Chapter 10

Reve Inc.




"Wendyyyyy I think we are death."


Wendy has never seen Sunmi like this, she was always a professional and a serious person when it was about work, this gave her a bad feeling, she even started to feel cold. “What...happened…?”


“We are so close to finish the evaluations….”




“So I was doing our backup copy and another copy to keep on the cloud…”




“ computer just died…”


It took a couple of seconds to process this in Wendy's mind. “Ok, can you be more...specific?”


“I was doing both copies and before I knew it I'm just staring at my lame reflection on my black screen, the computer was dead…”


Ok, now Wendy knows her gut was right in expecting something very bad, her body finally reacted and she closed the door´s office and walked directly to the PC to try to turn it on.


“I already tried Wendy, you really think I would call you just for pressing the buttons again?” Sunmi just looked at her with her elbow on her desk and her hand supporting her face, Wendy was trying to find if the computer had been unplugged or something… “I need you to brainstorm with me, we need to make a decision fast about this mess.”


“We have less than a month and you will have to either check all your emails again or ask everyone to send it again…”


“Or we just make it seem like we are doing a second round and check the new work they have made since the first one…”


“But then some people could be hired only taking that little time of work in account instead of the previous two months…”


Sunmi sighed while putting her face between her hands, Wendy was right, they will have to start all from scratch…


“Wait, Sunmi we are idiots…!”


“Hey, I´m still your boss at this hour, give me a little respect would you.”


Wendy chuckled. “No, about the computer. We have technicians now remember? We didn't have them last year because some parts of the building were still in renovation and we were less people.”


Sunmi clapped happily, “Yes! I totally forgot!... But where is their area...?”


“We are on the fifth floor....I think they are on the seventh…I think we have their phone?”


“Oh, you are right!” Sunmi opened a drawer with a plastic sheet inside that had printed all the numbers to every department in the building. “Let's see...technicians...computers…” Sunmi passed her finger through the list to find them. “Here.” She took her office telephone and dialed them to come over. “They say one girl will come down here to check it out.”


“Thank God…”


“Sometimes I love your brain Wendy-pooh, I always freak out a little when there is a technology related thing...I'm sorry to worry you.”


Wendy smiled warmly while crossing her arms. “Is ok, what boss does not stress her workers right?”


Sunmi laughed and was about to complain when suddenly a pretty woman with long black hair and bangs appeared knocking on the glass door of her office. Wendy opened the door for the girl, she was also wearing a black suit except for the jacket and a big ID card was hanging in her neck that said: Kang Seulgi - Technician.


“Hi, my name is Kang Seulgi. Nice to meet you, I was told that a computer was not responding here.” The girl said while bowing to them.


“Oh, Seulgi dear could you please save my here? Important documents are here and this thing does not cooperate with me. Save me and I will treat you to lunch tomorrow.”


Seulgi Chuckled. “Is ok, that is why I got hired, you don't need to do that. Let me check what could be the problem.”


Sunmi standed up to give Seulgi her chair, while the computer was being diagnosed Wendy thought her presence was not required anymore and could go back to her precious angel…


“Where are you going?” Sunmi called for her when Wendy half opened the glass door.


“Oh? Do you need me for something else? I think Seulgi here can help with the problem.”


Sunmi looked at Seulgi, who was too busy to pay attention to them right now. So Sunmi takes the opportunity to grab Wendy´s hand off the door and pull her inside the office again.


“I need you in case Seulgi starts to explain what happened with the computer because I'm pretty sure I will not get anything she says...and, you owe me some gossip lady.”


“Gossip? About what?”


Sunmi smiled, “Oh, you think we don´t know you just had a date with Irene?”


“You have to be kidding me…”


A couple of hours passed for Wendy to basically tell Sunmi how head over heels she was for the trainee and for Seulgi to explain that the computer was having too many problems but the hard disk was fine so they would be able to get the documents back.


“I already reported about your computer, I will come tomorrow to install a new PC for you and will give you a USB with all your documents as soon as I recover them.”


“A million thank you, Seulgi! If not cause we are still on working hours I would hug you!” 


Wendy noticed a light blush on the technician's cheeks while she fully smiled at them. 


