Chapter 31

Reve Inc.



Joohyun was not joking about getting groceries to her girlfriend, they drove directly to a market and bought some vegetables, fruits, bread, tea, milk, almonds to snack and even a few Korean side dishes already prepared by the elders.


"Hyunnie, let me pay! This is all for me after all!"


"Nope." Joohyun simply replied while giving some coins to a man in the fish area. "Worry about all the stuff we need to carry to your car instead."


"I told you I didn't need this much." Seung-wan pouted without knowing why, she probably thought the brunette was going to reprimand her.


"Son Seung-wan you literally just have water, coffee and napkins there, before you start going to my house you didn't eat breakfast, if another claim like that leaves your mouth again I am going to stop kissing you!"


"I- sorry, is are paying for this and you also buy extra ingredients now that I go to eat at your place, I feel like this is unfair, let me help you with this."


Joohyun denied her request with a head gesture. 


"But- you even invited me to stay often, let me help you pay rent then, I really want to-”






“You pay everytime we go out to eat, you pick me up to go to work together, you always open the doors for me to walk first,  you give me little presents like snacks and seeds for my little garden and you give me your hoodies when I start to shiver, you always show me your love, let me show you mine.”


Seung-wan´s brain became blank, she wasn't expecting this kind of answer. She didn't know how to react, was she really all that great? All those small details were really appreciated by Joohyun and it kind of made a short circuit for Seung-wan. Was she really being loved this time?


“So no, I don't see this as unfair at all.” Joohyun continued. “If anything, is the right thing I can do to show you that I am equally committed to you Seung-wan. You always give, but when is your turn to receive you just feel like you need to give even more...It is not like that, I don't want you to feel like that...I want you to receive my love too and I want you to accept it without guilt.”




“And I want to love you shamelessly despite being aware of how this world and this country see us, I want to cherish you and take care of you, I want to live with you at my please, just accept my love with all your heart cause I will do the same…” Joohyun had more to say, but she stopped when she saw a single tear coming out of Seung-wan´s eyes.


The blonde was looking directly at her with an expression of being about to cry, but it was not sadness, Joohyun could tell it was because Seung-wan´s heart was being touched by her words. The blonde´s shoulders were shaking a little, she was trying to not burst into tears in the middle of the market and she couldn't remove the tear from her face since her hands were busy with the bags she was carrying.


Joohyun gave her a small smile and lifted her hand to delicately trace the path of the tear. “It's ok, we can go now…”


They went back to the car to put the bags inside the trunk, as soon as their hands were free, Seung-wan launched herself to give a very tight hug to the brunette that reciprocated just as tight. They stood like that for a while without saying anything, then Seung-wan lifted her face to give a kiss on the brunette´s cheek, a smile forming in both of their faces while they bumped their foreheads together.


And just like that, silently, they went inside the car to leave the groceries at Seung-wan´s apartment. It was not an awkward silence but rather an “I just like to exist in this same space as you” kind of vibe. And when they got there, this silence was just occasionally broken by Joohyun who needed to ask Seung-wan where to place certain foods in the kitchen.


“And...that's it, you officially have a decent kitchen now.” A proud tone was very obvious coming from the brunette while checking out the place from the marble counter.


Seung-wan instead of offering a reply, placed her hands on Joohyun´s waist to turn her around, pressing her body against the counter, she leaned her face close enough of Joohyun´s lips to feel each other's breaths.


“I love you…” she whispered, as in trying to keep it just between the two.


Joohyun smiled, enjoying the view of Seung-wan´s eyes being full of stars for her. They closed their eyes at the same time to finally close the small gap and kiss, not a peck, not a hungry and impatient kiss but rather a slow and deep one. One full of feelings and dreams. Despite enjoying every time they have kissed so far, Seung-wan decided this was her favorite kiss now, the blonde pressing her hips against Joohyun´s and the brunette´s hands around her neck while their mouths slowly danced together without any worry in the world. Just enjoying each other, just loving each other.



It was getting late and Seung-wan was outside of the city at Joohyun´s place. They talked about what was about to happen in the apartment before Joy´s phone call and the brunette very honestly admitted that she was about to ruin the moment anyway. A part of Joohyun was still unsure, another part was very eager to do it, she was a little confused.


Seung-wan understood, she didn't want to force her girlfriend into anything and since she knows herself, having Joohyun staying in the apartment after that heavenly kiss was just going to turn her into a dog so they agreed for Seung-wan to just have dinner and go, they will see each other for breakfast the next day after all.


So now, Seung-wan sitted on the couch while deciding which game to play on her phone, Joohyun went to open her fridge and try to decide what to cook tonight, she started laughing.


“You ok?” Seung-wan said with a small smile and one eyebrow raised.



