Same But Not Quite Similar
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“What’s going on here?!”


Eunhyuk turns around to see the voice belongs to Heechul. The Director is at the end of the hallway running towards him, Doctor Shin is with him too. When they’re close to him, squatting to his level on the ground he said calmly yet with urgency. “He fainted. Panic attack.”


“Shindong-ah, get some nurses with a stretcher here. We’re bringing him to the emergency.” Heechul orders Shindong and the man is quick on his feet within seconds running to the stairs. Heechul kneels beside Eunhyuk with an unconscious Donghae in his lap, all pale with shallowing breath. He doesn’t look good at all.


Heechul’s hand reaches out to touch the man’s forehead—or so Eunhyuk thoughts at the first hand but then it’s on Donghae’s cheek, cupping the side of his head as the Director slowly pulls his head to him with the intern’s body still lying on Doctor Lee’s lap. Call it his paranoia or misjudgment but the gesture Heechul’s portraying almost seems affectionate. He softly calls out for the man, “Donghae-yah….Donghae wake up.”


Eunhyuk keeps staring but said nothing. Not even when Heechul turns his attention to him next with a worried face. Never in a world has he ever seen the Director showing this side to anyone. “Did he say anything to you?”


Perplexed yet calm Eunhyuk utters out, “He said nothing.” Lying, because deep down he knows Heechul somewhat is involved in this bizarre situation. Only by looking at how on edge the Director is, he knows this man is related as well; not just about that Cho Kyuhyun. He needs to dig it up himself without Heechul knowing it.


Few minutes passed with Donghae not waking up then Shindong has arrived with 2 nurses and a bed. A stretcher resting on top of it to transfer the intern. They bring him straight to the emergency room.






As per waiting for Donghae to wake up, Heechul and Eunhyuk are waiting for him inside the closed cubicle. Shindong diagnoses that it’s really a panic attack; as deducted and claimed by Doctor Lee Eunhyuk earlier. Shindong excuses himself from the room after he’s finished his report on Donghae, not really wanting to witness Director Kim and Doctor Lee on each other’s throats for the umpteenth times. Everyone within this walls know how tiring it is to watch them fighting again; they’ve never been on each other’s good terms which is such a wonder sometimes too. Yet nobody is willing enough to indulge further, knowing both of the men in their best fields are just stubborn-headed. That’s why they’ve never gotten along well.


Staring intently with calculating eyes, Eunhyuk quietly judges on how different the Director looks. Even by a glance, anyone could tell he’s acting weird. His concern about the intern pricks more of Eunhyuk’s interest on the two’s relationship. Could it be they know each other? How? And what the hell is really wrong with this intern?! He keeps fainting on him and that irks Eunhyuk so badly.


“You can go back to your own room, Doctor Lee. I can handle this intern just fine. That’s my job as a Director to the students.” Calmly Heechul utters with both hands safely tucked inside his pocket’s pants, showing his smug yet charismatic look. His raven short hair portrays much of his youth despite being in his early 40s giving everyone a knowledge at how good-looking the man is. He spares no look to Doctor Lee, eyes fixed on the sleeping Lee Donghae by the bed. Solemnly looking at something Eunhyuk can’t pinpoint at.


He would try this, maybe answers aren’t in his favor but why not trying his luck? “Why don’t you try calling for his friends up? You can’t possibly want to spend your whole day waiting for this boy to wake up, right?”


Heechul stays quiet but Eunhyuk could sense even from his side profile how his words are dawning slowly on the man. He must haven’t been thinking of that—calling Donghae’s friends up here to look after him. So his assumption is true then? The Director wants to stay here until the intern will wake up? Suspicious.


“The interns must have been busy. Besides, I can’t allow any of them slacking. The marks are important to them. It’s their first year clinical posting after all. No time to play around until they’ll get into housemanship.”


“I know taking care of the interns’ well-being is important but never thought it could be this much of crucial to make you out of your office, Director-nim.” Eunhyuk’s words are far from sarcasm but perhaps it’s his tone that makes Heechul turns around facing him, frowning in disagreement to what Eunhyuk’s assuming the other man thoughts of critics.


