In Distress + Consequence

The Cheerleader's Bodyguard
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I took a deep breath, steeling myself, before entering her room. For four days I had been coming to her room, it was still hard for me to see her as it was my fault this happened to her. I failed to protect her and there was nothing more worse than what I felt everytime I saw her.


I sat on the chair beside her bed and looked at her pale face while I held her hand, giving it a light squeeze. I wanted her to feel me, I wanted her to know I was here, waiting for her to come back.


"'ve been sleeping for days now... when are you going to wake up?" I asked hopefully, trying to hold back a tear.


"Come back to me, please? It's been...quiet without you and it's making me miserable." I kissed the back of her hand as the single tear finally escaped my eye. It pained me seeing her like this, I didn't know how long I could bear it. 


That day she got shot, was the day I realized something. It took me long enough to realize I was in love with her and I felt terrible because she just had to get shot to make me realize it. I was stupid and confused and now I feared that I wouldn't get a chance to show how much I cared about her.


"Yooji, please...You promised me, remember? That you'll come back to me... and if you do that then I'll confess something... I'll only say it if you wake up come back."


Minutes passed, when all I could hear was the constant beeping of the machine, I found myself being pulled into slumber. For the past days, I wasn't able to get enough sleep as I was worried about Jimin's condition and safety. Negative thoughts were constantly plaguing me, rendering me restless all the time. What if her condition would change? What if she wouldn't wake up? What if it was too late for me to say I loved her? Just thinking about it made my heart constrict.


And talking about her safety, we were definitely vulnerable here. If Helena was still alive and knew we were here, she would probably send her lackeys to kill Jimin, and since I was physically and emotionally exhausted right now, I didn't think I could fully protect her even if I wanted to.


Still clasping her hand, I leaned back on my seat and later found myself momentarily dozing off as I could barely keep myself awake. I didn't want to sleep as my mind was screaming to wake up and be alert, but my body could hardly keep up, it needed rest. And when I succumbed to exhaustion, the door suddenly creaked open making me jolt awake.


"Minjeong?" Giselle called before appearing beside me, peering down, a concerned look on her face, "They're here." 


Hearing her, I took a deep breath preparing myself, before standing up. After what happened to Jimin, I didn't have the courage to face them or even look at them in the eyes for I also failed them for letting their daughter got hurt.


Giving Giselle a nod, I walked to the door and into the hallway where I saw Jimin's parents rushing in my direction.


"Jimin?" Mrs. Yoo asked urgently as her eyes were gleamed with tears.


I averted my gaze and tilted my head to the side, "She's inside." Without delay, Mrs. Yoo rushed to the room, leaving me with Yunho.


"We'll talk later Ms. Kim," he said as he looked at me with sympathy written in his expression. He put his hand on my shoulder, giving it a light squeeze, before following his wife inside. I turned to the closed door and heard Mrs. Yoo's faint sobs inside which added to the guilt I was feeling.


They didn't deserve this. Jimin didn't deserve any of this. She shouldn't be lying in a hospital bed, fighting for her life.


The door suddenly opened and I instantly turn my back as I didn't like Giselle would see me crying.


"I know what you're doing Minjeong..." I promptly wiped my tears when I heard her behind me, "...You're blaming yourself," she added.


Taking a deep breath, I turned to face her. "It's my fault Gi. I wasn't able to protect her."


She shook her head as she held my arm, guiding me to the bench and we sat down. "If there's anyone to blame here, it's me Minjeong. It's my fault you two had been taken. None of this would happen if I didn't let my emotion got the best of me, and I'm sorry Minjeong. I'm really sorry."


I averted my gaze to the floor, "I would have done the same thing if the situation was different Gi...What happened to Jimin, it's my fault. If I hadn't been distracted, I could have taken that bullet for her..." I turned back to her, "It should have been me Giselle, not her."


She looked at me with sympathy as she briefly and gently rubbed my back. We stayed silent for a while, taking in the temporary peace. As I looked at her, I noticed the bags under her eyes, she looked like she hadn't had enough sleep too.


As I had known her, she was probably having a hard time coping up with our situation also, for we never had encountered a situation like this. We had been too involved in this mission, too attached, and it was affecting our job. We both fell in love, and it distracted us, diverting us from our priority.


"Do you know if Helena still alive?" I asked out of the blue when it popped into my mind.


She blinked, clearly not expecting my question, "I-I don't know Min," she answered sternly.