“Seung-wannie~ I will have to go out.” Said Joohyun while still laughing a little and going for her wallet and phone on the table.


“Huh? Where are you going?”


“We went to get you groceries...and I forgot mine!” Joohyun explained while laughing some more. “There is nothing on that fridge, I will go super quick to the convenience store in the other block, I will be back in no time.” 


Seung-wan laughed a little bit too but when she saw Joohyun going to the door, something inside her felt the urge to stand up too. "Wait, ammm is a little bit late, I will go with you."


"Oh? But the store is not far from here and I will just go for prepared food, you can stay and rest if you want to."


Seung-wan pouted and tried to mimic some sad puppy eyes, "But...I really want to go…"


Joohyun snorted. "Okay Miss Cutie, let's go."


They interlocked arms and walked through a semi dark street, the store was full of light signs that made it impossible to miss it. Although Seung-wan was right, it was getting quite late, Joohyun had already told her that the neighborhood is secure and they rarely have heard of robbery despite not having too much lighting at night, she even told her that some neighbors do some patrol here and there just to be extra careful.


But that didn't matter in Seung-wan's brain right now, even if it was safe, she wanted to go with Joohyun just in case.


They entered the store and went directly to the already prepared dishes. Joohyun felt lazy to cook now and grabbed some plates of Korean meals. While she bends down to pick some stuff in a low shelf, Seung-wan noticed a man eyeing Joohyun's from another food section.


This motherer…


Seung-wan moved her body to shield her girlfriend from the 's view and helped her to carry the food basket so she could use it to hide the brunette even more. The man realized he got caught and went to another aisle like nothing happened. When Joohyun standed normally again the blonde grabbed her hand.


"I want some chips Hyunnie~"


"But we just got some snacks for your place."


"But we didn't bring them and I want to eat chips with you."


Joohyun smiled, "Oh, they sell some really good french fries here, what about that?"


"Sure! But let's buy them for takeout."


Joohyun nodded and just grabbed a couple other things, they got to the cashier and Seung-wan got kind of annoyed again when the guy started flirting with the brunette.


He was very fit and good looking to Seung-wan's taste, she knew Joohyun was not into men but something in her still got stressed when the guy asked for her phone number.


"Oh, sorry, I am already in love with someone."


Seung-wan smiled at that. And the fact that he seemed disappointed also contributed to that.


When they started walking back to Joohyun's house, the brunette interlocked arms one more time and giggle.


"What's funny?"


"You got soooo jealous with the cashier!"


Seung-wan blushed hard. "N-no idea what you are talking about!"


"Oh you sure do! You were so happy when I rejected him."


"Whatever!" Seung-wan knew she couldn't deny it, but still refused to completely acknowledge it.


Joohyun just laughed and happily walked bumping shoulders with her gorgeous love.




Monday, around 3pm.


Joy did a check on the new hires and one man in the Marketing area tried to flirt with her, she very politely told him she was the Head of Human Resources and he got so nervous that he spilled some coffee on her suit jacket, she also received some complaints of someone trying to steal the cups of a rest area and she found out a woman that was hoarding all the staplers for some odd wasn't her day.


A headache was almost coming and she decided to eat her egg sandwich and orange juice in the emergency stairs. She was not in the mood to hear anyone right now and this area was always empty, she sighed happily while grabbing her first bite, it was either really good or she was just too tired and wanted to enjoy this too much.


“I hate this job sometimes...I couldn't even catch a spy, maybe Wendy is right, I watched too much Death Note and it got in my head…”


A sneeze.


But it wasn´t Joy who sneezed. Joy snapped her head to check downstairs, someone was there and they started to run. By instinct, Joy threw her food to the floor to get up and chase the person.


“Hey! Why are you running?!” Joy tried to understand the situation unfolding, she was chasing someone and this someone was fast enough to get on a door. “Who are you?!”


Joy got to the door before it was completely close but when she went through it, to her was the cafeteria and it was quite full, she lost the person, there were too many people to make out who it was.


“You ok sweetie?” A voice interrupted her thoughts, it was Sunmi.


“Huh? Oh yeah...did you just see someone passing through this door before me?”


Sunmi raised an eyebrow. “I don't think so…? I just came here to buy dessert.”


Joy looked at Sunmi´s hands grabbing her wallet and a flan.


It was Joy´s turn to raise an eyebrow, “You already have a dessert.”


“Oh, this? For later, I suddenly craved ice cream. Do you want something?”


Joy remembered her juice and sandwich being all over the stairs, she needs someone from the cleaning staff. “Yeah, sure.”


Joy could not see the person running very well but she could identify very well the obvious sound of heels against the metal stairs and could have a brief glance of long dark hair. Was that the spy? Or was that their mysterious CEO?


What a day indeed.







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