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posting stories

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Bookmarking Chapters & posting comments

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What's your opinion on chapter lengths & waiting for updates?

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All I ask is for a little more nuance

By scolric posted
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#5. Bullying, skin color and other stuffs (Op-Ed)

By merecat posted
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[NOW] Moorim School After Thought

By guardianstar posted
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033115 | WXXRIED trailer aka my very first aff-related trailer

By tuzkiunnie posted
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golden disk awards part 1/ visa problems

By pieitsalana posted
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Cross-posting Stories: Yay or Nay?

By daggerisms posted
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I need your opinions...

By ANGie_EXoticO-O21 posted
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I meant Nothing to you? but You meant everything to me!

By Slyent-Yehet posted
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Baekhyun's dating news and young age drinking photos

By LadyRomancer posted
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The Importance of Concepts for Idols

By musicbeat posted
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Being idols doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be great singers

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Unrealistic Things We Often Find On Fics

By Fikachu posted
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Yes or No?

By always_hunhan posted
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Is It That Bad?

By MsBaekByunnie posted
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