Kingmaker: A Hidden Promise

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At 6 years old, Seulgi meets the eldest daughter of the War God General, Bae Joohyun. At age 10, Seulgi meets the Seventh Prince, Son Seungwan. On their 16th birthday Seulgi drunkenly makes a promise to Seungwan, "Wan-ah, I promise, I'll make you King." Turning 18, Seulgi witnesses the wedding of the two she cherishes most; the one she serves and the one who owns her heart.



Chapters: 74

Released: June 20, 2023 - March 1, 2024

Updating: Tuesday, Friday

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Starring: Bae Joohyun and Kang Seulgi



Disclaimer: This work is pure fiction. The characters, places, organizations, and events that appear are not related to historical facts and are products of the author's imagination.


The daughter of a general, who discovers something as important as fulfilling her duties for her family's honor, and an imperial guard, willing to do whatever it takes to keep her promise, meets a prince who wants nothing to do with the throne.



 Prologue: Those who play with fire gets burnt.

Chapter 1: Destined to meet.

Chapter 2: Meeting you is my hardest to forget memory.

Chapter 3: Heaven’s arrangement.

Chapter 4: Man cannot be judged by looks, seas cannot be measured by the cup.

Chapter 5: Oath in a Sea of Blood.

Chapter 6: Wan–ah, I promise, I’ll make you king.

Chapter 7: She who cannot agree with her enemy is controlled by them.

Chapter 8 : Come and go like a shadow, appear and disappear like a ghost.

Chapter 9: Those who sacrifice their conscience to ambition burns a picture to obtain the ashes.

Chapter 10: Wandering Troubles.

Chapter 11: Haste will not get one anywhere.

Chapter 12: Gold is easy to get, a close friend is harder to find.

Chapter 13: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Chapter 14: To have missed you by a hair’s breadth.

Chapter 15: In hardship, we see true friendship.

Chapter 16: If something is under lock and key, it is stored very securely.

Chapter 17: Making a thousand decisions, even the wise will make a mistake.

Chapter 18: A trouble shared is a trouble halved.

Chapter 19: You can't expect both ends of a sugar cane are as sweet.

Chapter 20: The flesh and blood of people.

Chapter 21: To draw the sword of time.

Chapter 22: It is not so easy to forget the past.

Chapter 23: With love, water is enough but without love, food doesn't satisfy.

Chapter 24: A day of sorrow can be longer than a month of joy.

Chapter 25: How much you reap, how much you sow.

Chapter 26: To build, inherit and protect.

Chapter 27: Like adding wings to a tiger.

Chapter 28: A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

Chapter 29: To stir the grass and startle the snake.

Chapter 30: As distance tests a horse's strength, time reveals a person's heart.

Chapter 31: Beating and scolding is the emblem of love.




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82 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 41: Another great chapter. Thank you author. I’m really enjoying the Seulrene interactions and how stubborn they both are haha The plot thickens with every chapter and I love it. Can’t wait for more.
steamed_hamsters #2
Chapter 40: I think the Crown Prince is making a big mistake by siphoning the pay of his slave soldiers,. You can't just give people weapons and then continue to mistreat them like chattel slaves, that's just asking for a slave revolt.

Good work on the story and keep it up!
ReneSeul_9194 #3
Chapter 6: the edited pictures were stunning❤️
Blue_is #4
Chapter 41: This is suspenseful author I am a bit sad when the back of my mind whispers that the ending will be angst after all those they went through. Nevertheless, I respect it and I above all appreciate this story telling its very complex and obviously a lot of effort were put into it.
dianafeng #5
Chapter 38: Thank you for the update author-nim!
82 streak #6
Chapter 38: We have some Seulrene progress! It's making me giddy hehe As always... thank you author 🧡
steamed_hamsters #7
Chapter 37: Seems like this human trafficking thing goes a bit deeper than we thought
82 streak #8
Chapter 36: Yes!!! It's almost time for a reunion! Seulgi gave Joohyun a song as a gift?! She's so romantic! Thank you author!
82 streak #9
Chapter 34: Ooohhh they were soooo close yet so far! You're playing with my heart author, but thank you! 🧡
Oct_13_wen_03 137 streak #10
Chapter 33: Can't wait for more 🤍