“And I could’ve never thought you’re this nosy about our interns, Doctor Lee. Unless they mess up in their works though.” Heechul spites back indifferently. “But this…..” He smirks, and how Eunhyuk loathes when he does that. “This unexpected care for this boy seems so foreign.”


“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about him.”


“Then what’s with such an interest? Why would you care if there’s anyone here with him or not?” Now Heechul isn’t hiding the venom in his words, clearly challenging Doctor Lee. But of course Eunhyuk won’t back down. He never does.


Cocking his eyebrows up rather intimidatingly he taunts back, “Does that mean you really do care? This isn’t the first time we got some interns passing out but you’ve never volunteered to stay. So what’s with the special treatment? You’ve been giving that a lot nowadays.” The sight of Heechul clenching his jaw shut makes Eunhyuk inwardly dances in victory. He smirks back haughtily to the Director, knowing he’s close to winning, close to prick on the man’s nerves in every ways he could. To see the man in much higher positon than him shifting rather uncomfortably; to which Eunhyuk is enjoying so much, makes the corner of the latter’s mouth quirking up. He smirks again.


“I see you have something you want to discuss with me, Doctor Lee.”


“Oh I do? Well, looking back on these past 2 days probably I am.”


“Cut it short, Eunhyuk-shii.” There it goes; Heechul’s annoyed because whenever he uses his staff’s name, that means he’s close to exploding. And Eunhyuk loves to see it. “What are you so nosy about?”


He wishes to interrogate the man about Cho Kyuhyun, but then the corner of his eyes unexpectedly follow the figure lying on the bed. With white thick blanket drapes over his body, the curiosity inside of him heightening up. Eunhyuk clears his throat, “Do you know this intern personally?”


“No.” Heechul’s lying. Eunhyuk can tell.


“How about the patient admitted yesterday, Cho Kyuhyun? Why are you putting him on a special treatment?”


“That man is an acquaintance of mine.”


“Oh~” Eunhyuk draws out rather mockingly, still having that smug look on his flawless face which he’s all knowing makes Heechul so pissed. “I never thought you would give your very best treatment to an acquaintance with a 5 star private ward room, taken care of only by a few with all his personal details in private except to some you’ve assigned to. Isn’t that a bit too far for a mere acquaintance, Director-nim?”


“Well then, try to get yourself sick. I might give you a 10 star treatment.”


Eunhyuk coldly chuckles hearing Heechul’s insincere remarks. “I don’t think you will give me that. Or to anyone.” He diverts his question before Heechul can answer more. “Who’s this boy?”


“Oh my goodness, Eunhyuk-shii. Why are you so interested? He’s just a normal intern boy. Nothing is that special about him. His college paid us to take care of them. It’s only natural for me to do so, right?”


Eunhyuk doesn’t believe that. It’s just not making any sense. “Then why does he keep fainting?”


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insomniac2020 #1
Chapter 32: I miss you Penguin hope you are doing well
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Chapter 6: I started reading this story new and Im already in love from the first chapters 💗 I like your way of writing.. please update soon🙏🏻🥹
When will update penguin? I miss this story! 😭
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Chapter 32: Hyuk your lie too far please be honest with Hae i'm afraid Hae Will be more hurt and cant take anymore
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Chapter 32: I think eunhyuk taking this lies too far. He's basically playing with donghae's heart at this point. Dear don't do this to ddohae. Pity the baby 🥺🙏🏻
Chapter 14: I feel Heechuls pain and struggles to make Donghae happy.He will do everything for his brother to see his smile but bearing this problem by your own creates more problem and lies I'm glad you finally step up and slowly correcting your mistake by removing Donghae under hypnosis.💔
Chapter 32: Jujur aku agak lupa bagaimana jalan ceritanya (aku sangat pelupa), sepertinya aku harus mengulang membaca dari awal lagi untuk mengingatnya
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