On A Mission

The Cheerleader's Bodyguard
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I roamed my eyes around the hall, spotting several guards stationing on either side of the area. It was what we thought, adding extra security considering there would be an important meeting later. Tilting my head slightly to the side, I brought my glass of champagne near my mouth so it wouldn't be obvious when I spoke through my earpiece.


"This would be an exciting night," I mumbled before taking a sip of my drink.


"I can't wait to go violent." Haechan said jokingly on the other end. I looked further ahead and saw Haechan serving drinks to the guests. He spotted me looking at him and he smirked.


"Well, we aren't called the Violent Storm for nothing." Mark joined in.


"Cheers to that," Giselle said as she sidled beside me, "Did I mention how you look super hot in that red dress?"


I chuckled, "Yeah, that's the third time now. And you look y as hell in that black dress."


"Thank you," she curtsied frivolously. We clincked our glass and drank our champagne. I went back to scanning the area and not long after our target emerged through the door with a huge smile in his face as he greeted his guests. I looked to Giselle briefly and nodded towards the target's direction to let her know.


"Hmmm, he's y and manly." Giselle complimented. Well she was right. Xia Junsu did look good and younger than his age of thirty-five.


He's a master drug dealer and according to Giselle's source a.k.a the Red Circle guy we captured, he was going to meet the notorious drug dealer and the Red Circle's ringleader, 'The Mother’. We had been chasing the Red Circle organization for three years now but with no such luck. Not only The Mother was always one step ahead of us but apparently, no one had seen what she really looked like except her high-ranked lackeys. If things go as planned then we might be able to capture 'The Mother’.


Giselle and I mingled to some guests to entertain ourselves while we waited for the right time to act out. Actually, this party , I mean parties like this only wealthy people could afford were way out of my league, it was boring, well except for watching those people who bragged about their riches.


"Oh your husband is sweet but mine's sweeter, guess what he got me on my birthday?" I rolled my eyes at the two women who were feigning excited about the reveal, "Well it wasn't much, he just gave me a yacht and he named it after me," she said looking smug. A series of 'awww' erupted within our circle after the reveal, including Giselle but I knew she was just faking it.


Gi cleared a moment after, silencing the women as they turned to her expectantly. "Well, aren't you poor ladies?.." their faces instantly turned sour, "...You all bragging about your husbands' riches but what about you wives? What have you given to yourselves that you can brag about? Isn't it more fulfilling when you can give something more than what your husbands give you, to yourselves?" she dabbed her fingers to her forehead as if wiping a sweat.


"And who do you think you are?" one of them asked, clearly pissed.


Giselle smirked, flipping her hair, "Gosh, what a pity! Let's go Minjeong." I followed Giselle, a triumphant smile written on my face as I felt proud of what she said to them. It was totally unexpected coming from her.


As long as we were out of earshot, we started chuckling. Haechan passed by with a smirk on his face then Giselle grabbed a glass of champagne from him. I smiled at her and said, 


"That was..."


"Burn!!" Haechan finished. I nodded and we clinked glasses. Haechan lingered for a moment but he had to go soon after since he was still on his fake duty.


"Well enough fun. It's time." Gi nodded and we strode to the target's direction. This was a good moment to introduce ourselves since he was finally alone while drinking his wine.


Giselle cleared to get his attention.


"Well, well, what do we have here?" he smiled, sending chills down to my spine.


"I must say, you look ier in person Mr. Xia" Giselle spoke seductively, slowly eyeing Junsu from head to toe.


He smiled, "You have a way with words Miss..."


"Gia Kwon..." Giselle extended her arm which Xia instantly shook then she gestured to me, "...and this is my secretary Winter Kim." I extended my hand which he also shook.


"A pleasure to meet you ladies. Gracing me with your presence really brightens my night."


I smiled while Giselle chuckled lightly, "And you too, have a way with words, I see."


He shrugged nonchalantly and smirked. "Anyway, I don't think we have met before. You two don't look familiar."


"No, it's our first time to meet personally the great Xia Junsu, but as much as I want to get to know you, now's not a good time as my purpose of coming here is to talk business."


His eyebrow twitched, "Oh that's unfortunate, but still I'm happy to talk about business. As you probably know, I have various businesses so may I know which interests you."


As I watched their exchange of conversation, Junsu grew more excited when Giselle brought up the business talk. It was evident in his face.


Gi looked at me briefly before turning to Junsu , "I'm only interested on one."


"Oh, which one?" Giselle didn't answer for a moment as if she was studying Junsu's expression. When she was done, her red lips turned up into a playful smile.


She closed the gap between them and brought her face near his ear. "The exclusive one or let just say...the illegal one." His smile instantly dropped as his flickered from Giselle to me. He arched his eyebrows as if scrutinizing both of us, giving us the sharp look, but after a minute of silence, his perfect white teeth appeared as he managed to smile, although it wasn't like earlier, I knew he was forcing it.


"I admit, you caught me off guard but I don't really know what you're referring to."


Hmm, playing innocent are we?


Giselle stepped back, standing beside me and before she could speak, one of Junsu's guard appeared beside him and whispered something on his ear. His face turned serious then dismissed the guard after. He chugged all his wine and gave it to the passing waitress before turning to us.


"I'm afraid I have to cut this meeting short. I do have a special guest to see to. Hope we meet again, have a great night ladies." He walked away with two guards on his tail passing through the double doors. Another two guards stood on either side of those door.


Nodding to Giselle, I fetched the clear glasses from my pouch and wore it while Gi did the same.


"Cut off their communication and kill the lights now." I mumbled through the earpie

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