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devil's advocate: my final say on the matter

By mistressdean posted
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What changed on my mind (for now ig idk)

By PenguinLOvers772 posted
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Real Talk: A Series

By mistressdean posted
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[IMPORTANT] Changes in my stories.....

By PenguinLOvers772 posted
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End of "Silent Readers Era"!!

By baekkingdom posted
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Bookmarking Chapters & posting comments

By BANGTANluv posted
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Blog Entry #11: About the current issue

By Damia_Song123 posted
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Is leaving a Comment really that hard here?

By paris22 posted
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does it ever feel like no one cares?

By the_wylde posted
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Numbers numbers numbers... why authors are so demanding

By JaeKnight posted
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The thing that I don't like #silentreaders

By Hitler_se posted
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Rant time [sort of]

By akirasanogame posted
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Subbies and Silent Readers

By crisisconfirmed posted
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story comments

By Moony_Kat posted
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Guess Who's Back? (Long Post!)

By Poko24Makashi posted
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By seoul_lover posted
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The matter of comments

By bohubear posted
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Sick of silent readers? NEED comments? Here~

By hopelesswriter posted
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Silent readers, good or bad?

By Karmablogger posted
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