Like a puppy 🐶 pt 2

Bad romance
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Confused at the people having dinner at her home, Kim Minjeong looked at Karina, she seemed disappointed and very sad. 

Mr. Kim laughed at Mr. Nakamura jokes, while Kazuha did her best to remain close to Winter, despite this one was very clear to her about their wedding. She told the Japanese that it wasn't going to happen, but Kazuha decided to bring back up


"Let's see if you will call it off in front of your father" The Japanese thought, seeing Winter's irritated expression on her face

Jungwoo had a big smile on his face as he listened attentively to his father and Mr. Nakamura.


Chaewon was totally lost, just like Jisung who thought all of Winter's love and devotion was to Karina.


"You seem distracted. It's everything alright?" Mrs. Nakamura asked to Mrs. Kim who didn't know what to say.


Mrs. Nakamura smiled "I have been telling you all my ideas for the wedding and I haven't let you speak. I'm so rude" she told her friend


Not being able to hold it anymore, Karina stood up surprising Winter and Jungwoo. "I don't feel good. Can I go to my room?" She asked to Mrs. Kim


Everyone stopped talking and loooked at Karina. She looked pale and sick. 


"I'll help you." Jungwoo spoke before standing up and just when he was about to touch her Winter threw her spoon at him "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCHING HER!!" She yelled as the hysterical woman she was.


Everyone were surprised at her reaction. Including Karina.


"Winter, babe. What's wrong?" Kazuha asked trying to keep a hold of her, but Winter stood up "I'm not your babe! I already told you. I won't marry you!" She spoke, not caring about anything else but Karina. 


Mr. Nakamura looked at the scene "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? I won't let you do this to my daughter!" He spoke angry, while Mr. Kim didn't say a word and only observed 


Winter bowed to him "I'm really sorry. I called this off months ago, but she refuses to listen. I can't marry your daughter because I love someone else" she told him honestly and continued bowing to him.


Karima couldn't believe what was happening in front of her eyes just like Chaewon and Jisung who were open mouthed 


"You can't do this to her!" Mrs. Nakamura let out standing up "You're a piece of... "


Mrs. Kim got up grabbed her arm "Careful with your words our friendship will be over!" She told the woman next to her


Jungwoo clenched his jaw. He just couldn't believe his plan and Kazuha's failed like this. After all it was his idea using the parents' card to pressure Winter


The brown haired continued bowing "I'm really sorry... even if I marry to Kazuha, it would be a huge mistake cause I would only run to her like...a puppy." She confessed, then looked at Karina.


Kazuha started crying in her seat like a little girl 


The high schooler got teary "Winter..." she called 


"You are the worse of worst!" Mrs. Nakamura said, releasing from her friend's grip




Mr. Kim cleared his throat "It's enough." He said, getting everyone's attention.


"You.. If your daughter doesn't marry my daughter, I will use all my influence to destroy DDM!" He said boiling


Mr. Kim looked at Winter for a moment, and somehow he was able to see the person she used to be before. The one who always had a smile on her face and was brave enough to go after what she wanted.

He sighed "So, then be it" he told him without hesitation "My daughter's happiness comes above all" he added shocking Winter


Jungwoo clenched his fist, while Jisung and Chaewon smiled 


The brown haired was stunned "Is my happiness important?" She asked to herself 


Mr. Nakamura threw his glass away "You will pay for this. Let's go." He told his wife and daughter.

Winter smiled to Karina as they looked at each other's eyes. 

"Winter, studio. Now" Mr. Kim said interrupting her moment with Karina.


She nodded and followed her dad, while Mrs Kim only held Karina's arm "Eveeything will be alright." She told her gently. 

Karina only looked at her and trusted her words. She was still surprised at how much Mrs. Kim has changed in after visiting the shelter Winter bought.

She was touched by the old ladies praising her daughter's big heart and also the way they talked about Karina and Jisung. Now she knows those two were excellent kids and was more than happy th

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