Winter Kim

The Cheerleader's Bodyguard
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I sat quietly while waiting patiently for the principal to finish scrutinizing me from head to toe. Earlier, as soon as I entered the school premise, a girl suddenly came up beside me and said I was asked to come to the principal's office immediately. I was reluctant at first but then the girl assured me it was nothing serious. Apparently, it was the principal's usual deed to welcome new students in her school.


But was scrutinizing me up part of her welcome deed?


I cleared my throat before speaking up, "I feel welcomed already Mrs. Moon. Thank you!" I said sarcastically but in a serious tone.


Her eyes narrowed and brows arched together for a moment before her expression changed back to normal. She smiled and nodded at me, "It's nice meeting you Ms. Kim and welcome to your new school. Ning will guide you to your first class."


I smiled half-hearted, "Thank you again Mrs. Moon."


We both stood up from our seats and nodded at Ning who suddenly appeared from the corner room. The principal ushered us towards the door and smiled before we headed on our way.


"I'm Ning Yizhou by the way but you can call me Ningning," she said cheerfully.




"Cool name. So where are you from Win?" My ears tingled slightly when she shortened my name. I was yet used to my fake name and when she shortened it, it sounded different, a good difference.


"Just far from here," I replied vaguely. I expected her to ask me the specific but luckily she wasn't that curious.


"You're not a chatty one, are you?" I didn't bother answering her so she probably took it as a yes. She stayed silent for a moment while we continue walking down the hall which I was grateful for. As much as I wanted to be alone as I knew where my classes were, I couldn't really refused the principal. She might asked questions which I was trying to avoid.


The silence didn't last long when Ningning spoke asking for my class schedule. I sighed handing it to her. She scanned it carefully before her expression changed to a grim one.


"You have the same section with Jimin?" she asked, her tone sounded crestfallen.


"Who?" I retorted, pretending I didn't know who she was talking about.


"She's the devil's spawn making this school hell with her presence," she suddenly blurted angrily. It was unexpected coming from her who looked like someone who couldn't say bad words to other people.




"So? You don't wanna mess with her or else she will make your life a living hell."


"Oh okay." Her brow raised while her eyes narrowed at my statement. She must be thinking I was stupid for not believing her. If only she knew that I knew about Jimin.


"You'll know what I'm talking about when you meet her."


I just shrugged and continued walking at my usual speed which was a little faster for Ningning. I was thankful she was keeping up with my pace by half-running and that I didn't have to slow down so she could catch up with me. I saw her glanced at her watch and motioned for me to walk faster. She probably realized I was getting late but I didn't really mind because school wasn't important, my mission was.


"I'm so sorry for talking too much. I didn't realize it was already time for your first subject."


You think so? Instead of blurting that out, I remained silent watching her brown hair that cascaded in the middle of her small back, moved in her every steps. When I first saw her earlier, I could tell she was a bubbly person by how she carried herself and greeted every student she met on her way, students must liked her because of it. And talking about her appearance, she didn't look bad, in fact, she looked cute with those round eyeglasses of her but if she removed them, she would look pretty.


While she was walking ahead of me she turned to her right and accidentally bumped into someone. They both stumbled on their butts and hissed in pain.


Clumsy much!


Rolling my eyes, I helped Ningning get on her feet and heard her mumbled a thank you. But my attention swayed to the girl she bumped into when she cursed loudly. I smiled mentally as she struggled getting up to her feet because of her tight skirt that ended up in the middle of her thighs.


"Why does everyone likes to crash into me," she hissed.


"I'm sorry Jimin," Ningning said sincerely.


Jimin glared at her. If looks could kill, Ningning would be already six feet below ground. "You! I know you!" Jimin pointed her index finger at my guide. "You're Mrs. Moon's assistant. How dare you collide into me you nerd!"


"I'm so sorry Jimin, I didn't mean to, it was an accident."


Crossing my arms onto my chest, I leaned on my side in the wall while listening to their heated argument. God, sometimes highschool drama could be entertaining.


"Accident or not, you dare crossed my path. Do you have any idea what will happen to those who dared cross my path?"


"But I didn't mean to. I was on a hurry and didn't see you coming."


Jimin snorted in disbelief, "YOU didn't see ME? This..." her hands gestured to herself, "YOU didn't see this BEAUTY?" If I wasn't used to hide my emotions, I would start cracking up at her last statement.


"No I didn't mean-"

"Am I that easy to miss?"


"No, it's not that at all. Please forgive me. I'm so sorry."


Oh for God's sake, stop apologizing Ningning.


"No, no, no, no! You better start hiding in your closet because if I ever-"


"That's enough," I said calmly before she could finish her threat. Her eyes found mine as if she just noticed me and glared. I stood beside Ningning still crossing my arms and stared at Jimin. I would admit, she looked more beautiful in close up. That photo of her and days of watching her from afar didn't do justice at how beautiful she was seeing her this close for the first time.


"And who are you?," she asked in disgust.


"Winter Kim."


"Are you her bodyguard or something?" More like yours!


I didn't answer her which made her snap and stalk closer to me. I raised my hand protectively in front of Ningning and pushed her back gently. She looked up at me and noticed her lips curved up into a little smile. But I didn't bother smiling back as I turned back my attention to Jimin who was looking at my arm in front of Ningning. As if she felt my gaze upon her, her eyes swayed back to me.


"You better know what you're doing. You don't wanna mess with me," she warned.


"So I've told," I replied nonchalantly.


"Oh you have the audacity to not take heed of my warning."


I smirked at her, not really insulted or frightened at what she was saying, in fact, I was enjoying our little friendly exchanges. It made me think about this mission, at first I thought this was boring but I changed my mind, this was totally entertaining.


"If you have nothing sensible to say, I think we're done here." I mentally applauded myself when I heard her gasp. She probably didn't expect my dismissal and maybe this was her first time someone dismissed her.


"How.dare.YOU!" She was about to lunge at me but I raised my hand mid-air stopping her from doing so. I could tell she was fuming with anger as her cheeks were turning red.


"Not for now, I'm already late in my class and I think you are too. You were probably on your way to comfort room before Ningning bumped you, to touch-up yourself which will make you so late in class. And I doubt that you already entered the classroom since you're still carrying your bag and you just missed your classroom. From what I could tell

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Lmao I just realised that in SMCU Ep.1, in Winter's gaming scene she was fighting men with guns and batons just like in chap29 😂. What a coincidence!!
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