Chapter 7

Reve Inc.





The next couple days Irene thought everything would become kinda awkward after her attempt at flirting with Wendy but they actually just started acting a little shy when the other would say something nice to the other. 


This is progress...right? I mean, she is not running away from me and we blush with every compliment we throw at each other now, yeah...this has to be progress! Irene was trying to figure out if they should stay like this for a while to see if things escalate but was debating a little if she should just directly ask her out…


“Planet Earth to Irene, are you here or…?” 


“Huh..?” Irene just then realized she was spacing out during their lunch. “Oh, sorry Joy. I was just thinking…”


Joy chuckled. “Is ok, just try to be more alert or Yeri will steal your food.”


“Nah, contrary to how I feel about Joy, I actually respect Irene enough to just ask for her food.”


“You little , since when are you respectful with someone?”


“Since is not you.” Yeri showed her tongue to Joy and kept eating as nothing.


Irene had to laugh, she never gets bored at work at least. “By the way, do you know what is Wendy doing…? She just told me she was too busy and to just eat without waiting for her.”


To this Joy smirked, since Irene is really putting it too easy to tease. “Oh, so were you thinking about her then?”


Irene became a rival for a tomato on the spot. “I...maybe...yes...”


Joy and Yeri just bursted from laughing, they certainly will enjoy these two awkward gays interactions. After maybe a solid minute, Joy finally regained some air back to properly talk. “Sorry! I just HAHAHAHA I wasn't expecting you to be so easy Irene...HAHAHA”


“I'm just being honest ok?!”


“Yeah yeah...whatever you say, you are already whipped sis.” Yeri was enjoying this way too much for Irene´s liking. “Anyway, addressing your question; Wendy and Sunmi are already doing all the evaluations of the trainees and apparently some of them really screw it up so they are also fixing what they can.”


“Oh...already? But we still have a month to be over with training.”


“Well...yes and no, since those people screw it up, that will already affect their final decision and there are a lot of people in each group because the company accepted more trainees than other years, so they have to start now if they want to do it on time.”


Joy decided to in and do a little test on Irene since they were on a work topic. “That can mean you could be already evaluated by the work you did during these two months but not for the one you will do this month, so I hope you already took advantage of our Wendy to stay here cause we like you.”




“Yeah, if not you should take her to bed ASAP.” Yeri loved Joy´s mind sometimes and was definitely enjoying the offended look Irene was sending them.


“Excuse me but I did all my work perfectly and I would NEVER take advantage of her! Besides Wendy is kind, considerate and a really nice person but she is also really professional and smart for her to just get someone hired like that! Why are you assuming that about us?!” Irene was getting mad by the second but then she got really confused when the two people sitting across her were smiling now. “What?”


“We just wanted to see your reaction, you passed the test Irene.”




“We know now that you really like Wendy.”




“And we know you are gonna get evaluated fairly anyway.”



“Then why did you just say-”


“Dude, you are gonna be evaluated by Sunmi, remember?”






Joy and Yeri just laughed in her face again. 


“But to be real here, you should make your move now.”




Yeri seemed a little serious here and that confused Irene even more. “Yeah...I'm not saying you don't work well but there is a chance that the job positions get full before even evaluating all the trainees…”




“Yeah...that's what I heard from a meeting that the CEO had recently, Sunmi didn't sound happy at all with how they accepted so many candidates without an actual spot that would be filled…”


“What?! So they are not really gonna hire?!”


“They are, but not as much. Maybe like a third of the trainees…”




“Well…” Joy decides to interrupt before Irene gets more stressed. “If it makes you feel better I heard that almost half of them made their paperwork wrong so they are automatically not on the good side, and it seems a couple more got here because their parents have money and the idiots think they are already hired so they didn't do anything.”


“Boy, Sunmi and Wendy are gonna kick their for that.” Yeri was already imagining the faces of those rich kids when they tell them to get out.


“Yeah, so don´t worry too much Irene, just keep the good work please.”




“But life is unexpected so you should also ask her out already in case your time with her ends after this month.”


“My time with her ends….? I feel now that it has not even started yet…” Irene pouted. Heck, I have to get her in one month now! We can barely make eye contact without feeling nervous! How am I going to do this?! 


At the same time Irene was being in her mind, Yeri elbowed Joy to whisper. “Hey, did you notice that?”


“Huh? What?”


“Irene didn't mention anything about Wendy evaluating the trainees… I screwed up by telling her but she didn't even acknowledge it.”


“Maybe she wasn't paying enough attention…?”


“Maybe...or perhaps Wendy told her…?”


“Mmm wait, probably not cause otherwise she would have told her why she was not having lunch with us.”


“So this girl already knew from before…?”


Joy could just shrug her shoulders, not really that surprised since probably Irene just took a peak at Wendy's monitor some time. “Maybe the only idiot is Wendy, thinking that she doesn't know…”


Yeri smirked while looking at Irene still overthinking. “Interesting…”







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