Same But Not Quite Similar
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Hi~ Thank you for all the love to this story. I'm so happy ^^


There’s at least 7 people—4 doctors and 3 nurses; including the Director, Shindong and Ryeowook, restraining a hysteric Kyuhyun who’s thrashing around in their hold. He keeps screaming on the top of his lungs, speaking garbled words no one can decipher other than the occasional “run!” and “hide!!”. It’s concerning everybody judging by how he’s completely losing it.


Heechul along with the rests are pinning him down to the bed while Staff Nurse Kim is helping Doctor Shin preparing the syringe. Despite their hard grips Kyuhyun however is still struggling to be freed, almost kicking one of them on the face as with each restraints more violent he’s getting.


“Kyuhyun stop!” Heechul ends up scolding him, trying to look straight at the patient’s unfocused orbs. His whole face a beef red contrary to Kyuhyun’s pale complexion as by seconds that’s passing by, his strength along with the others are fading away. “You’re going to hurt yourself!”


“No hyung! Y—You don’t understand!! You don’t!!!” He whimpers yet again, body squirming to push all those arms away from him. The restraint becomes harder and tighter, until he’s completely immobilized other than his mouth. Eyes boring hole to the older man that’s scolding him earlier. “H—Heechul hyung!!!”


“I said SHUT THE UP!!!” Heechul turns in a whiplash towards Doctor Shin standing there with a syringe ready; Ryeowook is beside the Director helping to keep Cho Kyuhyun still. “Shindong-ah hurry! Put him down now!!”


Just before Doctor Shin could prick the needle on Kyuhyun’s right cubital line, the door bursts open. Doctor Lee Eunhyuk comes rushing in with angry steps, not even lending a hand to help but instead he squeezes his body in between the crowd. He grabs Kyuhyun’s arm jolting the other up to face him. With cold sweats coming down the doctor’s temples, gaze hardens and jaw clenching hard he asks him, “How the hell do you know my name?”


More incoherent sounds come out from the patient’s mouth until the whimpers turn into small growls. Kyuhyun’s dark eye bags make his pale face much scarier than normal as he stares back at the doctor with a fazed gaze. But his low voice seems potent despite his questionable condition, able to catch all the attention inside the room. “T—They—”


Eunhyuk has to strain his ears so he could listen to whatever Kyuhyun will say. However, before the other could get to his second word, Heechul is already pushing him away from the bed. He signals one of the doctor—whom Eunhyuk recognizes as the oncologist Doctor Ahn, to get him out from the ward room. Of course he protests, pushing the oncologist back harshly. There’s no way he would leave without finding the answers to things that have been causing chaos inside his head.


He succeeds, as Cho Kyuhyun seems to want him there too. Just right after Eunhyuk returns to his previous spot, Cho Kyuhyun pulls him by the collar so they’re on an eye level now. Everything happens too fast that even Heechul doesn’t have enough time to act. Shaky breaths hitting his face as Eunhyuk can now hear what Cho Kyuhyun’s saying.


“They’re coming….g—get Donghae, H—Hyuk.” The man says and in a swift of a movement his grip on the orthopedic is loosened. Eunhyuk is pulled back by Doctor Ahn when Kyuhyun somehow gives no more resistant. It takes only a few seconds for all his movements to turn languid before it stops; eyes closing and muscles relaxing. Kyuhyun falls into unconsciousness straightaway and only then Eunhyuk throws his eyes to the side.


Shindong is holding an empty syringe, handing them back to Ryeowook in a silver tray. The small capsule resting inside is one he recognizes. Barbiturates. They’ve put him down to sleep. Eunhyuk doesn’t even get a chance to receive his answers when the said pale man is under a drug’s influence.


After the dire situation has appeased, Heechul orders them to leave—except for Doctor Shin and Staff Nurse Kim; that’s when Eunhyuk lashes on to Heechul. This time pushing the older away with a hard push to the chest until the Director almost stumbled backwards. Sneering intimidatingly to the man he asks, “Why the hell did you do that? I was talking to him!”


“There’s nothing you could get from him anyway! He’s out of his mind!” Declared Heechul, unconsciously grooming his suit as if he’s just been thrown a dirt onto it. Grimacing slightly even.


Eunhyuk can’t believe what Heechul is saying to him. He feels like exploding but know he won’t get his answers if he loses it now. Taking a sharp inhale of air, his dark orbs glaring straight into Heechul’s one seeing how the other man isn’t backing away from his death stare either. Now they’re both sending killing gazes to each other, not caring of the tension inside the cold room. “I was asking him how he could know my name. I’ve never met this crazy guy before so how can he know mine?”


“I strongly believe you can see the patient is in a delusional state, Doctor Lee. You’ve seen the symptoms too. He’s clearly on a cognitive impairment stage after syncope.” Blatantly the Director said, still not letting his stare down from Eunhyuk’s face. Heechul steps closer to him, clearly intimidating. When their faces a few centimeters away from each other he utters irately, “So stop sticking your nose where it’s unnecessary. He’s Doctor Shin’s patient, not yours.”


