Chapter 14

Reve Inc.




The elevator doors opened again and this time it was Sunmi to enter as well. “Hi honeys!”


“Sunmi! Seulgi could get your documents!” Said Wendy while happily giving the USB to her boss.


“Oh my God! You are an angel sent from heaven Seulgi, thanks a lot! Lunch is on me today, ok?”


But before Seulgi could answer the elevator doors opened for her floor. “Oh, I get down here, I really appreciate it! I have to go, I am so sorry, thank you!” And just like that she was out. Leaving everyone a little confused by her sudden outburst of energy.


Later, they arrived at their respective floor. Irene went directly to her desk but Sunmi pulled Wendy to talk privately.


“My dear I know you will hate me, but I really need you to stay with me tonight.”


“At your house?”


“No dummy, I mean here. Some of these documents still need revisions and we need to finish the other ones. I know this is a short notice but I will pay for your dinner and I already arranged this as extra hours with HR.”


But I already made dinner plans with Irene… 


Wendy sighed, work was work.


“Ok, fine. Let's try to finish this for once.”


“Thank you, Wendy-pooh I am so sorry. you probably had plans...?”


“Is ok, I can arrange them.”


“Thanks a lot!” 


And just like that, Sunmi was already going back to her office.


Wendy returned to her cubicle, sitted on her chair and rotated it to face Irene. “Hey.”


Irene rotated hers to face Wendy with a smile. “Hi.”


“Listen...I am very very sorry but apparently I will have to work extra hours and I don´t know at what time I will be able to finish…”


Irene could feel the apology already on Wendy´s tone of voice. “Wendy, is ok really. These things happen, we can schedule it another day, just don´t forget to eat well and I will be texting you to see if you got home safe. Is that ok?” Irene got closer to put her palm on Wendy´s cheek and caressed it with her thumb.


Wendy was sure she smiled like a fool, but she couldn't care less.


During that night…


Wendy was inside Sunmi´s office with a dozen printed documents in front of her, they already could identify the trainees that really screwed them up with their bad done work. Sunmi was already typing indignantly just by the thought of them.


“Why in the hell is it so hard for some people to avoid grammar errors in basic paperwork? They do it on the computer, the computer tells you if you misspelled Hong Kong for Jocon come on!”


Wendy just shrugged, she soon learned that finding a reason over this stuff normally just will get you even more stressed since some people were really that lazy. 


“Maybe we should take a rest? A coffee would be great for both of us…”


“Yeah…” Sunmi yawned, the weight of the day coming to her. “You are right, let me bring you the coffee or else I will fall asleep before we can even go to eat.”


Wendy let her go with a reassuring smile, she was feeling frustrated too by these types of things happening to supposedly elite people coming to a job position. If not because of them, she would be now enjoying a nice dinner with the beautiful Irene…


Her phone vibrated on the desk, a new message from: Irene <3.


  • Hi! :) How is everything going?


Wendy suddenly felt content by just receiving this, a genuine smile appearing on her face.


Hey :D We are almost there, but a coffee break is very necessary now hehe


  • I can just imagine :( I will keep you company here in case you are too tired, I don't want you to fall asleep while driving back!


Until now, Wendy realized it was past midnight, they really got caught at their work this time.


OMG What are you doing at this hour ?!

 You should sleep woman…!

But I actually appreciate your company <3


  • Hahahaha I am making sure you don´t die! Who is gonna be my cutie then?!


Wendy felt kind of embarrassed every freaking time Irene called her cute, it made her feel like a stupid teenager with butterflies growing inside her. She was fully adorning her face with a toothy smile now, seeing her screen and having two of her fingers pinching her lower lip, thinking about how to reply. What does she find cute in me?! Should I try to be cute now?? Should I try to flirt harder?? !


No one, I will be your only one!


  • Oohh I like that, more reason for you to get home safe then!


