Same But Not Quite Similar
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It only takes a few seconds for chaos to break through the peace when the serene tranquil of the hospital’s main entrance is replaced by frantic screams and hollering of orders from nurses and medical assistants calling for bed. Eunhyuk and Jungsoo; the one and only available doctors at the area approach them in no time, helping the unconscious bleeding man down from his friend’s back and lifts him up to the awaiting bed. They are pushing him towards the surgery room.


“Prepare the team! Is the room ready?” Eunhyuk hollers out while fighting with the rest pushing the bloodied man through the vast hallways, all the medical personnel hastily turn aside out of their way.


“Room 6 is ready!” Someone shouts out from the end of the hall but they could care less about it. There’s 7 people pushing the bed in full careful speed to the awaiting sliding door separating the operating theatre and the outside world. They enter through the door and quickly slides the bed right beside the operating table. Each one of them holding the end of the bedsheets, Eunhyuk orders out the count.


“On my mark; 1 … 2… 3!” And the body is transferred in a swift move right onto the table. The sheet is taken out and the nurses are left to handle the rest while the surgeons would be getting ready outside.


“I will go and talk to the man who brought this man here. You handle the surgery.” Jungsoo said to Eunhyuk that has taken off his white coat but before both of them could walk out from the exit, about 5 people saunter inside stopping right in front of them. Eunhyuk and Jungsoo recognize the person standing in the middle.


“Doctor Shin?” Eunhyuk rasps out in slight wonder of what could the Head of Surgical Department doing here, not to mention bringing his whole team too. They’re already wearing the blue surgical uniform just not equipped fully yet. The sight brews perplexity in Eunhyuk’s mind.


Shindong; the nickname all his friends are calling him, looks at both Eunhyuk and Jungsoo with a harden look, he seems off and too quiet for his usual jubilant attitude. He then turns to Eunhyuk, “Doctor Lee, you don’t have to worry about this patient. Let me and my team handle his case.” Much authority in his voice he said, not breaking eye contact with the still confused Eunhyuk. Jungsoo at the side is totally surprised hearing this. He takes one step closing in the distance between him and Shindong.


“But Doctor Lee is the first one attended him. He checked on him before the patient is brought into the operating theater. Technically, he’s his patient now.”


“This matter falls under the Surgical Department.” Shindong deadpans backing away Jungsoo’s previous statement. It makes the furrowing of Jungsoo’s eyebrows much deeper in knot.


“But Doctor Lee is still a Surgeon. His specialty is as most the same as yours. So what could be so wrong if he’s the one performing the surgery?”


“Because the Director himself has assigned this patient to me. No exception, Doctor Park.” Both Eunhyuk and Jungsoo are silenced when the Director’s name is mentioned into this argument. Doctor Shin looks down for a second, sighing loudly before meeting back both the surprised Doctors. He almost looks a bit apologetic.


“Listen to me guys, this case is given to me in the last minute and the only thing I was told to is that nobody would handle this patient other than my team. I can’t deny the order and you two know it better than anyone.” In a friendly manner, calmly Shindong explains to the much baffled two doctors that are still not able to see the logic of this sudden change. But they have no time to ask further for Doctor Shin and his team have already entered the room, leaving Eunhyuk and Jungsoo outside with thousand questions in their confused mind.


How can such thing happen? And why? Why did the Director so adamant wanting Shindong to treat the patient and not Eunhyuk or anyone else?






When they thought that the impromptu assigned team for the new case is the last bizarre thing that could have happened, they are left taken aback once again to know that the said patient is put into an isolation room away from any other normal wards. No one can visit him without any authorization from none other than the Director himself. Eunhyuk could feel something suspicious is stirring around the hospital’s walls, as if the patient is somebody really important although he doesn’t look that way in first impression.


The man isn’t wearing any branded clothes nor any expensive accessories on him. The only thing Eunhyuk has taken notice of him is how severe his wounds are with shirt all soaked with fresh blood oozing out from the big gash around his abdomen area. His face is as pale as sheet with dark circles under his thin eyes, dark raven hair that could rival Eunhyuk’s though the patient’s is longer; almost untended too. Either he doesn’t know the importance of proper hair care or he just can’t find the barber shop. The man almost looks like a homeless person if it isn’t because of how neatly dressed the person who has brought him in earlier.


Eunhyuk is currently watching the said neat man silently as hides himself from the view by the wall around the corner. They are standing inside the waiting lounge at the ground level with big tall windows overlooking the view of greenery around the building. The man looks so troubled while attempting to make a call. He keeps on tapping his phone like a mad man that Eunhyuk is worried he might break it off. Luckily it isn’t for whatever the call he’s making is coming through.


