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The Cheerleader's Bodyguard
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I woke up earlier than usual and gently tucked the familiar weight of Yooji's arm over my waist to her side. She stirred lightly and her nose crinkled for a second which made me smile. Slowly lifting myself up, I jogged towards the bathroom to start my morning routine. As soon as I got out from the bathroom, I changed into a white tee with my favorite black flannel, ripped skinny jeans and put on a pair of sneakers.


When I was done changing, I went downstairs to cook breakfast for Jimin since I usually skipped breakfast and today was no different. While waiting for the waffles, I heard the faint ringing of the alarm clock upstairs. Sighing, I took off the apron and trotted upstairs straight to our room. As expected, Jimin was still asleep, putting the pillow over her head as her body was almost on the edge of the bed. Walking around the bed to turn the alarm, I picked up the pillow covering her head and threw it.


"Yooji, wake up, it's time for school." She groaned and slapped my hand shaking on her arm. "I'm warning you. Get up, I don't want to be late in our first day back." When she didn't move, I walked back downstairs towards the kitchen. Grabbing a glass, I filled it with water before going back upstairs. If she didn't want to wake up, then I would make her.


I hovered near her sleeping figure and with a smirk, I quickly poured all the content on the glass to her face. She gasped and immediately sat up while coughing.


"What the !"


"Good morning! Time for school," I said cheerfully while grinning like an idiot to goad her even more. After wiping her face, she threw a murderous glare in my direction but before she could snap, I was already walking towards the door.


"Hey come back here, you...ugh!" She bellowed as I closed the door.


In the whole ten-minute ride, Jimin refused to hold onto me while riding my bike and was pretty silent as she refused to talk to me. She was still mad about that little stunt I pulled earlier, which was, by the way, her fault. It didn't bother me though because I knew she would come around later. Once I parked our ride, she immediately got off without a word and strided towards the entrance. I quickly lifted my helmet off and got out of the bike before catching up to her side.


She only gave me a sideglance then continued walking, not bothered by my presence or by the students who were looking at us since we arrived.


We walked until we reached the hallway and heard the bell rang for the first subject. I mentally sighed in relief and stopped in front of our classroom but when I thought Jimin would enter first, I found her walking away and probably heading to the restroom.


"Ahh Jimin, come on." I shouted before dragging myself to her direction.


"Where do you think you're going Ms. Kim?" My ears perked up and I stopped on my tracks, turning to look at Mrs. Park.


"Um, restroom?"


"Ohhh I see. If I were you Ms. Kim, I wouldn't want to be late considering your weeks of absence. You and Ms. Yoo have a lot to catch up on. Did you two agreed to be absent? It's unusual,"


I snorted, "Thanks for reminding me Mrs. Park but I'm afraid it's none of your business. I'll see you later," With a smile, I turned my back on her and walked towards the restroom, hoping to find Jimin there.


I reached my destination in no time by speedwalking and found her just went out of the restroom, zipping her shoulder bag. She looked up then spotted me approaching, making her roll her eyes. I stopped on my tracks while she stomped on my direction. As I expected, she walked past me and I tried to grab her arm but I found her soft hand instead. I squeezed it while turning to look at her.


"I'm sorry," I said. Honestly, I didn't have any intention to apologize to her but knowing her, she would probably try to get away from me and I just couldn't risk it. Her deep onyx orbs found mine as she gazed into me.


"Really?" she asked uncertainly.




"Ugh, you..." She tried to pull away her hand but I gripped it firmer.


I sighed, "Ofcourse I meant it! I'm sorry," I mustered up a soft smile and after contemplating for a moment, her expression softened then her lips curled up into a smile. Knowing that was back to her usual self, I was about to pull my hand from hers but she held it firm and instead laced her fingers with mine. Looking at her, confused, all I got in return was her smile that was still written on her pretty face.


We started walking hand in hand which I didn't mind, given the few stares of few students lingering in the hallway, because it felt good holding her hand like this and somehow I didn't feel uncomfortable about it.


Halfway to our classroom, I heard a familiar voice called out my name. Turning to my back, I spotted Ningning who was running towards us with a wide smile on her face and suddenly wrapped her arms around me which surprised me. My arms instinctively circled her body to steady her, letting go of Jimin's hand in the process.


"Oh my God, I missed you. Where have you been? Where have you two been?"


"Um, I had to do something important. I don't know about Jimin though. Were you absent too?" I asked turning to Jimin who seemed confused but seeing the left eyebrow I raised, she faintly nodded in understanding.


Turning to Ningning, she mustered her usual y face, "W-Well, I don't think you have to know what I had been doing Ning, we're not close." Ningning just frowned at her remarks.


"I was just worried, you haven't been answering my calls or texts,"


I smiled at Ning, "Well my phone broke down but... I'm back now,"


"Okay lovers, it's time to go to class," Jimin intefered with a hint of irritation in her voice. As much as I wanted to chat with Ning, Jimin was right, we needed to get to class. Although I hated attending classes, but just to give justice to my cover, I should be present for the attendance. Yeah, just for the attendance.


"I'll see you at lunch Ning" I said and smiled to her before following Jimin who was already walking ahead.


Since we entered the classroom, Mrs. Park's piercing glare rarely left either of us and it was like we were the focused of her anger the whole period. Ofcourse it didn't bother me, neither did to Jimin since we both knew that she couldn't do anything about our absences, tardiness or our behaviors for the matter. Who would want to touch Jimin when her parents were practically the lifeline of the school. Without them, many of the school's activities and programs wouldn't be recognized and achieved. And as for me, well, being a student was just part of the cover.


The morning classes went by faster than I thought and since I saw Ningning earlier, I couldn't help but feel excited that we would be taking lunch together again because honestly, I missed hanging out with her. But before we proceeded to the cafeteria, I dragged Jimin first to the library to get something from Giselle. Since Giselle was part of the protection plan now, she suggested that it would be best for her to be near us in case something might happen, even if that meant becoming the library circulation assistant.


"Why do we have to go to the library?" Jimin mumbly asked.


"I have to get something from Giselle,"


"And why would she be in the library? She isn't even a student or worker here,"


"See for yourself." I replied pointing towards the circulation desk where Giselle was sitting. Based on Jimin's angry expression, she didn't expect to see Giselle here other than in our house. Sensing that we were approaching, Giselle looked up from her computer and flas

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Lmao I just realised that in SMCU Ep.1, in Winter's gaming scene she was fighting men with guns and batons just like in chap29 😂. What a coincidence!!
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