You Are Living In MY World

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She's an aspiring theater actress, he's the gangster. She's ambitious, he's chill. She ignores him, he chases her. She's vile, he's the headsman. But is he truly just her mere follower? Or perhaps... her downfall? This is a tale of race, ambitions, danger, and love—a story not for the faint of heart.



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During her high school days, Dara was envious of Suzy's popularity. Suzy was the epitome of a popular girl—the IT girl, envied by many and adored by most boys. Who wouldn't be? She was gorgeous, graceful, and always the lead actress in the Theater Club.

While Dara was just an ordinary student, a mere number in the general school population, she was unnoticeable. She always played the role of a tree or sometimes a rock in school plays. Her jealousy grew with each play where Suzy starred as the main character. Dara never had the chance to shine back then.

Now, fast forward to the present, Dara is in her graduating years in college, about to star in her first-ever main role in a play she was excited about, until Suzy transferred to her school. Just like that, once Suzy joined the Theater Club, she got the role that was supposed to be for Dara. Dara was furious. But this is Dara’s role first, and she'll get it back—no matter what it takes.

Enter Kwon Jiyong, Dara's mysterious best friend and the aloof main composer of the music club. He would play a significant role in how Dara would reclaim her role back from Suzy.

"Jiyong," Dara began one day, as she and Jiyong were having lunch together at one of the picnic benches.

Jiyong looked at her, a brow raised in question. Dara met his gaze directly. “You said you didn’t know what to give me for graduation yet," she didn’t miss a beat. "I know what I want."

It must have been the determined look on Dara's face that made Jiyong take her seriously. "What now?" he asked, his brows furrowing.

Dara slowly gulped down her juice before putting the can down. Then she made her wish clear. "I want my role back. I want Bae Suzy out." She crushed the juice can afterward.

If Jiyong is surprised by her request, he doesn't show it. "How would I do that?" he asked, giving her a look that seemed to study her face.

Dara her lips as she voiced the plan she'd been brewing for a while. "Make Bae Suzy fall in love with you. Crazily, madly, so she's too distracted to keep her role. Be the reason she drops out of this play."

Jiyong smirked. Dara's plan was outrageous, but she seemed oblivious to how insane it sounded. "How sure are you that Ms. Bae will fall for this plan of yours?" he asked.

Dara smiled, almost reassuringly. "I'm sure of it. I see her looking at you..." Her eyes briefly flicked to the figure standing behind Jiyong, a distance away. "...even now."

Jiyong didn't bother looking back. His eyes were fixed on Dara and her wicked lips. He just shook his head at her.

"We'll see," Jiyong said, still looking at her.

Unbeknownst to Dara, Jiyong had other plans... plans that involved her too.























callmesiv/sivsema/sivviec: YES, I am back! How are you, guys? Who has missed my crazy plots? Haha, Our daragon is in their late thirties now but we are still here and keeping our Daragon hearts alive! I'm just inspired to write another daragon story these days. The chapters might be short but hey, it's gonna be updated regularly. Who's ready for our couple? I miss y'all!


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Chapter 42: Hope someone can explain to dara very well the gravity of the situation and it is not as simple as choosing between two circumstances. Dara thinks and reacts impulsively based on this story and she will believe what she thinks is right. Those two need an intervention and obviously someone between them needs to be more understanding, supportive and stick with each-other no matter what for the relationship to work.
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Chapter 42: New update!!
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