Same But Not Quite Similar
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This chapter takes place in the middle of the previous chapter event...



In the meantime; a few days ago.

Frustration would be an understatement to describe the turmoil hurling inside Kyuhyun for the days and weeks being confined inside these white-tiled walls hindering him to feel the essence of freedom once again, for reason completely baffling one has to endure. He doesn’t know how long Heechul plans to keep him and Sungmin here but if there’s anything these walls could do, it’s to drive him insane.


Not to mention Sungmin with his unwavering positivity—although at times has never been disappointing except this one, makes him feel utterly sick to the bone. How he always coaxes Kyuhyun that Heechul albeit harsh and rude, his action is for their own goods by keeping them here; away from those chasing after their heads.


But Kyuhyun knows better. Heechul is just sick of taking care of them. The man wants to stop but he couldn’t do so only because somebody much bigger than him is protecting them; someone Heechul himself can’t disobey.


Thus here they are, stuck with feet never moving from the same spot where they’ve been forced to stand to.


“How long are we going to stay in this hole?” He mumbles for the umpteenth times of the day, sitting on the bed with both his legs crossed. Hands itching to just pull the IV drip and those annoying wires-thingy off from him. Sungmin who has just entered the room from the bathroom let out a huff of irritation, finding his energy depleting to deal with bratty Kyuhyun for the afternoon again. Silently he takes a seat by the chair porched beside the bed, staring at the younger with pleading eyes. “Don’t say that, Kyu. This hole you mentioned is the only place you ever got a first-class private room and a comfortable bed to sleep.”


Kyuhyun snorts indignantly, perceiving the other’s words offensive. He throws an indignant look at him, “I don’t know which could be the worst; trapped with all this fake luxury or being kept like a rabbit inside a cage.”


Sungmin gives no response. Knowing it would lead to another fight if he ever replies to moody Kyuhyun’s snarky remarks. He sighs before moving his attention to his phone, trying to play some games or maybe reading anything beneficial as a diversion from his boyfriend’s sourness. Meanwhile, Kyuhyun that notice Sungmin shutting him off could afford nothing other than continuing cursing his life mentally. His mind once again drifting to the same subject that has been occupying him since the day he’s awake here.


Donghae. He wants to see him again, to warn him so the other can save himself, hide or run far away from the Black Jade. They’re looking for him, and they won’t let Donghae go again when they’ve found him—to which that is one real nightmare. Kyuhyun can’t allow it to happen. But how can he stop the calamity to befall his friend if he couldn’t even step a foot out from the door? He is always being monitored, if it isn’t by Nurse Kim Ryeowook it would be his physician Doctor Shin Donghee. There’s no escape from their eyes and ears and that’s what irked him to the core.


Speak of the devil, the door is opened and emerging from outside is Doctor Shin himself—wearing those annoying white coat snugly hugging his mesomorphic body clads in light blue buttoned-up shirt, a dark dress pants and green sneakers; strange shoes option, is he doing some sports after work or something? Kyuhyun announces in his mind as his eyes then shift back to that warm smile emitted by the doctor to him. Truthful to be speaking, Kyuhyun thoughts that smile look so fake.


“Good afternoon! How are you doing today, Kyuhyun-shii?” Shindong—a nickname the doctor has asked them to call him with, asks while busy leafing through the logbook, eyes glancing to him and the papers simultaneously. “Any pain?”


“Yeah….” Kyuhyun answers. “Pain from suffocation staying here too long.”


“Kyuhyun-ah…” Sungmin reprimands in low whisper albeit not paid any heeds by the other. In contrast to Shindong that seems calm. He’s used to Kyuhyun’s awful moods and sharp tongue after all.


“Well, that means you’re all good right? Still breathing.” His remarks gain a death stare from Kyuhyun. But before the latter could say anything, Shindong changes the topic while checking on Kyuhyun’s IV. “I’ll tell you something interesting to fill in your boredom, there’s an incident during Doctor Lee Eunhyuk surgery this morning. A patient is predicted to be paraplegic post-surgery.” Sungmin perks up at the news. Full attention to Shindong’s story with eyes wide.


“What happened?” Sungmin can’t believe it. From all the stories he has heard amongst the nurses here, Eunhyuk is considered to be the most skilled doctor in the hospital. His surgical skill is recognized even at the top level. For this to happen, a mistake during a surgery—is it even possible?


“It’s not Doctor Lee’s fault though. An intern caused a metal rod along the spine bends in half. It’s crazy everyone is talking about it. I mean, how is it possible for the metal rod to even bend?” Shindong snorts almost humorlessly, obviously showing he couldn’t believe the same thing as well. Questioning them alike the rest. Sungmin is looking more interested as he keeps asking details of the surgery.


