Chapter 12

Reve Inc.





Wendy did get trust issues with her ex, it was a really long relationship of lies but she knew that her stupid heart could move on. So she did, by having a lot of flings and having Joy and Yeri boosting her looks and updating her dating outfits. Soon enough her confidence was getting better and better, although she established with everyone to not call her Seung-wan for a while. Her one night stands knew her only by Wendy as she never told them her legal name and her close friends agreed upon knowing the reason behind it.


But with Irene´s arrival she suddenly felt at peace with that stupid arrangement, she realized she could stop having just and starting to have an actual bond with someone else.


So here Wendy was, in the company's bathroom looking at herself in the mirror and giving herself a quiet motivational talk to her reflection.


We are hot, we are smart, we are a good catch, we are a nice person, we know how to bake and have a big heart that has not hurt anybody, Irene will see all of this and she will fall in love with you...We are hot, we are smart, we are a good catch, we are-




Wendy moved her gaze from her own reflection and saw Irene entering the bathroom with some ink all over her hands.


“Irene? What happened? Are you alright?”


Irene giggled, it was actually out of embarrassment. “Yeah, my pen just decided to die on my hands today. Are you...feeling ok?”


“Huh? Me? Why wouldn't I?”


“Is just that I noticed you left quite a while ago...are you...stomach sick…?” Irene asked casually as she proceeded to wash her inked hands.


Oh great, now I made her think I got diarrhea or something.


“No-no, I am fine really.”


Irene laughed a little. “It's normal though, if you don't feel good I always have medicine on me, you can tell me if you need it.” 


“I-thanks but I am fine, really! that you are here, there is something I would like to talk…”


“Sure, shoot.” Irene was rubbing a particular spot with more soap as the ink was not coming off.




“Ah?” Irene looked up to see a kind of nervous Wendy.


“Would you like to have dinner tonight…? I would love to take you to this amazing seafood restaurant close to my place and...yeah…” Real smooth Wendy, smooth…


Irene dried her hands and gave a sweet smile. “Of course, I would love to go.” Wendy looked significantly more relaxed now, but Irene´s eyes traveled to her neck.


“Awesome, we can go together then, I will drive you home too…” Wendy rendered speechless when Irene suddenly approached her and got in her personal space.


“Your collar shirt is folded.” Irene smiled while she fixed it, also because Wendy stopped talking and that meant she got nervous with her presence.


“Oh, thank you…”


Irene looked into her eyes and seemed like she wanted to lean closer but their moment was interrupted when they heard someone else entered the bathroom.


“So...shall we go back to our desks?” Irene extended her arm to show Wendy the way to the exit.


“Yeah, I think we should.” 


Wendy smiled and they both got out only to see in the hallway a woman tripping down to the floor and spitting her coffee everywhere. They went to help her immediately and when they got closer Wendy could tell that it was the technician that helped her and Sunmi before.


“Auch.” The woman said while she was standing up thanks to Wendy.


“Are you ok?”


Seulgi recognized Wendy and smiled gratefully. “Yes, I think my coffee got it worse than me.”


Wendy could tell Seulgi was more ashamed than hurt and went along with her by laughing a little.




Seulgi turned her gaze towards the other woman.




“What are you doing here…?” 




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