Same But Not Quite Similar
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Hello~ I'm back ^^

Side note ahead; this chapter is filled with many flashbacks [in italics] but it's the best so far. I personally love it :D

Enjoy and welcome new subs~~ Hope you enjoy the crazy ride xP

ps: this chapter is really crazyyyyyy



“Are you sure about this?”


Heechul looked up to Shindong that’d spoken those words. A tiny spark of worry glittered across the younger’s face with deep brown orbs stayed focusing onto the Director. Shindong continued on, “Once you’ve done it, there will be no turning back Heechul hyung.” He added in sincere concern, even fearful of the consequences awaited. It was yet another moment of him witnessing a much slimmer Shindong showing his brotherly affection to his friends despite him against any close relationship with any work colleagues.


Heechul sighed and stood up from his swivel chair, although not moving from the spot he was standing on. Both hands gently stayed on the desk with sweaty palms enclosed onto the wooden desk. He could only stare to his friends that were giving him a similar look of concern.


Inside the vast office room, Ryeowook’s unusual slow voice rang through the thick air. “Jungsoo hyung has found out about it.” That didn’t surprise Heechul at all and by a hunch he could tell the Staff Nurse wasn’t perturbed by his lack of reaction as well. They knew it will only be a matter of time until the other would find out the truth; Jungsoo had never bought any of Heechul’s bull that day when they’d met anyway.


It was only a matter of time until Eunhyuk will know about his dead twin’s existence.


“Heechul hyung….” He threw his gaze beside Ryeowook meeting a thin solemn-looking man. He was wearing a grey buttoned-up shirt tucked in neatly inside a black pants with both arms crossed across his chest. His lone staring was enough to convey his points, the slight worries and disapproval to Heechul’s abrupt yet much anticipated decision.


Heechul gave no answer. He only kept sighing, lifting his head up in complete defenseless manners until he finally spoke up. “I’ve made a promise and I’ve kept it for so long.” He continued next, “But this time I can’t let Donghae suffer anymore, and I don’t have a heart to fool Eunhyuk any longer.”


“So you’ve made your decision then.” A statement from Jongwoon coldly spat out yet it was the exact truth. Heechul had made his decision and everybody in the room could see that, the time had come.


Heechul nodded. The trio standing in the room did the same along.


“When?” Jongwoon asked as Heechul turned to him. An obvious fear overwhelming his being but in his heart he was determined. He smiled back with much ounce to control the fear.




The door was knocked gently from the outside, the soft knocking took Shindong, Yesung and Ryeowook’s attention to it. Heechul smiled in relief, “Come in.”


To his word, a tall man had entered the room. A very model-like figure with long legs and beautiful smile. As when he reaches the lights, the others inside recognized him an instant. The said man was the one responsible on putting hypnosis to Donghae. The very same man Heechul had sought out for help long ago as a last straw to save his dear dongsaeng’s life. They knew him for it wasn’t the first time they had met him.


Ryeowook was the first to chirp out warmly, albeit there was a clear uneasiness seeping out from his timid figure facing the guest. “Zhoumi hyung.”







It’s another ordinary day in Seoul National Hospital; time ticking in a fast pace with patients and visitors calmly visiting, finding their spots for an appointment or meeting loved ones. Nothing unusual has occurred in the past 3 days that have passed like the calm before the storm except for a quite nerve-wrecking new case of a violent assault.


“I believe it’s safe to proceed with the oxygen removal. The patient’s SpO2is at an almost normal range for now but it’s not dangerous for him to breathe on his own. What do you think, Eunhyuk-ah?” Jongwoon is holding the file in hands while occasionally glancing to Eunhyuk, sliding few papers for him to inspect. In the meantime, the X-Ray monitor before them is with the film clamped securely by the box. Both the doctors have their attentions solely on the patient’s details, the X-Ray film and their discussion.


“I agree. There’s no evidence of pneumothorax and so far he’s stable post-surgery.” Eunhyuk turns from the monitor to the papers in his hands, callus fingers effortlessly flipping the pages with hard eyes concentrating on it. He’s silent for a few seconds before speaking again, “We can put him off the oxygen.”


Jongwoon takes note of this, smiling gleefully. “Of course he will. Our patient is quite a tough guy. Not many people could get out from such injuries with so little post-effects.”


Nonchalantly Eunhyuk nods, still having his eyes on the papers then back to the monitor. “I guess you can say that.” 


“Of course we can say that. We’re the one handling his case. We’re pros in the OT!” Jongwoon chimed out excitedly, clearly showing his jubilant side to Eunhyuk. Well, not that the younger mind it much. Jongwoon is always hyper when it’s morning but when the afternoon comes, he’ll be as gloomy as a sad cat. The thought of Jungsoo able to annoy the hell out of him in his gloomy mode cracks a small grin on his face.