 But Kyuhyun doesn’t even care. He’s not just disinterested with the topic, he’s sick of it as well. All the stupid surgical words and things he couldn’t understand along with pointless conversations. He’s sick of Sungmin mostly, too eager inquiring things that are none of his business in the first place. He’s acting as if this isn’t an anomaly—Kyuhyun confined inside a ward room with him talking animatedly with a doctor, free and at peace. Like he’s used to it. Which he isn’t!


With the two still talking as if the topic alike a world coming to its end, he shifts his weight to the edge of the bed, carefully putting his cold foots inside the slippers Sungmin has put under the bed for him to use. Effortlessly he reaches for the IV stand and pulls it with him, walking to the door. This alarms both Shindong and Sungmin. “Kyu! Where are you going?!” Yells the latter in concern; the exact feeling Kyuhyun wishes he could stop pouring to him.


“Out.” He said. “I’m sick of this place.”


“But you can’t. People will see you—” Sungmin halts after that, realizing something. “Could out mean…. to the rooftop?” He remembers the only place Heechul allows them to go since there isn’t much people there. Plus the place is quite large, the chances to bump into anyone is close to slim.


“Is there anywhere else I can go in this ty place?” He throws angrily, foots halting its steps just a few meters before the door. Kyuhyun bites on his lower lips hard, feeling the anger boiling in dangerously closing to eruption. He can’t control it any longer.


“Don’t worry, Sungmin-ah. The rooftop is safe. No one will see him there.” He hears Shindong says to Sungmin and that’s when he just snaps.


“Yeah it will be real ed up isn’t it? If I were seen?” Unimpressed he feels to such claim. He sneers back to them as Kyuhyun turns towards the two. “Because I’m trapped in here and if I go out it will be dangerous for everyone, right? You know what Shindong hyung, the danger will still come after us if we don’t do something other than hiding our butts like a ing rat!!”


Shindong is quiet as he looks calmly at a raging Kyuhyun unleashing his pent up anger after all these days trapped in here—although Shindong hates to use such phrase but at some point it is true.


“Stop it Kyuhyun!” Sungmin yells back. “You’re making it difficult again!”


“You don’t have to tell me that, Min! I know I am the one causing all this bull! But you know what? How irony is it that I’m the only one brave enough to try and fix it because all of you are too coward!!!” He said, a hand pointing to the door. “The thing that we can and should do is by taking one simple step ahead but everyone is ignorant of that! Sitting here talking about useless stuffs, nosing around others’ business we don’t need to know as if we’re living life well than the one we’re in! Are you ing stupid Min?!” Sungmin doesn’t see that coming, shocked to be receiving the end of Kyuhyun’s. So that’s what making him so pissed? Just by him asking about the current issue of the hospital?


It’s so childish of Kyuhyun but it is Kyuhyun after all. His temper is unpredictable and a . But still it makes Sungmin feels guilty of making him upset. He wants to hold him, to make him calm but Kyuhyun pushes his hands away. He’s taking a breath that makes his entire body shaking as the anger truly hasn’t dissipated yet. “We just need to tell the truth to Donghae and Eunhyuk then save them.”


“It’s not that simple, Kyuhyun.” Shindong retorts, voice low yet still a tone calm. A mocking snort erupted from Kyuhyun nonetheless, “It has never been simple, hyung. Never. But that doesn’t mean we can just hide and pretend things never happen. We need Donghae to remember so he can run away—”


“And then what? Running away forever for the rest of his life?” Shindong glares threateningly to him, the air around him changes abruptly colder as the calm in his eyes seconds ago is gone. “For the rest of your life too? How much longer would you run without stopping? Maybe you think the otherwise but at times, you need to be reasonable Kyuhyun. We are against something much bigger than us, even bigger than the authority. You think we can win with just a hasty step and running away?”


“But we need to do something at least! Sitting here will do us no good. I’ve been doing so for 17 ing years! I’m tired of hiding!!”


“So risking your life snooping around the gang’s place is a good plan?” Shindong attacks, pointing the mistake that landed the younger into this hospital in the first place. Kyuhyun is stuck. He feels the words he wanted so much to splutter died down in his throat. No matter how unfair the treatment he’s receiving, Shindong is right. If he didn’t come out that day sneaking around the alley, they wouldn’t have found him.


Everyone is always right; except for him.


“That’s it. I’m out. I’m tired of all this.”


“Kyu wait!!” Sungmin wants to chase for him but Shindong stops him. Then he’s gone, door’s closed and nothing left.


“Leave him be for now, Sungmin. He’s not in his right mind again.” He sighs, ruffling his neatly combed hair in utter tiresome. “I can’t believe even in his 30s he’s still acting rash.” Sungmin is quiet at that, feeling guilty as well for Kyuhyun’s behavior.


It’s going to be another long day ahead for them.





Kyuhyun hates fighting with Sungmin or provoke another useless fights with others, but he just couldn’t stop his anger from coming out this time. It’s so frustrating, painful even to be forced waiting like an idiot hoping things will go their way. For l

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