Writers are not only writers!

I think I have repeated this fact more than a few times that writers are also human being with heart, brain and a full-time personal life. 

I have been hella busy for the past few weeks (those who follow me on Twitter, or who know me personally, they are probably already aware of this fact), and will remain being busy from now on (unless there's some rare exception). 

I have had finally gotten a '3 days' break from work life (but still no break from personal life and student life, of course). In my dictionary, even a half hour break means I am mostly going to use it for writing. So that's what I've been doing for the past few days, writing and updating fics (I have many ongoing fics, sorry not sorry😅). 


So here's what happened:

I have started a new story recently, I have around 6 chapters written for it since this Ramadan, I still haven't written anything new for it. That's not the point anyway, the point is, I have updated the new fic along with some of my old ongoing ones during this short break. 

And what I got in return was a comment on my new fic, something like this, "you have updated this story and other story as well, but why didn't you update 'that' story!" 

It might look or sound cute to some, to see people crying (they used crying emoji, so we'll consider that as crying to make it easy, lol) over one of your fics, in a way protesting to get an update for that said fic. 

But to me, that was blatantly disrespectful. 

Like, I have spent my time and effort in writing something, but you think you have the right to just walk in and tell me what should I do and which story I should update? No, the answer is a big fat no. 


Writing or any other creative work doesn't even work like that. It's not like buying something from a store, or just putting on a lipstick. You have to have the perfect mood, perfect atmosphere, perfect circumstances, and so many more in order to write or at least get into the mood of writing something.  

Also, the fact that, it came from a reader who never even bothered to leave a single comment on that said fic, not even a few words of appreciation, adds just another big reason for me to get upset over their audacity. 

I'm sorry, I am just rambling here, because I have to vent my frustrations out somewhere lmao.

So if the reader is reading this blog, then that's good. But it's also a reminder for everyone to be careful of not disrespecting someone's work.


Thank you for reading if you've reached till here, somehow! 😅

Stay safe❤

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