Chapter 5

Reve Inc.





“Why did you never tell her your position? I mean, she is literally at your side, don´t you think she will catch a glimpse of what you are working on your computer someday?” Sunmi, also in charge of evaluating the trainees, was a little confused over Wendy´s situation with an apparently very beautiful new girl. She wasn't judging, really, but hiding her job role while she is not even the one to evaluate the new recruit didn't make sense for Sunmi. “I mean, I get it if you feel attraction but the girl will feel like you lied to her since the first day.”


Wendy´s forehead was currently glued to her desk of how embarrassed she felt with Sunmi saying the obvious.


“Don´t you think I feel the same? But I just did it on reflex, ok?! A part of me thinks that it was better cause she will perform like she normally is instead of trying to impress someone that is not gonna even evaluate her.”


“Perform normally….right…”


Wendy raised her head to see Sunmi to her face and attacked her with sad puppy eyes, which were ineffective since the red mark of the edge of her desk was present on her forehead.


“Ok, fine! I wanted to see if she was genuine and nice before she would know my position! I didn't want to pressure her to be nice to me just because she is not a permanent employee, ok?!”







“So what you are saying is that you wanted to know her better and find out not only if she is a good person but also wanted to dig her info to see if she was single and gay.”


Now the red mark from Wendy's forehead matched the blush on her cheeks.


“Shut up.”


Sunmi laughed, way too loud, making Wendy even redder. “Gosh, you are so bad at this. Just ask if she is dating someone or her type of person, normally straight women use male pronouns when describing those, that will tell.”


“She could think I am invading her personal life! The poor woman has been here only half of her evaluation period.”


“Is normal to try to get closer to co-workers, my friend, you haven't socialized or had normal dates for a long time. Now is the time for you to go out of your sad bubble and get someone!”


“Can you talk any louder? I think the receptionist on the first floor didn't hear you well.”


“Just because we are at work right now I am not slapping some sense into you Wendy-pooh.”


“Ummmm...hi, is everything ok? Do you prefer for me to go?” And just at this moment Irene returned from the bathroom. 


Sunmi was quick to get some politeness back into her, “Oh, Irene honey. I´m sorry you just heard that, we are friends here and out of work, don´t think I actually hit all the employees.” 


Irene laughed nervously. “Oh, is ok. Mmmm...I am sorry, how did you know my english name? I can't recall if we were already introduced to each other…” And why did you call her Wendy-pooh? Does everyone have a different nickname for her…? Wendy-pooh sounds super cute tho.


“Oh, right! I´m sorry again, I tend to do that, my name is Sunmi and it was Joy to tell me about you. I also know that you already know I´m the one evaluating your process, am I correct?”


“Aah, yes. It's very nice to meet you, I wasn't sure if I was gonna meet you before the final evaluation.” Irene was quick to offer a handshake.


Sunmi corresponded. “Yes, it is normal to not know all the trainees because they are a lot now, but I do meet some of them to also evaluate their teamwork. Wendy here was telling me really good things about you.”


“She did…?” A timid smile showed in Irene´s face.


If the short interaction between Sunmi and Irene gave Wendy some time to get back to normal, it was pointless since she was turning red again and her brain was having a short circuit now that she saw an embarrassed Irene.


“Yes, which reminds me that I still need to score some of your paperwork and digital documents you have made so far, please check your email these days as I am going to ask you to send me some stuff.”


“Of course, I will make sure to reply as soon as I get it.”


“Thank you honey, I should be leaving now, pleasure to meet you in person.” Sunmi turned to Wendy. “And you, if you don't fix that problem you told me about I am gonna make an intervention with it.”


Wendy knew she was serious. “Yes boss.”


“Good, and remember, communicate a little more with your co-workers.”




Sunmi seemed satisfied enough so she returned to her area and Irene returned to her chair.


“Are trouble?”


“I wish…”




“I mean, no. Is just Sunmi´s way of showing affection towards friends.”





“Mmm Irene…?”




“Are you single?”




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