What changed on my mind (for now ig idk)


Hello again. This time it's more like a defeated blog (sorta). Just to get things outta my chest. If some of you didn't know, I'm on board with the 'AUTHORS FEELING TAKEN FOR GRANTED THX TO SILENT READERS' thingy and i've been vocal about the whole issue with some other authors here. It's unfair, tiring and making us feeling sad with all the silent treatment on our stories, yadaa yadaa u get the drill bcoz this isn't something new and not something people here don't know about.


I've been juggling my time in college for the past few months to write smtgh out. ANYTHING. But the number of words i wrote keep decreasing and decreasing to the point one day it stopped. I've stopped writing. Busy with exam and college is part of it but also bcoz i think 'will it be good enough to make them comment/say smtgh about my story? will it be good enough to get their attention?' After my sem break (which is now) i try writing again and dang it takes me like 1 week just to finish 3 paragraph thats not even more than 1k words! I realize it's so bad. Idk if i can even continue my contract with webnovel at this rate. This entire experience here really affected my debut novel progress. The only thing motivating me is the few names of them showing me endless support here and on twitter. I will never be able to repay u guys. <3


Silent readers tire me everytime. I'm so tired tht ive come to the point where i dont care anymore. Just whatever. Do whatever u wanna do. You wanna read without commenting a single word then go ahead. Just do whatever u want selfish folks.




PS: Just to clarify silent readers are NOT those who read late on a story they subscribed. People have life, but those that able to read but not leaving any ways of appreciation is the worst.



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