Chapter 9

Reve Inc.





Irene returned home that day with a bright smile on her face, she threw herself on the bed and started giggling like a little kid happy to eat with her crush…


Turned out that Wendy was actually also thinking about how to invite Irene to hang out...without anybody else from the get to know her better of course. She was still unsure about if it was ok to call it a date or not, but she was super glad when Irene offered the invitation first and clarified their terms. 


They knew the date was not gonna last since they were using the lunch hour but at least the restaurant was crossing the street, Irene felt bold enough to sit not in front but at Wendy's side. Both of them were probably trying to not be so obvious but they honestly kinda failed the moment the food arrived and Wendy got some ketchup on the corner of and before they knew it, Irene´s hand was already wiping the sauce away and making the two blush again for the trillion time.


"Sorry, I should probably use a napkin." Irene laughed with embarrassment.


"Is ok, you can touch me." Wendy was trying to go for a joke but for some reason when she said it was kind of quiet and it came out as if she was embarrassed too.


Why the heck did I say that? I´m such an-


Irene laughed hard and dissipated her worries with a tooty smile worth of an angel.


"And here I thought we were gonna be all shy forever."


"I-I´m sorry, It was meant to be a joke..."


"Oh, so I cannot touch you then...?" Now Irene was having way too much fun with this glitch in Wendy's speech.


"Yes!...I mean...yes…?”


Irene was laughing way too much on the first date and she couldn't wait to have another one. Wendy was aware she made a fool out of herself, but to keep seeing that blessed image of a happy Irene, she will surely do it again.


Oh, but Irene didn´t get just a date…


When they were back to the office a smirking Yeri was already in front of their desks, Wendy already expecting a lot of teasing about why the two of them had lunch by themselves but to her surprise Yeri´s mouth said something different.


“Hello to you two, Wendy, Sunmi requires your presence at her office as soon as possible.”


“Oh? Did she told you why?”


“I don't know man, I´m just a messenger and that was the whole message so…” Yeri just shrugged it off.


“Oh, ok.” Wendy directed her eyes to Irene. “I will see you later, let's go home together.”


Irene took like two seconds to process those words cause she was already too happy for lunch and now her precious and cute Seung-Wendy was gonna take her home too!


“Of course.” 


Wendy nodded to her response and walked away to Sunmi´s with a smile.


And as expected, as soon as Wendy was gone, Joy appeared in front of her desk at Yeri´s side and both of them were watching her expectantly with knowing eyes.


“Hi...why are you two here…?”


“I don't know, why you two went to eat without us?” Joy, always direct and to the point. Irene knew it was pointless to play dumb but she still tried to keep Joy´s gaze without saying anything…


...Obviously, it didn't work.


“Ok, fine! It was a date, are you happy?!”


Yeri and Joy laughed too hard, probably the other workers were gossiping about them not really working but they couldn't care less. Yeri was the first to take a seat, otherwise she would fall from laughing.


“Oh God…you should try to play difficult Irene, no wonder a dork like Wendy is having it easy with you. Don't be so transparent lady." Yeri was talking like she was giving love advice to a teenager.


"I-is just that Wendy is too nice and since we are all gay is pretty obvious anyway!" 


Yeri laughed hard again. Joy got some air to try to say an answer.


"Excuse you, but Sunmi is straight and is obvious to her too."


"You know what I mean!" 


Meanwhile, Wendy went directly to Sunmi's office just to find the poor woman buried in papers and an expression that reflected how much she wanted to cry.


"Sunmi...are you alright? What's wrong?"


Sunmi only realized now that Wendy arrived and her eyes were already pleading.


"Wendyyyyy I think we are death."




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