Bookmarking Chapters & posting comments

Does anyone else feel happy when you see people have bookmarked a chapter in your story? I know its dumb, but I've noticed that lately people arent commenting as much on stories as they used to few years ago, so seeing people bookmark a chapter is like giving positive feedback to the author and saying they like the story enough to at least put a bookmark on it (at least that's how I see it).

It just seems like the amount of silent readers (people who dont really comment) is growing in AFF which is kind of sad. 

How do you guys feel about silent readers? Personally, I like when people give their opinion/feedback on a chapter because it does help the author out. 


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It is sad that there's been an increase in silent readers. I've honestly never noticed people placing bookmarks on my fics but I'll have to check that out.
I love it when people leave comments. The smallest "I like your story" or even a little "<3" does so much. I'm really reliant on them actually. Maybe they don't get updates going faster but they do keep me going. When I posted a story here and got reads and no comments it discouraged me. So I went to ao3, posted it and received comments. I stayed off of AFF that week. I don't know if felt like a big let down to me. I think comments mean a lot to authors, but that's just me. It was awesome that people were trying to spread this message.
Thank you for this blog ♥️♥️♥️