Hahaha yeah, I will leave in a few with Sunmi


  • Ok! But text me when you get home? Unless…




  • Unless you come to my home ;)


OK, she was definitely not expecting that at all, Wendy wanted to go slow with Irene but just imagining going to her house right now…


  • HAHAHA I am just kidding!


You have a twisted sense of humor…


  • I would like your company tho… :(




  • To warm my bed…




A new message from: Irene <3.


*A gift of a cat laughing hysterically.*


I hate you now


  • Awww so cute! 




  • Neveeeeer


Ok, I will let you go this time just cause I like you


  • I was not gonna stop anyway ;) hahaha And...I like you too, I will do my best!



Your best for…?


  • For you to start dreaming with me




  • Not in a naughty way least not yet ;) 




“You guys are so cringy.”


Wendy jumps from her seat and almost knocks Sunmi´s head with her. “! Let me know when you are here, you will give me a heart attack!”


Sunmi just laughed and put a cup of coffee on Wendy´s hand. “I did knock, you are the idiot that was not paying attention!” 


Now Wendy was super red, “Since when are you there reading my messages?!”


“Enough time.” Sunmi at least did not comment any further so Wendy opted to just go back to work.


But after a little while of working silently, Sunmi resumed to talk again.


“She probably wanted to t with you tho.”


“That is not your business!”


The very next morning…


Irene woke up with a smile on her face when she remembered how funny it was to tease Wendy the day before, she could not stop laughing in her bed when imagining how flustered she must have been. But Irene was never one to pursue, so the whole teasing was just new to her but it appeared to be effective.


I'm proud of myself if I could at least get a blush out of her…I think I am getting better at this “flirting” thing.


And with the thought she was being a smooth flirty woman, Irene proceeded to have a good morning; she was a little earlier to take the train and less people were in it, no creep was trying to hit on her on the way and before she knew it she was already walking towards the company building.


She got a surprise view when she got to see Wendy through the glass doors, talking with the receptionist. Wendy seemed to have noticed her and smiled sweetly, starting to walk to go outside the entrance to meet Irene.


A good morning indeed-


But before Irene could raise her hand to say hi or to even finish her train of thought, unexpectedly her leg was suddenly in mid air and she was falling on her back, hitting the concrete of the sidewalk and before she knew it, she was watching the sky instead of the building.


Wendy got out to check Irene as fast as she could, helping her to get in a sitting position.


“Irene are you ok?! Are you hurt?”


Irene let Wendy wrap her arm around her shoulders, she was more confused than anything else. “What...happened?”


Wendy scanned the sidewalk and without wanting to, she snorted.




Wendy was really trying to keep it together but her laugh was coming out anyway. “I'm so sorry is just….Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Irene you slipped with this…”


And right in front of her, a freaking banana peel. How on earth is it possible to find a banana peel outside her work place and slip with it right in front of Wendy!


Irene covered her face with her two hands. Wendy stopped laughing.


“Is somewhere hurting? Is your back ok?”


Wendy did not notice it but Irene was getting redder by the second. “Besides my pride? Yes, I am fine…”


For even more embarrassment, this made Wendy laugh even more.


Stupid morning…


But surprisingly, Irene felt how Wendy´s other arm went under her knees and just like that, Wendy was lifting her up and carrying her like she was a princess towards the entrance, the receptionist throwing an amused look towards them.


“What-What are you doing?”


Wendy smirked. “I am taking you to the doc here in the building, we have medical staff here too, even if you are not hurting I want them to check on you.”


“I-I am completely fine! I am serious, you don't need to carry me, I can walk!”


“I know.”




“But I want to do it.”




Irene opted for placing her red face on the crook of Wendy´s neck while they entered an empty elevator.


“I think I could...start to pick you up in the mornings…? You know…” Wendy chuckled. “To save you from the street bananas…”


“I would like that…”


“We are settle then.” Wendy smiled, again like a fool...a fool in love.


Maybe not a stupid morning...





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