A Little Space and A Kiss

The Cheerleader's Bodyguard
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As soon as we reached the parking lot, we immediately jumped in Ning's car since we didn't have any other choice but to use her car and made our way out of the school. I tracked down Giselle's location, it pointed to some park near a suburban area which was minutes away, thankfully. As we were getting near the location, I couldn't help but feel the anticipation of getting into real action since I had been deprived from it for days, I just hoped I could get there in time. But after all the anticipation, I was also feeling anxious bringing Jimin with me, which I was putting her life at risk.


I stopped the car distance away from the park as I didn't want to get in action with Jimin on my side. As I looked around the surrounding, it was pretty calm and empty which I suspected that those guys wanted to make it quiet, this was a perfect place. Turning to Jimin, I pulled up a pocket knife from my boot and handed it to her. She looked surprised, her gaze flickered from the knife to me.


"You bring knife in school?"


"What? You prefer I bring a gun?"


She shook her head, "Wouldn't you get caught?"


"I know the guards. Now take it and stay in the car. Don't ever get out and if you see something suspicious, I want you to get away and drive as fast as you can... but don't get on an accident okay? I'll be right back." She nodded nervously and took the knife from my hand. I flashed one last smile at her before getting out of the car and cautiously jogged to the park. From my position, I heard shots of guns in the distance as I pulled out the remaining pocket knife on my boot.


I leaned in on a tree and peeked at the scene. It looked like Giselle and the undercovers were barely holding their ground as they exchanged fires with seven guys, as I counted, in black suits. If I wouldn't act now, they would be surrounded, seeing that Giselle and only two of the undercovers were shooting. That meant three of the undercovers were down. Without wasting any time, I rounded the area as I was planning to attack behind the enemies and take them by surprise.


When I was positioned, I thought first on how should I attack. But when the shots stopped, I saw one of the bad guys motioned to close in. Didn't have much of a time, I leapt from the bush I had been hiding and immediately stabbed the nearest guy on his back and as he howled in pain, I pulled the knife and threw it to the guy who just turned, hitting him center on his chest. I raised the gun in the guy's hand whom I stabbed first as I used him as a shield, and fired it to two more.


I dropped the guy as my shield and whisked to my back, kicking the gun that was about to be fired and sent another kick hitting the fifth enemy on his gut. He stumbled back and when I was about to send another attack, I heard the ground crunched behind me so I instantly slid my body on the hood of the van as he pulled the trigger, hitting his companion instead. I fell to the other side of the van where a surprised-looking guy stood tall but he quickly recovered and aimed his pistol at me. Too slow for my liking, I swiped him on his feet and he landed on his back, letting go of his gun which I quickly grabbed and shot the guy behind me who accidentally shot his friend before kicking the last guy on the ground to sleep. I was hoping to break some bad guy's leg but oh well!


"Nice save," Giselle remarked when she stood in front of me. I nodded to the two undercovers who nodded back at me then turned to Giselle.


"Glad I came here on time," I replied.


I looked around at the bodies on the ground, "I see they sent a dozen guys to get rid of you in a quiet place with no cops intervention. They like it quiet."


"I know and they successfully killed three of our guys," she hissed.


I walked around the first van and checked the inside for something but it was clean. The two undercovers checked the other van but no luck. 


"You think this is a trap set by Elle?"


"I don't think so, I know so!" I didn't know what had led Giselle to follow Elle but she must had reasons, I would ask her later. She examined of the bodies and moved to another but she sighed in frustration as she didn't find something useful.


"Wait," I uttered when I saw something in common with the unconscious bodies. I moved closer to the guy I stabbed in the back and crouched down as I took a closer look on his neck, the skin just below his ear. I moved to the other guy with a knife impaled on his chest, he has the same small tattoo on his neck so as the other guys.


"Is that what I think it is?" Giselle asked warily.


I nodded, "Yeah. These guys...they're part of the Red Circle!"


"Huh! This is a lot worse than I thought," she mumbled as she hovered behind me. I stood up and shook my head.


"If what you thought about Elle is true, then we shouldn't underestimate her."


"But what-..."


"Oh my God Minjeong!" Before Gi could answer, Jimin's shocked voice reverberated through the area. She hurried towards our direction, almost tumbling down as she struggled in her heels against the rugged ground.


"You brought her here?" Giselle asked incredulously.


"I don't have a choice." Giselle just shook her head then walked up to the two undercovers and instructed them what to do. When Jimin stood in armslength, she eyed in horror the bodies lying on the ground and when her gaze landed on mine, her expression turned into something I couldn't quiet tell as her eyes traveled down to my bloody shirt.


"Y-You killed all of them?" she stammered.


"Except one," I answered indifferently before turning to Giselle and asked her to interrogate the one I knocked off since interrogating was her forte. She eagerly agreed to the task and

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