Same But Not Quite Similar
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Right when they enter Doctor Park’s room, the first thing Jungsoo does is to lock the door; away from any prying eyes and ears outside. He has enough audacity to turn on the air-conditioner while witnessing Eunhyuk exploding in anger. “Why did you do that, hyung?! I still got questions to ask that bastard!” He lashes out, standing right in the center of Jungsoo’s room, a few steps away from the coffee table with comfy couches where Jungsoo will spend his time relaxing or talking with his colleagues.


But looking at the amount of pent up frustration Eunhyuk is letting out, obviously sitting down while talking in peace won’t be the matter right now. Jungsoo simply sighs out, sauntering towards the front of his desk only to lean his back on it. Face contorts in fatigue after all the commotion for the day. His eyes landed on the clock hanging by the wall right above the tall shelves besides the door containing all the encyclopedias and anatomy books he has kept over the years.


It’s now half past 4 in the evening for God’s sake. Yet the drama ain’t ending just yet, and it’s barely ‘Day 2’ since all the commotions started.


“I’m going back to his office.”


“No, you won’t do that Hyuk-ah. Just stay here.” Jungsoo tiredly urges the fuming man. He sighs once more with a hand rubbing his face showing how tiresome the whole ordeal is causing on him. He looks up to the younger doctor—or precisely to be said his boss since Eunhyuk’s the HOD of the Orthopedics Department, that’s losing half of his patience at the moment.


Truthfully to be said, Jungsoo has never seen him this riled up. Although it’s quite relevant; Eunhyuk is a man of integrity. His sense for equity and humanity are unbreakable, it’s what molds him into a man he is today. Which is why he’s such an excellent surgeon—a good doctor, despite his nasty attitudes at times. Perhaps the entire issues of Cho Kyuhyun and Director Kim’s schemes are scarring his strong perception of justice.


Or could there be something in between? Underneath all the lies and tricks, could there be a thing so strong to pull on a string long sleeping inside his friend? Jungsoo can’t tell.


“I heard what Cho Kyuhyun’s guardian said.” Eunhyuk’s words catching on him. “There is something wrong happening in here, hyung. The Director is covering up a criminal being chased by a gang in our hospital—he doesn’t even get the authorities in this when it’s clearly illegal!”


“Eunhyuk-ah, I know you’ve never had a good relationship with Heechul….” Jungsoo starts off in a soft pitiful tone, as if he’s comforting a child. “But I know Heechul well. Yes, he can do unexpected things but his intention is never bad. I trust him.”


“Even when he’s involved in crimes?”


Jungsoo’s eye twitches at the way Eunhyuk asks the question. It sounds so offending, moreover the sickening sneer he gives out. But he doesn’t let his anger starting up. He keeps on with his soft voice. “We don’t even know the extent of Cho Kyuhyun’s crime.”


“Oh this.” Eunhyuk curses, starting pacing around inside the room; left and right and left then he stops, facing Jungsoo with a deadly stare as if he could tear the man apart with it. Black sleek hair and those almond-shaped eyes are indeed attractive but he looks definitely ready to slaughter any men. Jungsoo is intimidated—anyone will be whenever Eunhyuk is mad. “I’m not letting a dirty low life people tainting our efforts and names. We work hard to bring this hospital to the way it is. Our job is to protect lives; not jeopardizing it!”


Jungsoo has enough of it. He walks to the couch, flops down onto it with a big huff sound. Leaning his head to the fabric while closing his eyes shut and face completely showing the stress residing inside him. “Hyuk please, you’re taking this too far. The man might just be some stupid pickpocket.”


“A gang won’t be chasing a mere pickpocket. I know he’s up to something real big. Remember those wounds on him?” Jungsoo’s eyes open slowly, remembering he has read the report on the patient’s surgical assessment. “The guy is involved a big crime, hyung. I know it.”


“Look, why don’t you just call it a day hmm? It’s been a tough week and this crazy thing might be a hint for you to take a break. Go home.” Jungsoo faces Eunhyuk as he stands up from the couch. “Go home and rest.”


“You still want to defend Heechul?”


“I am not defending Heechul. I’m just asking for you to not take this too far. We don’t even know the entire story.” He walks round the couch and now facing Eunhyuk. Jungsoo puts a reassuring hand on the younger’s shoulder. He musters a warm smile on his flawless face as he says, “Just take my word and go home. I promise I will talk with Heechul myself about this. You don’t have to worry about anything.”


