Same But Not Quite Similar
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A kind reminder that all medical information written in this story might be incorrect because I'm still learning. So if anyone willing to correct me, it's my big pleasure. ^^


OT = Operation Theathre btw. I forgot to mention before hahaha.

I hope all of you will like the new update. I'm back btw~ ^^ Thank you so much for all the support and welcome new subs!! (thank you to voters as well you guys are the MVP)



In all of the odds Jongwoon is inside his room; sitting leisurely by the armchair as if he owns the office room. It isn’t that he hates anyone invading his space—Jungsoo quite likes that, makes him feel wanted and important. But the aftermath of mess is the exact reason why he couldn’t tolerate inviting or having anyone over so often to his office nor house.


Accurately Jongwoon is a perfect example of an unwanted visitor with all the mess he’s done on the magazines’ stacks Jungsoo has go all the trouble keeping them in place neatly. Yet he can’t get angry. It’s just hard to be mad to his friends; especially with the one of a kind Kim Jongwoon.


“Jungsoo hyung! Let’s go for a lunch!”


“Lunch?” Rising his brow Jungsoo asks, “Don’t you supposed to attend the ‘Neurologic and Surgical Procedure’ seminar this afternoon?”


“I do actually….” Jongwoon stands up from the chair, not even putting the magazines back into their former place so it’s Jungsoo doing the trouble. The surgeon is stretching his stiff body, all bones cracking out indignantly showing his age—though Jungsoo and Eunhyuk have been telling him it’s not about age but his poor posture thanks to all those long hours of surgery. “But I’m too lazy sitting for long hours while listening to some boring speeches.” He grins, with Jungsoo still frowning in disapproval albeit not surprise since it’s Jongwoon and his unexplainable impulsive behavior.


“I thought the attendance is compulsory?”


“Yes. So I get a few interns to fill in my spot.”


Jungsoo sighs. “Of course you would do that.” He snickers, finished putting the books back in the rack. Walking back to his desk with the loud thud of the dress shoes, Jungsoo takes off his white coat and carefully hangs them on the coat rack. He’s completely basked in the task without noticing the grim look by the other’s face.


He walks towards the door. “Come on then.” Jongwoon tags along, skipping to him like a child making Jungsoo just can’t believe the man is 36; having the audacity to act cute wearing a formal tucked in buttoned-up checkered shirt with dress pants that’s snugly hugging his thighs. They walk side by side exiting the department.


“Eunhyuk is not in his room.” As they pass by the mentioned man’s room Jungsoo states so looking from the glass window. The room is empty of its occupant. In fact, he hasn’t seen Eunhyuk since this morning. He wonders if he’s in the OT for some surgeries.


“I want to ask him to join us but he’s not inside. Eunhyukkie is a busy man.”


“He probably has a patient.” Jungsoo adds to Jongwoon as they walk to the cafeteria. The two handsome men enter the corridor, greeting a few staff when Jongwoon asks him. “Hyung, what do you think about the interns this year? Hyuk has been telling me how awful they are but what matters for me is they’re keen to learn.”


“No interns or anyone is ever good enough for Eunhyuk. His standard is too high.” Jungsoo sniggers to himself. Knowing how perfectionist his friend is considering he’s on another level of education and skills from anyone in this hospital—or maybe quite bold for Jungsoo to say; in the country. Well, it’s not a secret that Eunhyuk’s education background in comparison with every physicians in this national hospital has a baffling differences too.


Both of them are walking ahead the big hallways connecting the main building and the front side of the entrance leading to the emergency unit, just a few walks away from the cafeteria and Jongwoon hasn’t stopped talking yet. “But I think he got an eye on the Lee Donghae. Eunhyuk keeps talking about him.”


Jungsoo’s steps take a halt. Frowning for the second time, he turns sideway to look at his friend properly in the eye. “What do you mean?”


“Well, the kid is quite good. I know so because I’m one of Lee’s clinical instructor. From the meeting between instructors, Eunhyuk’s notes his skills is decent. Others agree as well. He just needs some polishing and trust me, he’ll be a brand new shining star one day. The kid has some talent.” He doesn’t know what Jongwoon is spluttering about but Jungsoo can tell it’s something odd. Totally out of context and too sudden. He can’t catch up with his friend’s point. ‘Hyuk been talking about the Lee? That’s so ….. not Eunhyuk.’


“Ah, I’m not supposed to tell anyone about this or else Director-nim will kill me—” Jongwoon has his hand on Jungsoo’s forearm now, holding it slightly. Despite the lack of pressure in the contact, suffocation starts rising up in the orthopedist. He is clueless as well but the creep feelings intensifying inside him can’t be ignored. He stares at Jongwoon with an outmost puzzlement. “Do you know that Lee Donghae is an adopted younger brother of Heechul-shii? Bit surprising right? Who could ever expect that they’re family?”


Jungsoo in all honesty already knows about it. “Yes I do.” Simply he says and slowly. Not questioning why Jongwoon could obtain such information because the younger has joined SNH alongside Heechul long time ago. They used to be in a same group handling certain departments throughout the early years of their post. Unlike Jungsoo who’s transferred few years later.


Though it irks him tad bit that as Heechul’s college mate, it’s Jongwoon that knows before him.


“Oh you know, hyung? Daebak.” Somehow, the tone Jongwoon’s using is far from amusement.  “Heechul hyung cares so much about Lee Donghae. He’s always worry whenever the kid gets sick or fainted. Must be a disease, one that only Heechul hyung knows.”


