[IMPORTANT] Changes in my stories.....

Hello~ Been a while since my last blog /kinda awkward writing this hehehe/

So just like the title said, there will be few changes i would like to make regarding my stories. As some of you have known, I'm putting majority of them into 'friends-only' option (don't blame me, blame the silent readers they're doing a real good job nowadays lol) (yes it's a sarcasm) 

So this is some of the things that i'm gonna do n no matter what pls bear in mind it ain't grudge thing. I'm just very tired with all the silent treatment n i wanna step up my game. If this reason isn't enough for you, feel free to check out these links n your question will be answered.

What got me pissed to the next level

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Silence hurts harsher than criticism

What you can do alternatively bcoz it means A LOT!


The last link is not available bcoz the OP deactivated. But the title speaks volume, no? :)


OK! So this is what I've planned. I put some of my story to 'friends-only' n obviously only those in the list can have access to them. To those that sent friend request to me, if i didn't accept them it's bcoz you chose it that way. Don't think idk u r silent readers bcoz I KNOW. So when u can't read them, u send friend request to me n choose to be silent? WHERE'S THE LOGIC IN THAT?! 

You guys silent readers are the reason why so many authors are leaving this site. Why I choose this option bcoz IT'S SO FRUSTRATING AND TIRING WHEN YOU POUR ALL YOUR HEARTS INTO WRITING BUT GOT NO RESPONSE. I mean, the reason why i choose to write online is to share my feedbacks with the readers. But you did this and i got no choice.... Sometimes I feel so anxious to post a new story/chapter, wondering if there will even be anyone reading? Why the views so high but the comments is so low? Where did i do wrong? Why and why n why n just stop it!! Writers are humans too! We have feelings! ;.;

Ok, enough with the rant.

ALSO! In every 6 months, I will remove those from my friend list that not commenting even once within that period. Call it cruel but i gotta do what i gotta do bcoz my passion and time is precious. I got to filter those that truly wanna read my story, appreciate my effort n wanna share the journey with me or those that choose to read then leave wo saying anything out of their own selfishness. Honestly speaking, i didn't ask for much.... I just want to know if you like it (the update). If the story is doing good/not, any mistakes i made with my writing/plot, and your opinion bcoz it's sparks so many happiness in me knowing people like my story. Trust me, all the writers here feel the same with me. We wanna hear your thoughts, not your silence.

Lastly, I do hope all the silent readers will stop this silent treatment. Don't hide behind your 'I'm too shy' or 'my English isn't good' and etc. Why would u be shy? Even few words to tell how u feel is enough for us. Language problem? You are free to write in your language, I am willing to translate them! I can even reply to you in your language if that will make u comfortable! So pls, don't do this. it's really hurting us. Please appreciate authors n their works more.


I really hope this message will be accepted well. I mean no harm. I just want to give my best to my readers n myself as well.

Special thanks to owner of those blogs that speak what has been in all authors heart and mind 💖💖 baekkingdom, onceus_hamster, kkaebseong-kun & ItzBaconBitz.


Thank you. Have a nice day to everyone reading this.

- penguin. 




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