Being a silent reader is another, but subscribing then unsubscribe......

Well, the title said it all. There's not much to further elaborate the purposes of this blog post.

I've been quite docile about the whole silent readers issue for a long time since I know maybe some of readers out there feeling too exposed or uncomfortable speaking up about the story they're reading.

As much as bitter I am feeling about this; I understand. I try too. ​​​​​​

Then came the thing amongst SOME in here, to my stories, subscribing ~ reading~ enjoying it or not idk bcoz these people never said anything.

Then they just unsubscribe. Just Like That...


And with all due respect, that's so bloody rude​​​​​​.


Maybe this only in my opinion but yes this blog is MY opinion and I'll be vocal to say I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL. The amount of disrespect to the author's works and audacity to just make it like 'a pit stop' truly poking on my nerve. Please don't do that again and ever, Please. Don't be ungrateful, don't be rude, don't be a person that only knows how to take instead of giving back. It's so downgraded and absolutely awful.

(unless they vote on it i am grateful for tht. Its enough for you leaving a vote even if you're not commenting or unsubs back next.) TO WHICH BRING BACK THE POINT!! Show some appreciation. Don't take my efforts and passion for granted. 

You'll know what it means. Have a good day/evening. 



PS: btw those tht I caught doing that rude thing (sub then unsub w/o vote) i just Block you. No mercy. Bcoz why should I when i feel so used? 



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