In the end, Eunhyuk has no choice but to obey. As much as he’s against this; keeping silence, he trusts Jungsoo’s judgment. No matter how he hates Heechul to the core.


He’s about to leave the room when the sun almost sets ending the day. But something important comes to his mind. “Hyung, about that intern kid…..”


Jungsoo as is now sitting on his desk offers another smile to him, “Believe me when I said Heechul isn’t lying about that. The kid is just sick. You don’t have to worry about him anymore.” With that said, Eunhyuk with a heavy heart trusts Jungsoo—though he doesn’t show it. He clicks his tongue rudely, feeling stupid for not being able to figure out the whole thing. But maybe Jungsoo is right; he’s too riled up about this. He walks out from the room to his own for his stuff before heading back home.


Jungsoo on the other hand believes his friend Heechul; except for one thing.


He didn’t tell them the entire truth.







When Donghae opens his eyes, it’s from awakening from a dream he can’t remember anymore. His hazy vision is adjusting to the pitch black surrounding before some lights enter his eyes. The darkness is replaced with a dim orange tint, the room looks different too and the air gives out a good scent. He realizes he’s no longer in the ER but a ward room.


It takes quite a while for him to register a soft big hand holding his own. He tilts his head to the side meeting none other than his Heechul hyung’s face, smiling softly at him. “Hey there kid.”


Donghae smiles, nodding as his greeting. Heechul understands this signal. The younger must have been feeling thirsty after a whole day not filling his stomach. He helps Donghae sitting up for a glass of water Heechul has put on stand-by on the bedside desk before helping him to lie down again. “A—Am I?”


“You’re in ward room, Hae.” Heechul answers nonchalantly.


“Did I faint again?”


It takes quite a long seconds before Heechul answers him, “Yes you did.”


Donghae groans, feeling humiliated for letting such thing happens again. I thought I got it under control….. He looks back to Heechul with pleading eyes. “What happened?”


“Before I answer that, I need to ask you something….” Heechul’s sitting by the chair closes his distance with Donghae, holding his hand tighter with another hand fixing the younger’s disheveled bang by the forehead. “What do you remember?”


Same old question. Donghae is asked of this numerous times whenever he gets into another episode of syncope. He inhales slowly, closing his eyes to track down his haywire memories. Chapped lips opening up, “I remember coming to the hospital today for my second day posting.” Heechul nods his head, not saying anything to let the younger continues. “I walked to the Geriatrics ward after signing up my attendance. I was there for the entire morning until lunch with Siwon and Kibum.”


“Then after lunch, I was about to get my assessment file from the locker room to sho

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Laraa1234 #2
Chapter 6: I started reading this story new and Im already in love from the first chapters 💗 I like your way of writing.. please update soon🙏🏻🥹
When will update penguin? I miss this story! 😭
Straynight #4
Chapter 32: No...no Hyuk your lie too far please be honest with Hae i'm afraid Hae Will be more hurt and cant take anymore
Damia_Song123 #5
Chapter 32: I think eunhyuk taking this lies too far. He's basically playing with donghae's heart at this point. Dear don't do this to ddohae. Pity the baby 🥺🙏🏻
Chapter 14: I feel Heechuls pain and struggles to make Donghae happy.He will do everything for his brother to see his smile but bearing this problem by your own creates more problem and lies I'm glad you finally step up and slowly correcting your mistake by removing Donghae under hypnosis.💔
Chapter 32: Jujur aku agak lupa bagaimana jalan ceritanya (aku sangat pelupa), sepertinya aku harus mengulang membaca dari awal lagi untuk mengingatnya
Chapter 27: This is 😭😭~ to love someone who loves someone else. 💔
Chapter 1: Serious Dr. Hyukjae is too hot for my liking and I love it.👀❤
Aarjjay143 #10
Chapter 32: Ah! THE JEALOUSY. It brings me to my imagination where eunhyuk's father was telling him about his twin brothers nature. Imaginery and wild. WHAT IF there was a parallel universe to this story. Where hyukjae was all alive , living and growing up with his twin. But not at all intrested in medicine or family business but still allowed to whatever he wants to do. Being a writer/director/being in entertainment industry or having his own company. Still frequently visiting hospital.
Donghae and Eunhyuk being same as the story. Hyukjae meeting donghae and all. Getting smitten by him. Eunhyuk being jealous. AND THE NEVER ENDING LOVE TRIANGLE.