turned slowly to see her assistant "Most importantly, no more pain" she answered shocked 


"How did you do it?" Minji asked surprised, while a concerned Miyoung could only remember that woman's lap. Her face got so red that it became obvious. 

"Do you need water?" 

Fast Miyoung sat again totally embarrassed of her thoughts "No, let's continue studying this for our report" she told her, getting serious again. 

At the same time, Yu Karina's friends looked at her. 

"You didn't sleep well?" 

"You look like !" 

Karina ignored them and only continued to do nothing on her computer. Truth to be told, she didn't want to be there after seeing Miyoung this morning her heart ached so bad cause she missed Winter like crazy.


She just wanted to lock herself in her room to cry all day like fool. 

"Maybe our friend needs... " Ryujin said acting as if she had a glass on her hand


Ningning smiled "Drinking! Drinking!" She told them 


Yunjin and Yeji gave themselves a high five and soon the friends planned were to go after work to cheer their friend. 

"Now that it's settled tell us what happened next?" Yeji asked poking Karina's back


Karina looked at her friends and only sighed. "We were so in love" she answered, getting sad cause their happiness didn't last long



In a tub after making love like crazy like rabbits during the weekend, Kim Minjeong wrapped arms around her girlfriend. 

"Who could have thought that we would hit off so perfectly a

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Chapter 33: i will miss this so much 😭😭
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Chapter 33: Finally it's finished !!!thanks for the wonderful story author-nim💛🌹
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