Saving Ningning

The Cheerleader's Bodyguard
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"Are you in position?"


"Yeah, I got you."


Taking off the helmet, I got off the bike and briefly stared at Ning's house from the front. I could see from the window, through the curtain, the lights were on but there wasn't any movements or silhouettes inside. As I looked around, nothing was out of the ordinary, everything was still and calm.


"I'm coming in," I mumbled through the comm.


"Be careful,” Giselle responded and I let out a breath before walking to the door. I turned the knob and surprisingly it wasn't locked. The door swung open and I was greeted with nothing but silence. Floorboards creaked as I cautiously stepped inside, looking around the room and noticed that nothing was amiss, everything was in their place as far as I remembered.


A sudden ringing of the phone broke the deafening silence, causing me to jump a little. My head snapped to Ning's phone resting on the center table. As I got near, I saw an unknown number on the screen and slowly, I picked it and answered the call, while roaming my eyes around the room, hoping to find a hidden camera as the call was a perfect timing.


"Xia," I mumbled through gritted teeth.


"Where is she?" I looked outside for spies but no one was lurking. I was certain Giselle was doing the same also and since she didn't say anything, meant that no one was suspicious.


"Relax Ms. Kim, your little girlfriend is fine here with me..." 


I heard a groan on the other end of my comm. Jimin


"... just wanna say how glad I am that you came. Although I would be more glad if you came with Ms. Kwon..."


Yeah, well, Gi is on the lookout so she couldn't come.


"...but I guess, you'll do...for now."


As I continued scanning the room, my eyes landed on a tiny camera fixed on the tv, above the screen. Smiling, I strode near and stared directly at it.


"I'm glad you think so," I said sarcastically with a smirk.


"Ah, you always look good Ms. Kim. You and Ms. Kwon... But enough chitchat, I can't wait to see you again. My guards would be there any minute to pick you up. I hope you will cooperate Ms. Kim, you know the rules. Have a safe trip...and see you soon." 


The line went dead, leaving me pissed and worried. I hoped Junsu didn't hurt Ning or I would cut his head off.


After wo minutes of standing in distress, I saw a limousine pulled up in front and two guards came out, scanning the area first before making their way into the house.


"Stay safe Mindong please..." Jimin whispered from the other line. 


The worry was evident in her voice and I hated it that I was the cause of it but it couldn't be helped. We needed to save Ningning and this has to be done.


"See you guys at the destination," I mumbled just before two guards burst open the door.


I immediately plastered a huge smile at them, 


"Hi boys, glad you're here. Let's go," 


I said, walking past the guards and into the car. I looked across the street, to where Giselle and Jimin were, hiding in the dark, before pushing myself inside the car.


Wait for us Ning, we're coming for you!






I bit my lower lip to keep me from snapping when the guard behind me shoved me for the second time. It wasn't like I was walking slow and didn't know where I was going. He just wanted to piss me off. Fortunately for him, it was working.


"Come on Kim, don't be a turtle and walk faster." he hissed, shoving me once more.


"Shove me again or I'll shave your weird mustache." 


I threatened as he reached my side and stared me down. I glanced at him briefly and looked away instantly, not wanting to see his face for long. One thing I hated about the guy was his face and another was, well, his Jason King-ish mustache. It didn't really suit him.


I could feel his deep long breaths on my side and it made me wish that he stayed behind.


"Don't you threaten my mustache. You don't wanna piss me off."


I nodded eagerly not because I was afraid of his threat but because his breath was nauseating. It was reeked of alcohol and something I couldn't tell. Luckily, he didn't linger long in my side and I was able to breath normally. Why did Junsu hired this one?


We continued walking down the corridor while I kept a safe distance from 'mustache' behind me. After few minutes, we reached the double door that lead to the familiar hall of Xia's mansion. Before the guards could move, I pushed open the door and strode confidently as if I owned the place.




My gaze immediately landed on Ning who was held by two guards. She squirmed, trying to break free from their grip but it was no use. Seeing her, I was a little relief that Junsu didn't physically hurt her.


"Finally! Nice to see you ag...."


Junsu stopped talking when I raised my hand.


"Ning? You might want to look away,"


I informed her. She frowned, as well as Junsu, while I smirked then turned my back to them as I raised my fist and punched the 'mustache' square in the face. He tumbled instantly, gripping his bleeding nose.


"That's for shoving me back there,"


I snapped earning a glare from him. I turned my back to him and faced Junsu once again, shaking my hand a little from the punch. Well, I didn't expect the 'mustache' has a brick face.


"Sorry, what were you saying?" I asked getting back to business. 


Junsu's manic laughter echoed throughout the room and walked in my direction. I briefly glanced at Ning who has her head hung low. Good thing she heeded my advice or else she would probably faint with the sight of mustache's bleeding nose.


"I never thought you could be so adorable Ms. Kim" he commented making me smile.


"Thanks. I can be repulsive too but we'll save that for later. So, tell me Junsu, how did you find us?"


"I have great sources Ms. Kim, besides you weren't laying low, being a student and all, it's what blows your cover. Ms. Kwon on the other hand, well, she's like a ghost..." 


Yeah leave that to Giselle to keep her identity well-hidden. 


"....she's off the grid, it makes me wonder, who the hell are you?"


I smiled, "You said so yourself, you have great sources, why don't you find it out?" 


Okay, as much as I found it interesting to chat with Junsu, I didn't think staying here too long would be a good idea, not to mention, it would be difficult to get out of here, considering the number of guards surrounding us.


Since the plan has changed when I was brought here, Gi suggested that I had to buy us some time until the Violent Storm would get here. But the problem was, I didn't think I could kept this up for long, you see, I didn't like to linger long. Ning was the only one keeping me from storming this place.

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