Chapter 19

Reve Inc.



Monday had come and her morning routine of Seung-wan and her having breakfast to then go to work was the same. Although Joohyun felt it should not be the same since this is technically her first official day.


“Nervous?” Seung-wan felt Joohyun was not so talkative since they got in the car.


“Yeah...Is just that I thought I would be a little more….I don't know how to say this…”


“You expected to be a little more excited, didn't you?”


“Yeah...I guess, how did you know?”


“It happens, you make an effort to fight for a job and then you get it and you get happy and all, but then you realize you still have to fight to stay in the job, you start to think how is your boss going to be and all the co-workers social stuff and bla bla bla…I know the feeling, a lot of my trainees feel the same as you. And you already had previous jobs, so there is not going to be a lot of new things for you.”


“Oh, well at least is nice to know I am not the only one.”


They have already arrived at the underground parking lot from their company, Seung-wan turned off the car and holded Joohyun´s hand.


“You are going to do well, I have seen your work and Sunmi evaluated you fairly, you are going to be ok.” She reassured with a soft tone.


Joohyun could not contain a smile. “Thank you Seung-wannie…”


They both leaned forward to kiss briefly, but one of Joohyun´s hands traveled to those blond hairs to pull Seung-wan close again. Seung-wan could not contain her amusement. 


“Joohyun, we have to work you know.”


“We have time for some kisses.” Joohyun added with an innocent tone.


“We are already here.”


“We came ten minutes early, now just kiss me…” Joohyun closed her eyes waiting for her.


Seung-wan was about to give in when-


“Get out of that car, s! Kiss later!”


They both screamed by the scary voice that came from the other side of Seung-wan´s car door. The driver door was suddenly opened by a Yeri with a big grin on her face.


“Sorry, I was just messing around but given your faces, I was right, s!”


“Yeri!” Seung-wan screamed, offended.


Yeri could just burst in laughter while the couple got out of the car only to realize Yeri parked right at their side, hence why she knew they were still inside the car.


The three of them walked inside of the elevator to take them to their floors, during this time, Yeri took out a little box from her purse to give it to Seung-wan.


“What is this?”


“Congrats looser.”


“For what?”


“Oh, you don't know yet? Anyway, I am not the one to tell you the surprise, you will see later.” 


Just at this moment the elevator stopped on the fifth floor, Seung-wan and Joohyun had to get out and could not ask anything else to Yeri.


“Well, that was unexpected.” Said a confused Seung-wan.


“What is in the box?”


“Let's see…” They went to their shared cubicle to discover that the small box was actually a chocolate box, and they seemed kind of expensive. “Huh...that is weird indeed, Yeri just gives presents when it is my birthday…”


“She congratulated you for something tho.”


“Yeah, I wonder what was that about...Oh well, want to try one?”





Joy did not want to pursue a corporate career, she wanted to be a model or a flight attendant so she could travel the world but her economic status at the time she got accepted in college could not pay for such options, so she ended getting a position in Human Resources in a starting business called Reve Inc. They were still finishing some inside remodeling in the building when she and some others got hired, she was not the head department but an older guy instead. However, some months after the business started they suffered some losts due to a stolen lot of their products that were meant to arrive in England. The client was going to sue their asses. It was not looking good for them.


Some of the older people didn't see a bright side either and they quited, telling the younger staff that the business could not last a couple more months and that they should start sending their curriculum to other companies as soon as possible.


“Those ers already have other contacts in the industry and experience, what do we have left if we don't make this work ourselves? Nothing.”


Those were the words that an angry Kim Yerim had said out loud when all the seniors crossed the door to leave. That was the first time Joy saw her but she agreed with her words. How can a new business arise when your staff is not working to reach that goal?


“We need to get better at this then.” Said Joy to the younger secretary.


Yeri did not expect someone to answer her predicament, but that determined look on Joy´s face told her that they will get along.


And they did, not only on a professional level but on a friend aspect as well. The two of them are still younger than the majority of the staff, but they could not beat them when it comes to the business itself. They have dedicated too much for anyone else to screw it up.


That is one of the reasons why Joy is currently in the elevator, clicking her heels against the floor with impatience. Her arms crossed and a serious expression on her face. 


The elevator marked the fifth floor, the doors opened and she forced a polite smile while getting out and walking directly to that shared cubicle.


“Good morning ladies.”


The two heads that had their gaze glued to their computers lifted.


“Hey! Good morning yourself, how are you?” the blonde said.


“Good morning Joy.” Said Joohyun with a softer tone.


“I am here this time as part of Human Resources and guess what?”


The two women in front of her were waiting for her with anticipation.


“I have good news and bad news, which one do you want first?”

“Oh...the bad ones I guess…?” Seung-wan answered.


“This is officially Irene´s cubicle now, you guys won't be able to share this space anymore.”


Joohyun pouted despite expecting these types of changes since she was an official part of the staff now.


“Wait, where I am going then?”


“Remember you used to have your own corner before the training period? Well, they finally finished to change the ugly previous floor and did some thin walls and a door for you too…”


“Walls and a door…? Wait, you don´t mean…”


Joy´s smile now reached her eyes, she took a little box from her pocket to give it to Wendy. It was the same as Yeri´s.


“Congratulations my friend! You have your own office now, we got orders from high up to give our dear Son Seung-wan a rise!”


“Oh my god! Congratulations Seung-wannie!” Joohyun looked so happy that she standed up to hug her girlfriend.


It looked like a sincere response, Joy noted.


Meanwhile, the blond was still looking at Joy, like processing the new info given to her.


“You-you are not kidding right?”


“Of course not, I would not have come here with fancy chocolates if this would be just a prank you dumb dumb.”


Seung-wan finally snapped out of it and smiled brightly while hugging Joohyun back.


“Also, I came here to help you get your stuff in that new office too. I think we will change Irene´s desk to be a little bigger too.”


“Oh, I see. By the way, Joy I have a little question now that you are here.” Joohyun said.




“Why have I not moved to the Quality floor yet…?”


“Oh...I think we are still trying to decide some spots since we don't have all those trainees anymore, we will see but I can't give you a better answer for now…”


“Oh, ok then. I guess I will wait.”


Joy just nodded to her and told Wendy to follow her to the new office. They packed just some documents in two boxes, Joy helping with one of them.


“Since when do you do the heavy lifting, huh?” Seung-wan said jokingly.


“I care for you, I hope you appreciate my great effort here.” Joy answered with the same tone.


Seung-wan smiled at her and the two entered the new renovated corner, it looked the same as Sunmi´s. They put the boxes on top of an empty desk and Seung-wan started to imagine how to fix her stuff already.


I could even make an excuse to take a picture with Irene and have it here...wait, some people are going to see that, maybe a group photograph…?


Joy went to the glass door and closed it. “Wendy, we need to talk…”


Seung-wan turned to look at her, Joy looked serious, too serious.




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