“Is ok, really! I´m sorry we chatted for so long too, it is already time to go home.”


Sunmi and Wendy checked their watch and the girl was right, it was night time. They were surprised since they didn't feel the time with the “hot gossip” and some friendly chat with the tech girl. 


Oh no, I told Irene we would leave together! “I am so sorry to be this rude, but I didn't notice the time, please excuse me but I have to go. It was really nice to meet you Seulgi! Bye Sunmi!” Wendy walked out of the office as soon as possible to go to her desk, maybe Irene already went home.


“Oh, are you done?” Irene was still sitting at her desk, her computer already off and her phone on her hands. 


“ are still here.” Wendy smiled, relieved that she could take Irene home but just as quick she also felt guilty. “I am so sorry, have you waited too much? I just realized I told you to go together but I didn't even ask you if you have your own car.”


Irene somehow looked so cute when just giving a shy smile to Wendy, “Is ok, I just finished some papers and got distracted by playing on my phone. And no, I don't have a car, I come here by train.”


“Oh, then...shall we?” The worry in Wendy went out the window and she got excited again.


Irene found her so cute and was even more charmed when they got to the parking lot and Wendy opened her black SUV door for her. Irene voiced her concern about not living close to work and Wendy reassured her it was not a problem and it was kind of the same route as her apartment. They listened to Yerin Baek songs and laughed a little at the situation that happened with Sunmi along the way.


“I guess I cannot blame her for being so stressed over her computer, these days have been very busy.”


Irene nodded. “Yeah, it's part of the office job to always be stressed though.” 


“You are right, but something interested happened too. While I was leaving I still heard Sunmi offering a ride to the tech girl and I'm sure she got nervous.”


“The technician got nervous?”


“Yup, I think she found Sunmi good looking or something.”


“Oh but Sunmi is straight.”


“Even worse, Sunmi is also married. Hence why Joy always teases her that she is our mother.”


“Oh no, poor girl.”




Wendy parked in front of what seemed to be Irene´s house. Irene unbuckled the seatbelt but before she could say goodbye Wendy was already out of the car and opening the door for her.


“Thank you, Wendy.”


“My pleasure, let me walk you to the door.”


Irene happily nodded, it was kinda stupid to be this shy and feeling butterflies like this just like a teenager but she could not control this when Wendy was close.


In front of the door now, Wendy started to think about telling Irene about why she has not told her job position to Irene. C´mon Wendy, don´t get the girl now just to not be honest with her later. Do not be like your ex…


“Mmm, Irene there is something I would-”


Irene put her palm on Wendy´s cheek and gave a kiss to the other cheek, it was a soft but long kiss. It was so innocent and yet it took Wendy´s breath away, Irene´s thumb was caressing Wendy´s skin and when she pulled away, before she knew it Wendy grabbed her hand to kiss it too.


Also soft little kisses on each of Irene´s fingers, enough to give Irene goosebumps and red cheeks, a good thing that Wendy closed her eyes while kissing her. The moment felt so long yet so short, and Wendy didn't want to let it go, she planted her lips one more time on Irene´s hand and stayed like that while her other hand grabbed Irene´s wrist to softly caress it.


Irene was starting to feel nervous and excited, she was liking Wendy´s touch and lips so much but she was sure that if she didn't say anything now they will escalate things here in her house. And it was a little too fast for that.


Biting her lower lip, Irene forced herself to interrupt. “Thanks for the ride, we should go to rest now so we can have our next date.” Irene didn't realize it but her voice came out a little lower because of what Wendy was making her feel.


God, her voice is so y… Wendy planted a couple more kisses before opening her eyes and face Irene. “You are right, I´m sorry, I should let you rest.” Wendy smiled, grateful that Irene didn't got uncomfortable with her physical approach. She let go of her hand to let her go inside, but Irene took the chance to give another kiss to her cheek before quickly opening the door and closing it immediately.


Wendy was surprised but also laughed a little at Irene´s goodbye, now fully sure that Irene welcomed her physical display more than she thought.


And that is why now Irene was so happy while laying on her bed, however the smile didn't last long as her eyes traveled to the calendar…


3 weeks until the results for the trainees...




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