To which of course Jongwoon is too busy talking to the interns that are present along in the discussion room with them to realize this. “All of you have done a good job assisting the operation. There’s a few things I would like for you to take note but it’s only a matter of experience. I’m sure you will get the knack of handling more cases in OT soon.” He has the nicest and charming smile upon his face that none of the 5 interns could get their eyes away from staring. Doctor Kim Jongwoon’s angelic face is just so dazzling. They nod enthusiastically, bowing in thankfulness at the praise words.


They turn to look at Doctor Lee waiting perhaps a praise or a complaint—to which the latter is much expected since that’s the only thing Doctor Lee’s fond of giving them.


Only for what to come is….. nothing. Even Jongwoon is surprised at this.


He gently nudges on Eunhyuk’s side, taking the man’s attention away from the papers. He looks up with the cold face he always has showing to everyone else. But Jongwoon sees something different this time. Eunhyuk looks lost. He’s daydreaming. “Do you have anything to add, Doctor Lee?”


He glances to the interns then back to Jongwoon, looking forlorn at them before turning back to the file. Eunhyuk clears his throat lowly as he speaks, “No.”


And that is surely odd. No complaints from Doctor Lee is just odd.


He continues on to ignore Jongwoon and the interns for the rest of the time they’re inside the room.






“You look worry.”


The statement surprises him to say the least although Eunhyuk is the best at masking his emotions. He looks up from the computer towards Jongwoon standing before him, almost towering himself by the counter. He takes notice that the interns are gone as well. Probably Jongwoon is the one dismissing them earlier.


Eunhyuk returns to the computer, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about, hyung.”


“Oh come on, I can see it in you. You’ve never acted kind to the kids.”


“So you’re saying I’m evil?”


Jongwoon shrugs nonchalantly, clearly missing the annoyance in his colleagues’ voice intentionally. “A little bit.”


“I got many to say to them.” He said. “But it’s not the time yet.”


“Since when the infamous cold-blooded Doctor Lee Eunhyuk picks out his time to nag around the kids? That’s unheard of.”


“Well, now you’ve heard it.” Eunhyuk stands up, taking a file in his hands as he passes Jongwoon to walk towards the door out from the discussion room. He needs to submit the patient’s details back to the administration for safe-keeping. Yet before he could make it outside, Jongwoon lures his attention in.


“The intern Lee Donghae has been absent for 3 days now.”


Eunhyuk stops, not turning around although his stance shows that he’s listening to Jongwoon. It makes the older smirks, a knowing look that Eunhyuk can’t see behind his back. “You’re worried about him, aren’t you?”


“Nonsense. I have no time for that crazy kid.” He starts to walk away, not before whispering underneath his breath. “I don’t care about him.”


The door is closed shut and Jongwoon is alone by himself, still staring at the empty space once his friend is standing seconds ago. The smug look completely wiped out from his handsome face as his mind brings him back to that night.






Jongwoon had no intention to pry but the timing was just right—or wrong, none could answer which one of it. But he had been asked beforehand by Heechul to keep a watch on Jungsoo and Eunhyuk if it was necessary since the day Donghae started his clinical posting here. It was an easy job; just monitor and report back to him. It was a backup plan Heechul had made to ensure everything would be under control.


Because it was his role; like Heechul’s shadow moving inconspicuously for their interest. To ease Heechul’s worries. He had promised to help his dear friend regardless of the problems. He was a smart guy, very sensitive and vigilant thus Heechul would seek his advice at times albeit not always—because the man was stubborn.


However, true to Jongwoon’s prediction—one that he’d took all the trouble voicing out to Heechul only to be ignored, things didn’t go smoothly. He was proven right when unexpectedly the very same day Donghae stepped his foot in SNH kicking in his clinical posting, Kyuhyun and Sungmin entered the frame. Their appearance causing so many chaos to the whole place and plans. Heechul had never expected them to suddenly emerge from the dark the very same day Donghae had come back.


It was Shindong that proposed to handle Kyuhyun’s case to ease the burdens from Heechul’s shoulders. Ryeowook had agreed to lend his hands as well thus it was safe to say things were in control again. They wished nothing out of proportion would happen again.


Oh how wrong they would be.


Just when they thought nothing could go wrong, Jungsoo; out of anybody else between these walls, had found out about Hyukjae and Donghae’s history.


Jongwoon entered the room, peeking his head from the door. Of course he had knocked beforehand not to bring more fright to the already terrified Jungsoo as the older was seen standing away from his computer, hands on his hair and face ashen. Jongwoon could guess that he hadn’t even noticed him watching closely from outside, hiding behind the door for good minutes which Jungsoo had spent poking his nose into things he shouldn’t have looked through. Jongwoon intentionally act to take a peek on Jungsoo’s computer. “Are you busy, hyung—?”


Before the question could even finished, Jungsoo hastily stepped back to the monitor, hiding the screen from him. But it was too late, Jongwoon had seen everything even before he had knocked the door to enter. He knew what was displayed over the monitor.

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