Bad romance
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With an eyebrow raised, Kim Minjeong and her siblings observed how thier father patted Jisung's head before sending him to school with his older sister. 


Jungwoo couldn't believe such a display of affection from his father, who has always been very cold to them.  Yes, it was believed Jungwoo was the favorite, but he never gave him words of encouragement or affection in that sense, so it made the young man confused at his father's change of attitude.


Chaewon didn't say a word and only looked at the scene jealous. 


"Wow. Look at you. If we didn't know you, we would think you're a good father." Winter told him with a smile on her face, inturrupting his moment with his youngest son. 


Mr. Kim sighed, then turned his attention to his oldest daughter "It's 7:00 am. This is miracle, Minjeong or maybe you got drunk until dawn and you're getting reaady for bed"  he said, seeing how his daughter's smile faded away as she approached to them.


Sensing the vibe, Karina came out of the car worried cause she could see clearly how irritated Winter was at his comment. "Winter.. you should.." she tried to speak, but Winter ignored her pulled her out of her way to face her father. 


"Karina!" Jisung called, while his father in a blink of an eye slapped his oldest daughter. 


The other two siblings gasped just like the driver. He didn't know what to do. This is the first time he has seen Mr. Kim and his daughter fight like this. 


Karina's eyes got watery, while Minjeong held her burning cheek for a few seconds before erupting like a volcano "HIT ME AGAIN! HIT ME AGAIN!" she yelled. 


The high schooler looked at furious, drunk woman yelling and causing a commotion again just like the first day she arrived to this household with her little brother


Pretty fast her siblings held her tight cause Winter was losing control "I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU.  I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!" she yelled drunk. 


Karina woke up of her thoughts and tried to calm her, but Winter was trying to break free from her siblings tight grip. "DON'T GET INVOLVED THIS IS FAMILY MATTERS!" she yelled at her, while Jisung seemed completely fed up of this people. 


Suddenly, somone else came out of the mansion due to her oldest daughter's yelling voice "What's happening?" Mrs. Kim asked anxious, seeing how Chaewon and Jungwoo were holding her. 


"Your daughter doing one of her tantrums." Mr. Kim answered calmed. 


Winter continued trying to break free, but her siblings didn't let her. 


"Let's go, unnie." 


"I'm not done with him!" Minjeong answered full of hate. 


Jungwoo clenched his jaw "Calm down! See? This is what drinking does to you. You have never been like this. Please, stop Noona" he told her, forcing with her. 


"He slapped me!" Winter let out angry


"I will do it again if it's necessary." Mr. Kim added. 


Karina and Jisung looked at the old man, wondering if this was the right place to live. 


"Stop this!" Mrs Kim told her husband. 


"I am older now. I won't let you step on me." Minjeong spoke, boiling}


Mr. Kim looked at his oldest daughter "Nobody has ever stepped on you, but you're very immature and spoiled. You must open your eyes and look at your life from a different angle, instead of crying and getting drunk for not getting what you want." he said calmly


Winter clenched her fists. 


"Chaewon, Jungwoo take your sister to her room." Mrs. Kim ordered. 


Jungwoo pulled her harder "Let's go." he said as Winter continued looking at her father "If you.. you slap me again. I WILL LEAVE FOREVER!" she threatened him. 


"Do it. Maybe that's what you need. You need to live your life, instead of hiding behind your mother to obtain what you want."  The old man spoke sharply. 


Jungwoo and Chaewon took Winter away, while Karina couldn't help to feel terrible about it. She felt so bad and overwhelmed cause it seemed there was nothing left from the woman she met years ago and it hurt her deeply. 




"What was her problem? She was a ing beast" Ningning asked irritated to hear all that. 


Yeji scratched her head "That person is horrible. Karina, what were you thinking?" she asked worried about her friend. 


"To be honest, i was devastated. I remember that i failed all the tests that I had on that day cause i couldn't focus... Her pain was hurting me. I wanted to give up on her" she answered serious. 


Yujin exhaled "She was very complicated. I can't believe you dated that ." she let out


"She has her charm." Ryujin added with a smile. 


"What happened afterwards? Did you give up on her?" Ningning asked. 


Karina looked at her friends for a minute "Yes." she simply answered. 


"What? i thought you were an M at this

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