Chapter 28

Reve Inc.


Chapter 28


The squad settled on Seung-wan's living room, the five of them laughing over some lame joke from the blonde. The burgers on their hands and sodas on a coffee table, they have been bantering over what they wanted to be before college.


Joy wanted to be a fly assistant or model, Sunmi wanted to be in performance arts, Seulgi wanted to be a photographer, Irene wanted to be an announcer and Wendy a singer. They still did this stuff in their free time, except for Irene who just prefers to chill and do house chores now.


But they were ok with that, their life was not what they dreamed when they were younger but at least they were doing fine. And sometimes, that was truly enough.


"You have a PS5?!" Seulgi said while pointing at the console that was installed right down a massive tv screen in the opposite wall of where they were eating.


"Yeah, you can use it if you want." Seung-wan assured.


Everyone could swear they saw Seulgi's eyes light up like those of a little child, she didn't waste time in finishing her burger in one more bite and practically ran to turn everything on and grab the game control.


"You have R.E: Village, nice! Oh! You have Spiderman!"


Seung-wan laughed. "Serve yourself Seulgi!"


"Irene, I love your girlfriend!" Seulgi mentioned with a lot of happiness. 


"You know what? Me too." Joohyun replied while sending her blonde a flying kiss.


Seung-wan smiled brightly. And I love you more than you imagine Bae Joohyun.


Sunmi and Joohyun got comfortable while watching the big TV with Seulgi playing as the friendly neighborhood hero.


Joy took this opportunity to grab all the trash in the coffee table and made a face to tell Seung-wan to follow her to the kitchen.


The blonde understood and was right behind her when Joohyun noticed.


"Wannie, you need help with anything…?" The brunette asked with a curious tone.


"Oh, no, just grabbing some drinks for you and the girls. Don't worry Hyunnie." Seung-wan smiled at her and Joohyun mirrored her expression and nodded.


When the blonde went to the kitchen, Joy was taking some beers out of one plastic bags that they just bringed. 


"You wanted to talk…?" Seung-wan asked a little unsure.


" I am going to tell them."


"...tell them...what?"


"About the spy and the fact that both Irene and Seulgi are suspects."


Ok, that was unexpected.


"Wait, what?! Why are you going to do that? We don't even have solid evidence for them being actual suspects and you know that."


"Yeah, I know. But I am telling them regardless of that."




"It will be like an inverse psychology punch."




"If they are the spies and we pretend we already know it, their reactions will tell. If they are not the spies, we will have two more allies to research inside the company. Either way it will make things easier." Joy explained calmly while grabbing two beers in each hand.


Seung-wan just looked at her with a bored look.




"What is this? A Death Note spinoff? Inverse psychology my , a spy can still act innocent, genius. That's one of the reasons they can be a spy!”


Joy scoffed at her to try to hide her blush due to the fact that she indeed, has rewatched Death Note recently. But Seung-wan doesn´t need to know that. “Oh, c´mon! Do you have a better idea because I want to listen to it!”


Seung-wan opened only to close it again, her eyes indicating that she was thinking hard by focusing on a clean marble spot.


“You have nothing, do you?”


“No...but I still think this is a bad idea…” Seung-wan sighed. “And maybe you are right, this could be the only way to solve this situation for once…”


Joy nodded, she was not sure either but at least this was something they could try. “That settles it, now be good and help me with the beers. We will tell them when we find a moment later.”




For some unknown reason, Seung-wan had a bad feeling about this…


One hour later.


Joohyun, Seung-wan and Seulgi are playing with their Sackboys to try to solve a puzzle together and Sunmi was shouting at them that they were doing it wrong.


Joy was just watching them with humor, she didn't even knew about this video game but it is hilarious how the little avatars die.


And just when the three of them somehow died again, the phone rang again. Joy standed to get the call, it was the reception.


"Ah, yes. Let her in please. Thank you." Joy hung up and went back to the living room. "Hey, Yeri is finally coming."


"Oh, ok. We should wait for her to decide on the next game then!" Seung-wan said, while trying to stop a pouting Seulgi from starting the challenge once again.


Joy looked at the coffee table, it had a few empty bottles of beer already, she knew Seulgi and Irene are not drunk yet but they seemed considerably relaxed. Maybe Yeri came at a good time after all.


They heard the youngest knocking the door and Joy went to open it in no time. There it was, the young secretary of a raising company, wearing a blue hoodie, jeans and black converse. If anything, the dark circles under her eyes were enough evidence of the effort she made to come to the apartment.


"Hi, I am dead. I know Wendy never has in here but please tell me she has coffee!"


"Hey! I do have coffee you rude girl!" Seung-wan answered from the living room.


Joy chuckled at them, she let Yeri enter the kitchen and indeed, Wendy had some coffee there.


"Oh my god, you actually have something edible for once! Irene is really making you a better person!" Yeri shouted happily.


Seung-wan puffed in annoyance while blushing a little.


Joohyun smiled at her cute reaction. “Oh, c´mon. Seung-wan cannot be like that…”


Joy, Yeri and Sunmi just looked at her with an expression that said “you have no idea”, all while the blonde diverted her eyes to somewhere else to avoid eye contact with her girlfriend.



Joohyun frowned. “Wait, you literally never have food here?”


No one answered.


Joohyun standed to enter the kitchen again and opened the fridge only to find a couple of bottles with mineral water and soju. Nothing else. In the counters she saw the coffee Yeri found, some salt, cream, sugar and a couple of snacks. 


Seung-wan bit her lower lip, maybe this was the bad feeling she got from before.


“Son Seung-wan! How can you live like this?!”


“I-I did told you that I didn't have anything decent-”


“Decent?! You barely have something edible here!”


“Th-that is why I wanted to pay you for the meals you have prepared for love, sweet oh adorable Joohyun…” Seung-wan wanted to descale the situation but the frown was still present in Joohyun´s face.


Sunmi and Yeri were just trying to contain their laughter at the scene, Joy just rolled her eyes, this was not the mood she expected the room to have right before dropping her psychological bomb.


“Ok, before we get to hear more complaints about Seung-wan´s eating habits, I need to tell you all something important.” Joy said, interrupting them and doing hand motions for Irene to come back to the living room. Everyone sitted in a circle with only Joy standing up.


“For real? You can't even wait until I drink my coffee at peace?” Yeri complained, she already knew what this was about after all, since Joy told her last night.


“No, you are too slow.” Joy retorded. “Anyway, I know this is a girls day and I don't want to ruin the mood but there is something that has been bothering me about our job for quite a while and I wanted to share it with you.”


Sunmi looked worried, “Is everything alright sweetheart? Did someone bother you at the office?”


“Well, yeah...but it is not what you are thinking. For a couple of weeks now, I investigated some things and I believe Irene and Seulgi are moles from other companies to ruin our business in Reve Inc.”



A few seconds of silence.


“A what?!” “Huh?”






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