He takes the opportunity when the other is too preoccupied to notice his presence as he takes a seat by the small couch just beside the standing man. Eunhyuk has his eye scanning the bunny-like one with careful eyes, almost boring hole to how his appearance looks like. He’s wearing a white buttoned-up shirt with a large knitted sweater wrapped on the outside, the fabric material makes his quite buffed physique looking outstanding. The beige khaki pants he’s dotting on is what adds on the nerd look to his outfit, not to mention those big- glasses too. He looks like a college student but too old to still be studying though.


Eunhyuk is all quiet, watching the man with peer eyes. Until the said person turning around and he almost stumbled back to the ground when the smug Doctor’s face comes into his view. The phone almost slipping through his fingers though thank God it’s safe. Eunhyuk doesn’t want to be responsible for breaking other people’s property. “W—Who are you?!” the bunny-like man stutters out, both arms in a fight stance. It only adds on to Eunhyuk’s puzzlement. Why is he so defensive?


“I—If you come here f—for him then I won’t let you do that! You have to go through me first!” He said so with a stern yet scared face. It makes the Doctor much intrigued. What could have possibly happened to the man behind the theater for his friend to act like this?


“W—Wait, that coat…” Only then the bunny-like man takes notice of the white coat Eunhyuk is wearing. Realization dawning on him, immediately both his arms are let down. Stupefied yet relief expression washing over his soft features. “I—I’m really sorry. I—I thought you are—”


His words died down with no continuation, not that Eunhyuk ever cares. He sighs albeit softly not to be noticed. “Excuse me for interrupting sir but I need to ask you some question.” As politely as he could be Eunhyuk asks him, he watches the man raising one eyebrow up. He nods his head afterwards. “I need to know what has happened to your friend inside.”


Just when the ‘friend’ is mentioned, the man’s face return pale. Orbs shaking and feet staggering backward a step. “W—Why do you ask that?”


“I need to know since I’m the doctor who will be assigned to his case after the surgery.” He lied. Of course there’s no such thing unless he’s from a different department or the patient is transferred to another specialized wards—which Eunhyuk really does have place in another department of Orthopedics but so far there’s no papers to put the patient for any Ortho cases. But he could care less about it. He needs to know why the patient is so important. “Can you please fill me in before I will meet him?”


The man seems to hesitate but he’s buying Eunhyuk’s lies. “H—He falls down from the stairs.” He said, “Then something sharp by the door hit his stomach.”


The Doctor’s eyes squint in reflex, he smells lies. “Are you sure about that? Because other than the wound over his stomach, there’s lots of other injuries to the victim.”


“Look, I don’t know okay! I was working when I came back home to see him all bloodied like that! Don’t ask me anything!!!” He snaps, but soon regains his composure and bowing down asking for apology. “I—I’m so sorry, Doctor. I—I don’t know what’s going on with me…”


Eunhyuk gently prompts the man to lift his head up, as softly as he could telling him that he’s not offended. The other looks much relief hearing that although he

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Laraa1234 #2
Chapter 6: I started reading this story new and Im already in love from the first chapters 💗 I like your way of writing.. please update soon🙏🏻🥹
When will update penguin? I miss this story! 😭
Straynight #4
Chapter 32: Hyuk your lie too far please be honest with Hae i'm afraid Hae Will be more hurt and cant take anymore
Damia_Song123 #5
Chapter 32: I think eunhyuk taking this lies too far. He's basically playing with donghae's heart at this point. Dear don't do this to ddohae. Pity the baby 🥺🙏🏻
Chapter 14: I feel Heechuls pain and struggles to make Donghae happy.He will do everything for his brother to see his smile but bearing this problem by your own creates more problem and lies I'm glad you finally step up and slowly correcting your mistake by removing Donghae under hypnosis.💔
Chapter 32: Jujur aku agak lupa bagaimana jalan ceritanya (aku sangat pelupa), sepertinya aku harus mengulang membaca dari awal lagi untuk mengingatnya
Chapter 27: This is 😭😭~ to love someone who loves someone else. 💔
Chapter 1: Serious Dr. Hyukjae is too hot for my liking and I love it.👀❤
Aarjjay143 #10
Chapter 32: Ah! THE JEALOUSY. It brings me to my imagination where eunhyuk's father was telling him about his twin brothers nature. Imaginery and wild. WHAT IF there was a parallel universe to this story. Where hyukjae was all alive , living and growing up with his twin. But not at all intrested in medicine or family business but still allowed to whatever he wants to do. Being a writer/director/being in entertainment industry or having his own company. Still frequently visiting hospital.
Donghae and Eunhyuk being same as the story. Hyukjae meeting donghae and all. Getting smitten by him. Eunhyuk being jealous. AND THE NEVER ENDING LOVE TRIANGLE.