Banged Up

The Cheerleader's Bodyguard
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Since the attack last night, I wasn't planning to let Jimin out of my sight anymore. Whoever attacked her was going to strike again when she's left vulnerable which I couldn't let it to happen. Her attacker has skills but she wasn't that excellent and for a killer, she was out of focus and easily distracted and I was thankful for it since it bought me time to save Jimin in time.


I admit, I got distracted last night when Ning called me. Yes, I gave her my number since I was getting worried that someone might hurt her for getting involved with me. Although few people knew my identity, I couldn't just let my guard down. For the past few days, we had gotten close which I didn't intend to but as time passed, I felt comfortable with her. When I gave her my number, I instructed her to only call me if she was in danger or if there was an emergency, which earned me a curious look from her. With a silent reply to her curiosity, she just let it slip and smiled. So when I was on my duty last night, looking out for Jimin, I was surprised when she called. Thinking that it was an emergency, I immediately answered it and found myself controlling my anger when she told she just called me because she wanted someone to talk to.


The call distracted me last night which almost costed Jimin's life. That was why I didn't leave her house until morning to make sure she was safe and it seemed like I couldn't get some sleep when I saw her came out of her house. I couldn't tell if she remembered everything that happened last night but maybe she didn't since she just went out like no one had attempted to kill her last night.


I was currently tailing her while she was maneuvering her car through the highway. Although I felt like a zombie, I didn't mind it as long as I could still protect Jimin. Yeah, I needed sleep, a long dreamless sleep which I was planning to do before she decided to come out of her house and God knows where she was planning to go. Why can't she just stay at her house! She parked her car at at the parking lot and got out.




After what happened last night, she still had the audacity to go shopping. Maybe it was all just a bad dream for her. After parking my ducati, I followed her but keeping a distance so she wouldn't notice me. She met with her friend Elle inside and together, they started shopping. Ugh, girls and their riches!


It took them forever to even choose a single clothing and it was killing me to continue following them when I was barely keeping myself awake so I decided to look for a coffee shop. I knew it was risky to leave her even if she was with Elle and we were inside the mall but what was more risky was if I wouldn't be able to protect her because I was freaking sleepy. Luckily, it didn't take long for me to find a coffee shop where I immediately bought one cup and drank it without second thought.


I went back after to where I had left the two girls and fortunately they hadn't left the shop while I was away. The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping,


I mean following the girls while they were shopping. In my entire spy life, I had never experienced being so bored while on mission. Frankly, I thought of leaving the two but my conscience wouldn't let me if something bad would befall to them.


Jimin and Elle parted ways before they came out the mall. Jimin sashayed her way to her car, bringing few shopping bags while I also walked over to my bike. It didn't take long before we were on the highway again and in no time we reached her house. Well, I reached her house first as I drove past her when we were getting near so that I could check at her house before she could come in just to make sure. When I was sure that it was safe, I sneaked out just in time her car rolled in front.


When I was sure that she was settled inside, I walked across the street and reached my temporary house. It was a huge house that had been vacant for almost five years and people were too afraid to buy this house since rumor has that this was haunted. Imagine the coincidence! This made my job easier. Once I got into my bedroom, I instantly flopped down on my bed hoping to sleep even for a while until the party. The security alarms for this house and Jimin's had been activated so it lessened my worry of intruders. Clearing my head, I closed my eyes and soon after I drifted to sleep.






Feeling the side of the bed moved, I instantly grabbed my gun under the pillow and pointed it to my side, ready to pull the trigger. I let out the breath I was holding when I saw the stray dog that Jimin had found, laying down on his belly.


"I almost shot you little pup," I said, rubbing his head. He was wagging his tail while sticking his tongue out. "What should I call you? about Oreo? You like it?" as if he understood, he barked and playfully e

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Lmao I just realised that in SMCU Ep.1, in Winter's gaming scene she was fighting men with guns and batons just like in chap29 😂. What a coincidence!!
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