A Little Bump Ahead

The Cheerleader's Bodyguard
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"Okay, water break guys." Jimin hollered, causing the dancers to erupt in cheers and broke out of formation as they went on their ways.


Giving Jimin a sideglance, I made my way to the bleachers to drink my bottled water. Ugh, I'm exhausted! So today's practice wore me out, considering we had less than three weeks before the competition. Even if we completed our routine, we still have to polish everything.


"You know, you look ier when you're sweaty." she commented nonchalantly before sidling up beside me. She then wiped the dripping sweats on her forehead before drinking her water.


"I know. You never failed to remind me that," I replied quirking a brow and smirked. 


Since she told me she liked me that much, she would constantly flirt with me or dropped subtle hints whenever she could. And I gotta say, I kinda liked it.


She chuckled, "Oh I would never get tired of reminding you that." she said and winked.


"Oh yeah? Be careful though... or I might lose my sense of control," I teased, walking up to her and stopped in arms-length.


She closed the gap between us, her face was inches closer.


"What makes you think it's not what I want?" I travelled my gaze down to her lips as they curled up into a smile. I knew she was enjoying this and I wasn't sure if she was really flirting right now or just teasing me, nevertheless, I liked the proximity between us, it made me want to kiss her. But I knew I shouldn't ‘cause kids were hanging around.


I gently poked her nose with my forefinger and stepped back with a grin on my face. 


"We'll pick this up later, somewhere more... private."


I said the last word slow and seductively, biting my lower lip to add to the effect. If she wouldn't fall for it, then I didn't know what would.


And I guess she was when I noticed her blush and shifted her weight at the same time. She was looking at me way too long with something flashed in her eyes, like she was already undressing me in her mind, as she roamed her gaze from top to bottom.


"Oh we sure will continue this later." she said slowly, her voice a little low.


We stared at each other, with smirks written on our faces, but our little staring contest was shortlived when someone cleared their throat. Our heads snapped to the guy, whom I couldn't remember the name but I remembered how stubborn he was every practice, standing on our side, his gaze flickered between us.


"Sorry to interrupt Captains but I do have a dare to do," he said smugly. I liked how he didn't beat around the bush but I disliked how he was looking smug right now.


Jimin crossed her arm, looking at him indignantly, "What do you mean?"


"We're playing truth or dare back there..." he pointed to a group of dancers, sitting in circle, looking in our direction expectantly. 


"...I chose dare and it's to... kiss Jimin." I turned to Jimin and saw her contemplating as she met my gaze. I doubted she would let him kiss her, I meant this was Jimin, she only kissed quarterbacks, bad boys and ... me, not some ordinary smug-looking guy.


If you could hear my thoughts, no offense buddy!


"Okay, sure."


Wait, what?


"Really? Ha, I know you couldn't resist my cha--" Before the guy could finish, Jimin smashed her lips to his, silencing him. I crossed my arms and watched them intently while hearing the cheers and claps of the other students. 


She was looking at me while letting out moans as their kissed was taking too long for my liking. I didn't know if she was trying to get me jealous or just that she missed kissing guys, but whatever it was, it kinda pissed me off.


I stood in my place, unfazed by what was happening in front of me, mustering a stoic expression. I couldn't tell what she was thinking but I couldn't let her see it was affecting me. If she was trying to get a reaction out of me then she had to try harder next time because I wasn't falling for her game.


She pulled away, wiping her lips with the back of her hand and pushed the guy. Thankfully he didn't linger long and walked off to his group of friends.


"Satisfied?" I asked forcing a grin.


She arched her brows, "Is that it? Aren't you gonna ask like 'what the was that?'?"


I tilted my head, feigning confused,


"Ahh, should I?"


She scoffed, "To think I'd kissed that guy just to make you jealous," she mumbled under her breath, although I heard her clearly.


"I'm sorry what?" I teased. Ah, so she wanted to see me get jealous.


Typical move Jimin!


She rolled her eyes, "Forget it." she uttered before turning her back to me.


I couldn't help but chuckled lightly thinking that her silly plan backfired. Although, that move affected me and if they went further than that, maybe, just maybe, I would have break them apart.


"Captain Kim," Chaeryeong chirped, running up to me.


"Hey, what's up?" I asked and noticed Jimin turned to us, glaring at us.


"Um, can you review routine seven with me? It's kinda blurred for me."


"Yeah sure."


"Great!" I followed Chaer but not without leaving Jimin a wink which she huffed in response.


Typical Jimin!






We were both panting and engulfed with our sweats as we reached the parking lot where Giselle was already waiting, leaning against the camaro. We were in the middle of our practice when she texted me, asking us to hurry over. Thankfully, coach wasn't around so we let our second in command to facilitate the practice.


"Where's Ning?" I asked as soon as we faced Giselle.


"She got held up in the office. Let's get in the car, Minjeong you drive."


"Thanks," I answered sarcastically as I got in the driver's seat. I waited for the two to get in before maneuvering out of the parking lot.


"Drive to Elle's house," she instructed while looking at her iPad. I caught a glimpse of what she was watching but I couldn't tell what it really was.


Curious as I was, Jimin peeked over her shoulder to look.


"Is she packing?"


"Obviously.." Giselle retorted causing Jimin to groan.


I stopped at red light, and leaned closer to the passenger seat to get a good look at the camera footage they were watching. Elle was already zipping up her bag when I peeked in, she then walked to where a small painting was hanged and removed it from the wall, revealing a secret stash. After she typed in the code, she opened it and started grabbing bundles of cash.


The three of us exchanged looks momentarily then back to the screen. A moment after, I let out a sudden breath when I saw Elle held something familiar.


"No... freaking...mental," Jimin breathed as she turned to look at me.


"What?" Giselle queried.


I took a deep breath and spoke, "I think we just found our white-masked girl."


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Lmao I just realised that in SMCU Ep.1, in Winter's gaming scene she was fighting men with guns and batons just like in chap29 😂. What a coincidence!!
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