Silence. Jungsoo’s staring speechlessly in all bewilderment to the astonishing words Jongwoon keeps on talking. Perhaps in another day, before the whole ordeal about Lee Donghae’s past is revealed, he could take this conversation as a mere gossips between work colleagues. However, he can’t possibly quirk the same in this moment. Not when he thoughts he has known quite a lot. But Jungsoo is proven wrong. Jongwoon somehow is definitely involved in Heechul’s scheme as well. The real question is; how far does he know?


And why him?


“He’s here you know. Lee Donghae. As a patient.”


The words freeze Jungsoo’s brain. “What?”


Jongwoon continues on, “He’s admitted in the ISO room on Level 6. Been 3 days now. Or 4? 5? I can’t remember. His disease just keeps getting worse nowadays. But I heard he’s getting better! Heechul hyung is helping him a lot. Kind Director-nim helping a troubled kid~”


What? Jungsoo doesn’t understand. What could Jongwoon mean by saying ‘troubled’? Could it be….


“Jongwoon-ah….” He calls out for him whose now has started walking a few steps ahead from him, jubilantly turning around alike a hyper school kid. But this somehow perturbs Jungsoo in every dreading ways possible. “W—Why are you telling me this?” He has asked, fearful and quivering voice with eyes looking at the man suspiciously. It’s the first ever he ever feels this uncomfortable with Jongwoon. ‘What do you know?’


He doesn’t expect to see Jongwoon turning around to him with the coldest expression he could muster on. Jungsoo has never seen such look before and in honesty he’s truly scared of it. “Don’t you understand it, hyung?”




Jongwoon is smirking as he says, “Isn’t it obvious what you should do? You’re curious about everything, aren’t you?”


Jungsoo finally get what he’s talking about.







“You’ve got to be kidding me, hyung….” Gasping even with both hands closing his mouth in fear of anybody able to catch their conversation along the empty corridors is Ryeowook, his slight round-angled face with cheekbones sharp in petrification. Standing before him is the grim-looking Kim Heechul, with both of them outside Donghae’s private ward room.


Heechul has told Ryeowook everything he has seen and like the director, the latter’s reaction is no less disturbed as well. Heechul lets out another heavy and shaking sigh, body shuddering in absolute horror. Hands can’t be kept still anywhere around his body. “This is crazy. That fool Eunhyuk is a ing crazy. I don’t even understand what the is wrong with that !!” Countless profanities left his pretty mouth in a shout-whisper but Ryeowook is too absorbed in his own disbelief to react upon it.


“What could Eunhyuk hyung be planning? I mean, why would he do that?” He looks at Heechul in the eye, frowning as hard as Ryeowook can. “Please don’t tell me he’s falling in love with Donghae hyung.”


“I don’t know Wookie. I’m as lost as you are. Everything is a big ing mess now and that’s thanks to that ing Eunhyuk!!” Heechul curses again, now both hands are kept around his waist. His face paler than the usual. “I thought if we break the trance on Donghae and let him see for himself that Eunhyuk is not Hyukjae, it would be easier for us to explain to Donghae and he could try remembering on his own way; that’s why I’m here for, the first step. But now, with that bastard acting as Hyukjae…..”


“It’s going to be much complicated.” Ryeowook has added, voice in a low tone copying Heechul’s. Their deep voices sound serious and dire, terrified even with each minds spiraling into a black hole of confusion. For an occurrence like this to befall is far from their imagination yet the worst has finally come upon them—the chaos of the chaos.


Ryeowook has his head up from deep concentration, looking around for anyone passing by the area. Which is quite impossible since this wing is for the isolated patients with contagious disease or preferably requiring a full attention. Besides, only senior doctors and specialists could enter the ward rooms. Students and even housemen are disallowed with the entire floor being monitored 24/7. To worry about anybody seeing the deeds Eunhyuk has done hours ago would be out of criteria. At the very least, things won’t be out of proportion this time.


“Do you think Donghae hyung will believe he’s Hyukjae? After few times, he would’ve noticed the differences in personality likewise.” Ryeowook points out to a much nervous mess Heechul. The Staff Nurse is right nonetheless; Eunhyuk and Hyukjae’s personalities are too disparate between each other—Hyukjae is a bright and friendly kid whilst his brother Eunhyuk is the exact opposite of it; cold, reserved, hot-tempered and arrogant. The polar opposite of the always jubilant Lee Hyukjae. Heechul knows this the best since he has known both of the twins his whole life. It’s what he’s been telling Ryeowook countless time back then.


“Yes they are different.” Heechul says, “But do you think Donghae with his hazy memories and confused mind can differentiate that on his own? With Eunhyuk claiming and acting as Hyukjae?”


“Hyung, don’t ever-react. Eunhyuk hyung hardly knows how his twin acted like.”


“But he can ask.” Heechul spits out, throwing his deadly glares intensely to the perplexed Kim Ryeowook before him. “Eunhyuk could ask Donghae himself and learn by time to adapt to Hae’s knowledge about late Hyukjae. That scum is smart, Wook. I know him. He’s always smart.” Loud exasperated sigh escapes Heechul as he kicks upon the wall with his dress shoe, not minding if he ends up ruining the paint or people learning about his little vandalism venture. Anger and fear are taking his mind out of rationality. God, he’s lost on what to do!


This is not what supposed to happen! But why?! How can this happen?!


“Hyung….” Ryeowook’s timid voice ringing in his ears. Heechul turns around, eyes bloodshot red and face ashen as he throws a look of desperation at the younger. However, unlike him with raging breaths on the edge of an anxiety attack, Ryeowook is rather calm. “You need to tell Donghae hyung about the truth.”





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