Masked Girls

The Cheerleader's Bodyguard
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I gladly welcomed the softness of my bed after a long stressful day from school. I felt like I could breath easily again knowing that tomorrow would be Saturday and that meant party. I was really looking forward for tomorrow not just because it was Jeno's birthday but also I deserved a break from school drama and Winter. She began making my school life a living hell since she arrived. It was ironic because it was my job to make one's life hell but now I was like living in hell because of her. She just basically screamed the devil.


She was full of surprises. It was surprising how beautiful she was when I first laid eyes on her. I thought she was like a lame brat who happened to be my co-captain but I was wrong, she was a real beauty. The thing that captivated me the most was her eyes. They hid a lot of emotions and everytime those eyes found mine, they seemed to bore into my soul which gave me goosebumps. That was why everytime I got to look at her face, I always tried avoiding her eyes which was hard by the way since they were the most beautiful eyes I ever saw.


She surprised me by how easily she pissed me off with just her smirk or her confidence to talk back at me or how she infuriated me for always hanging out with Ning. She was always around with that girl like all the time and what angered me was that I couldn't get my hands on Ning because of her.


I wasn't afraid with her or anything, she just always knew to what to say to piss me off which would end badly for me because I would lose my cool and ended up being the laughing matter to every student. It was mortifying!


And it was a surprised how she made me feel like I was going crazy. Even though I hated her so much, to the moon and back, I couldn't resist looking at her from time to time. Everytime she caught me looking at her, all I could do was turned my stare into glare so she wouldn't suspect I was studying her. It was just that her face was hard to miss, I couldn't helped it. And yeah you heard right, I just complimented the devil. Like I said, I'm going crazy!


I couldn't tell what was happening to me but was it possible that I was attracted to her? But It couldn't be because I was as straight as a pole or am I? So many questions were running through my mind since then that was why I needed a distraction and tomorrow's party would be perfect for me.


Rubbing my eyes gently, I pushed my thoughts to the back of my mind and shifted in a comfortable position to get some sleep. It was still an early night but I was too tired to stay up late or hang out with friends which was I usually do during Friday nights.


After staring at an empty space on my side, my eyes were starting to get heavier, my consciousness was starting to fade and when I was about to excitedly welcome a dreamless sleep, I heard scratching sounds which snapped me awake. I reluctantly got off the bed and slowly made my way downstairs. My heart was thumping against my chest in every step that I took and my hands were getting clammy. Whoever was scratching the door better not mess with me or else what? ! I don't have anything with me.


I ran towards the kitchen, not worried about making any sounds since I was in barefoot. I hastily grabbed the knife from the island counter and walked towards the living room. I was sweating pretty hard but I felt cold throughout my body. I wished my parents were here so that I wouldn't have to fight alone whoever was behind the door. What I was doing was pretty stupid but if I didn't do anything, who would?


Taking a deep breath, I was about to unlock the door when suddenly the scratching stopped. Is it gone? I quietly hitched the chain lock and turned the door knob before swinging it open, ready to stab someone when I was unexpectedly greeted with an empty space. My knife was suspended mid-air, thankful that there was no one. I looked around but seemed like no one had even stepped in the area. I released a breath I was holding but yelped in surprise when I felt something touched my foot. I looked down and found a beagle puppy trying to scratch my foot.


"Awww, you scared me little one. Come here," I picked him up without second thought and locked the door behind me. "How'd you ended up here huh?"


I chuckled at his cuteness but when I turned around my smile vanished when I saw a masked figure standing in the middle of the room. I could tell she was a girl because of her black hair tied up to a high ponytail, wearing a white mask that covered her whole face.


"You didn't tell me your owner is here little pup," I said, my voice was shaking. Her hand moved to her back and when I saw what she was holding, I felt like the air escaped my lungs when she pointed it at me. "If you want your puppy back, you can just say so." I knew what she wanted but it wasn't the puppy.


She laughed making the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. "You think I want that puppy? That's not even mine." Her voice sounded familiar but I couldn't tell whom since it sounded a little deep because of her mask.


I slowly brought down the pup and he immediately scurried away. If I was gonna die tonight, I didn't want that pup to die with me. "Why are you doing this? What did I ever do to you?"


"You were a pretty bad girl Jimin and bad girls go to hell."


I gulped my fear down, "Um, I was thinking of going to heaven."


"Aww, but hell is where you belong."


If there is something I could do to distract her so I could close the distance between us. I forced myself to think clearly while she was busy babbling nonsense. For a killer, she was pretty talkative.


I applaud myself mentally when an idea popped into mind. Forcing a confident smile, I spoke, "You're busted!"




"Come on, you can stop the act." Come on, baby steps at a time. My plan was working. She wanted to play for a while because if she didn't want to, she would have pulled the trigger by now.


"What are you saying, you !"


"Your acting is lame. You're practically ruining everything." Almost there.


"Shut up! I swear to Satan if you don't shut your ing mouth, I'll blow your head off." Her hands were faintly shaking while holding the gun. She was angry.


I chuckled nervously,

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Lmao I just realised that in SMCU Ep.1, in Winter's gaming scene she was fighting men with guns and batons just like in chap29 😂. What a coincidence!!
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