"If she still is, then we have to find her Gi. She's vulnerable in her current condition, we must take that opportunity and act now."


"Even so, it wouldn't be that simple Minjeong."


I frowned, "Why?"


She took a deep breath, "Black won't send back up anymore. He wants you back at the Agency... He'll cancel this mission."


"What? He can't do that! Helena may still be alive and the Red Circle is still in one piece!...And how could he abandon Yunho, his best friend, just like that?"


"I don't know Min! He just said the mission is taking too long and that the Agency has lost a lot of men just for this."


I sighed in frustration, "But we're so close to ending this, how could he!?... What about the Violent Storm? Can we ask for their help?" Giselle shook her head. 


I rubbed my temples when a headache was forming, before burying my face to my hands. This couldn't be happening. We were so close in ending the cartel we had been chasing for three years, why would Black stop now?


"When he's finish sorting this with Yunho... he would want you back, effective immediately Minjeong."


I shook my head, "No. That's not gonna happen. I'll talk to him first, and if he insist...then, for once, I'm gonna ignore his order."





I stood beside Yunho, resting my arms on the railing of the balcony we were in. I couldn't look at him as I lost the courage to do so. I had no idea what he wanted to talk to me right now but if he wanted to take out his frustration on me then I would gladly take it as I deserved it for failing his family.


He let out a big sigh, "Do you know why I left Jimin in your care Minjeong?" he asked still staring blankly ahead.


I looked at him, confused, but stayed quiet. This was it. He would take it all out on me. Sensing me staring at him, he turned to look at me causing me to quickly avert my gaze. 


"I left her with you... because I trusted you'll keep her safe. You are the best agent the Agency has Minjeong, I asked for you and you delivered well what I expected from you."


"W-What are you getting at Mr. Yoo?"


"What I'm trying to say is, you did your best in protecting my daughter Minjeong. You kept her safe for a long time... Seeing you earlier, I know you're blaming yourself for what happened to her, I can tell that much. That's why you couldn't even look at me, right?..."


He held me on my shoulders, making me face him. I gritted my teeth while I looked at him as what he just said true, "...Know this Minjeong... I'm not mad, and I'm not blaming you for what happened to my daughter. Even if you're the best agent the Agency has, even if you did the best you could, sometimes things wouldn't go according to what you planned or what you expected so stop blaming yourself, you don't have to do that... I don't blame you and I still trust you with my daughter's life."


"But I let your family down. Jimin is fighting for her life right now because I failed to protect her. How can you not blame me for that? How come you're not mad at me when you should be?"


"Because it's not your fault! You couldn't have known she would be shot and it is not you who pulled the trigger, so snap out of it and stop blaming yourself!" he snapped causing me to look at him in surprised, "God, you're so stubborn," he mumbly added.


"Um..." was all I could utter when I tried to find words to say to him. I was taken aback by his outburst as it was the first time I saw him snap.


He shook his head slowly, "Look, I'm sorry I-.." his statement was cut short when my phone suddenly rang. Reluctantly, I fetched my phone from my pocket and looked at the caller ID.


Frowning, I answered the call, "Giselle?"


I heard her deep breaths on the other line. "Minjeong...i-it's Jimin-.." I didn't let her finish what she was about to say when I looked at Yunho anxiously, before we both dashed to the elevator. I immediately pressed the button to the floor where Jimin's room was at, with trembling hand. My heart was beating fast as I tried to block the negative thought from crossing my mind. Giselle's voice sounded urgent, I didn't let her finish as I couldn't stomach hearing the rest of her statement.


She couldn't be dead. Not her. There was no way she would leave me like this, after what she had promised. She wouldn't leave me... She wouldn't leave me.


As the elevator dinged, snapping me out of state, we rushed to the room where I saw Giselle waiting by the doorway. When she saw us, she promptly beckoned us to get in the room. As soon as we reached the doorway, I felt like my heart would explode and the world seemed to slow down around me in what I saw.


Sitting inclined on the bed was Jimin, flashing a small smile in our way.


Yunho rushed further inside and immediately gave her daughter a fatherly hug while I stood unmoved on my place, watching them with happy tears. I felt like something heavy was lifted off my chest, I could finally breathe freely.


"She's strong, I give her that," Giselle mumbled beside me and all I could do was nod.


Yunho and Jimin exchanged few words before she turned to look at my direction once again.


"Are you just gonna stand there?" she asked softly.


Giving her a faint nod, I strode to her and smiled once I reached her bed. "I'm glad you're okay," I said, wiping the tears on my face.


