Questions & Intruders

The Cheerleader's Bodyguard
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I nervously paced back and forth in my bedroom while waiting for Winter to wake up. It has been hours since I shot her with the trang gun and until now she was still unconscious. I had no idea how tranq guns worked and I was afraid that I put Winter into a coma or something, if that was even possible.


Thankfully all my worries jumped out of the window when I saw Winter yawned groggily. She was still half awake and tried to pry her arms free but failed. When she realized the state she was in, she sighed weakly.


"Duct tapes, really?"


"Why? Would you prefer I tied you with chains?"


"No, this is fine. Why are you doing this by the way?" she asked calmly. I was a little surprised she didn't squirm or wriggled in her chair which made me more curious. I dragged the chair beside me in front of Win and sat on it, my arms rested on the backrest.


"I want to ask you questions and if you answer them, I'll set you free!" I frowned when a laugh escaped . Was she insane or something? Didn't she realize the situation she was in? I mean I wasn't planning to hurt her but damn, wasn't this scenario scary enough for her? But if she really was that person who I thought she was then this was probably a playtime for her.


"Y-You really are s-something Jimin..." she said in between her laughs, "...God this is cute. If you have questions, you could have asked me like a normal person would do instead of shooting me with a trang gun!" she suddenly growled.


"I'm sorry okay. Honestly, I regret using it on you, I thought I put you into a coma or something because you were out for hours and I didn't know what to do. Thankfully you're conscious now. And the reason I shot you in the first place is because I don't think you would answer my questions and I kind of wanted to try something cool, you know."


"Oh for sake Jimin, that's just silly and uncool,"


My tongue clicked and I rolled my eyes, "Don't make me apologize again Winter 'cause I won't and it was cool, for me," I said in a deadpan tone.


"Whatever, and just to let you know I woke up earlier but I decided to sleep right away and you can untie me now because I am not planning to not answer your questions." and yeah I was worried for nothing.


"Nope, I like you being tied up, now shall we start?"


"You're a psycho."


"Mmmm maybe. So what's your name?"


She snorted, "Winter Kim, you forgot?"


"I mean your real name," I said sternly. Her expression turned serious and she stared dead to my eyes. One minute she was chill and the next, she instantly turned serious. Her penetrating gaze sent a chilling sensation down to my spine. I wanted to look away but I chose not to. Even if those eyes were a little scary to look at, they were still the most beautiful.


"Kim Minjeong, that's my real name."


"I thought so..." her eyebrows slightly arched, "I heard dad called you that name, I thought he was mistaken but I guess he was right afterall. So how did my dad know your name and why you're using a fake one?"


"Your dad contacted the agency I come from and they sent me to protect you. As for the name, it was a need to keep my identity unknown to other people."


"That explains the bodyguards..." I mumbled under my breath, "...but why would my dad needed protection? and why would someone want me dead?"


"I'm afraid you have to ask your dad about that." What did my parents do this time?


"Wow," I breathed in astonishment, "So you're basically my personal bodyguard...but why didn't you tell me before?"


She sighed, "Your dad asked me not to, knowing that you don't want any bodyguards being near you or you will sneak away, putting yourself more in danger." So Win-- Minjeong has been protecting me secretly this entire time. I felt a pang of guilt thinking how I had been so mean to her since we met and all she did, aside from pissing me off, was risking her life everyday to keep me safe.


"So it was really you who saved me from that masked girl?"




"And that night at Jeno's party, it was you?"


"Yes," I didn't have to ask about that movie night because I was certain that that redhead was trying to kill me and Minjeong still fought her even though she was in pain and the chase after that, it all made sense to me now. It was because of her that I was still living my life.


Knowing these things, all I could feel were remorse and disgust at myself. Yeah, we bickered and sometimes we couldn't stand each other but I didn't want to see her get hurt. And the thought of her, risking her life to protect me, ached my heart. I guess I did care about her afterall.


I covered my face with my hands as burning tears were threatening to escape my eyes. I couldn't let her see me this way, she might think I was getting soft.




"I'm sorry," was all I could say. I forced back the tears and pulled my hands covering my face before standing up.


I grabbed the scissors beside my make up rack and walked near her. For now, I was trying to clear my head and sort my emotions as they were piling up.


I just wanted her to go and leave me alone.


When I was about to start cutting the duct tapes, I heard a faint cry outside. Curious to know what it was, I cautiously walked towards the window.


"No, Jimin get back here and untie me now!" Minjeong hissed in a low voice. I shushed her and slid the curtain a bit so that I could peek. My heart skipped a beat when I saw our bodyguards lying on the ground. But when I saw who were the assailants, my blood instantly ran cold. Came into view was the redhead girl followed by the masked girl with a man in tow.


I staggered back, still facing the window and when I turned around, I bumped into Minjeong.


"H-How the hell did you get free?"


"You tied like a baby!" She walked around the bed and bent down as if searching something under my bed. When she got up, I saw her holding a gun.


"You hid a gun under my bed?" I hissed angrily.


"Yeah obviously. We'll talk about this later, we have to move now, I bet they already saw you in here," I grabbed the trang gun and the remaining little dart and we immedi

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Lmao I just realised that in SMCU Ep.1, in Winter's gaming scene she was fighting men with guns and batons just like in chap29 😂. What a coincidence!!
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