She smirked, "I guess a bullet is not enough to take down a ." 


And back to her usual self too. But I admit, it was nice to hear her voice once again and see her alright. She looked at her parents, "Um, mom, dad...could you step out for a bit? I need to talk to Minjeong alone...Please? I promise we'll catch up later."


"Okay baby, whatever you ask," Mrs. Yoo answered before kissing her daughter on the forehead.


Yunho sighed, "Fine. But we'll catch up later okay?"


Jimin nodded, beaming, "Yup, we will dad. Thanks, you two."


"Okay. We'll be outside if you need anything," Yunho added as they got out of the room. Giselle nodded in understanding before making her way out also, closing the door behind her.


I turned to her, "How are you feeling?"


"Weak and sore, but nothing I can't handle."


"You should lie down and rest. We can talk later."


She sighed and briefly closed her eyes, "Minjeong, I've been lying on this bed for I don't know how long, I've rested enough already, I think?"


"Four," I mumbled.




"You've been sleeping for four days now."


"See? That's long." I sat down on the chair beside her bed and held her hand. She looked down on my hand holding hers before looking back at me with a confused expression, but it was short-lived when I saw her grinning.


"Someone's touchy, miss me that much?"


I smiled and nodded, "Yeah...I miss you so much Yooji." 


Her grin vanished instantly as she moved and leaned in but winced, clenching her jaw while she momentarily closed her eyes because of the pain, but it didn't stop her from reaching her hand out and cupped my cheek.


"I'm back now... I promised, didn't I?"


"Yeah. I'm glad you didn't leave me."


She smiled, "I couldn't possibly leave you... when I love you that much Mindongie." 


My smiled faded and as I felt my heart fluttered in joy, I leaned in and captured her lips with mine. I kissed her gently, with longing and love while I let my tears fall once again. She had no idea how much I missed her, it hurts.


She broke the kiss as she took deep breaths while fixing her gaze on me. 


"I wanna hear your confession," she whispered.




"I heard you Minjeong. Everything you said to me, I heard it all... It's because of you I fought to wake up... so I could come back to you..."


"I love you Yooji."




I smiled, "I'm in love with you Jimin. That's my confession." She stopped for a moment and just stared at me before cupping my face and kissed me.


"I'm glad I came back," she said against my lips.


"I'm glad you did."








I pushed open the door and found Helena about to get up from her bed. I rushed to her side and held her but she eventually whisked off my hands and glared at me.


"You shouldn't be getting up," I said in slight worry.


"You can't tell me what to do Red!" she snapped making me step back, "Have you found them?"


I nodded faintly, "Yes. I know where they are now and I'm sure Jimin's parents are there too."


"Good. Now, I want you to go there and bring me the Yoos, and as for Minjeong and Jimin... you can finish them off, quietly."


"Understood. What about your daughter?"


She looked up at me with a blank expression, "If she interferes...I think you know what you have to do."


"Consider it done, Mother."










I pried my eyes open when I felt something tickling my nose and when I did, I instantly saw Jimin's amused face. I frowned and before I could comprehend what she was doing, she suddenly snickered and burst into laughter, but it was short-lived when she winced, clutching her side at the same time causing me to instantly got up from my chair and held her arms.


"You okay?" I asked worriedly, ushering her to the bed.


"Damn, sometimes I forgot I'm wounded," she mumbled.


"Are you sure you're okay? Do you want me to call a doctor for you?"


She shook her head and met my gaze, "I'm fine babe, you worry too much," she said, smiling.


My worry faded seeing her smile and I smirked, "Babe?"


"What? You don't like it?"


I closed the gap between us, brushing a strand of her hair away from her forehead and mumbled, "I love it,"


With that, I brought my lips to hers and kissed her softly. I liked how our lips moved in rhythm with each other and how they fit perfectly together. In moments like this, I always wished it would never end as it made me happy.


I pulled away when I thought of something, my lips still hovering over hers, "I wanna make it official."


She stared curiously at me, "What do you mean?"


I smiled, "Yoo Jimin... Will you be my girlfriend?" 


She was caught of guard for a moment but eventually smiled then brought her lips to mine, kissing me briefly before pulling away.


"I thought you would never ask... Yes, I want to be your girlfriend Minjeong." she answered, pulling me in for another kiss. 


I couldn't put into words the overwhelming emotionsI was feeling right now, just hearing her answer. I didn't expect that a simple yes could make my heart flutte

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