“Bull.” Eunhyuk spits back. “You’re lying to me, Director-nim. This man knows me.” Doctor Lee points to the sleeping Kyuhyun, soundly asleep on his bed as if the one throwing chaos in the isolation wing minutes ago isn’t him. He glares dagger to Heechul not caring if his action deems rude; this isn’t the first time he’s on a fight with his boss. They’ve never get along well since D-1.


Raging scolds come out from Heechul’s mouth. “For goodness’s sake, cut the crap! Why would you believe a patient in his deranged state? It’s no use!”


“He knows me.” Coldly Eunhyuk spites back, voice low in a dangerously threatening manner. “I want to know how.”


“Then I guess you’ll never get your answer. He’s asleep and I shall put him under a strict supervision.” Blatantly the Director utters, hard gaze’s thrown to the other man. Heechul smirks rather haughtily to Eunhyuk. “You won’t see him ever again, Doctor Lee.”


He is so close to punch the man from testing his patience—which is quite rare for him to do; getting physical, but then the door is opened rather gently to say. Everyone’s eyes are on it to see the impromptu visitor is none other than Cho Kyuhyun’s guardian; Lee Sungmin. The man’s throwing careful look at the Director then at Eunhyuk, but the one he gives the latter is a knowing one that it stirs so many unwanted negativity in Eunhyuk. He squints his eyes, sensing that this bunny-like man knows something as well. Thus now he’s standing right in front of him.


“Who the hell are you people? What do you know?” Rudely he questions out, murderous look he imposed onto him though Sungmin gives no reaction. He just stands there, even staring back at those eyes screaming danger and borderline explosion. The knowing glint behind his brown orbs not receding at all as the eyes keep looking at the doctor without a blink. It pricks on the latter’s interest so badly.


“I—….” A split second as Sungmin looks behind Eunhyuk, he regrets meeting Heechul’s eyes. Those orbs staring right at his with unspeakable orders and warnings is one he can’t turn down. After seconds that feels like eternity staring at the powerful man, Sungmin finally turns to the orthopedic before him. The glint is gone replaced by something else. “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”


“How about you start with your lies then? Hmm?” Eunhyuk’s body turns to Heechul now. “You know he’s lying about the patient’s history. You know that. But why did you let it passed?”


In that moment if only he could’ve seen the look on Ryeowook and even Shindong’s faces, then Eunhyuk would notice the slight panic washed upon their expressions. However his eyes are fixed on Heechul instead to which the latter still not backing away his dreadful death stare. He clicks his tongue impatiently, a gesture he only does when Heechul is absolutely pissed off and won’t mind losing his cool charismatic SNH’s Director persona.


The words he intends to fire back almost come out if it isn’t Sungmin cutting Heechul off, “This doesn’t concern you, doctor. Whatever the thing that has happened to my friend is none of your business.” His voice isn’t cold yet those words truly sounds hostile in anyone’s ear. Eunhyuk throws the man an incredulous look, finding the changes in his eyes is the same like Heechul’s—lies and deceit. They’re still lying even after it’s so obvious this unknown thing he hasn’t known yet does involved him in a way—to which he wonders what it could be. He sighs tiredly only to sneer back later. Both hands now rested by the waist with eyes on the shifty bunny-like man.


The smirk he portrays next shows off his undeniably good-looking features, although his eyes seem so estranged. Sungmin winces inwardly watching them. They’re just so different from his. “Don’t get me wrong. I am not even interested to whatever you guys are involved with, I don’t care. But…” He pauses to steal a glance at Kyuhyun, tilting his head to the bed. “That guy knows my name. I’ve never seen him nor talked to him before. So how can that happen?”


“What did he say to you?”


“None of your business, Lee Sungmin-shii.” Heechul’s saying shutting Sungmin up. But it’s only heightening up Eunhyuk’s suspicion.


“So you do hide things, Director-nim? What’s this? Some sort of a gang member you’re protecting?” He only takes a guess, truthfully just trying to outsmart the two men but when Heechul’s jaw starts clenching with Sungmin fidgeting uncomfortably on his stance, Eunhyuk knows he has hit the right spot.


So Jongwoon and his suspicion isn’t wrong; it is something big, something illegal. But what’s that has anything to do with him?


Another deafening silence erupted inside the room that it makes Eunhyuk feels much sicker, until Sungmin’s voice ends it. “Hyung…He needs to know—”


“Shut the up, Sungmin.” Snarled Heechul unexpectedly.




“What? What exactly do I have to know?” Eunhyuk is impatient as he cuts off Sungmin, facing his body more to Heechul he’s just a few steps away from him. Impatience clearly shown on his handsome face with mind reeling in thousand scenarios on how he could be involved with these messed up people. When Heechul isn’t looking back at him—which is a first, His eyes back on Sungmin. “Tell me.”





Eunhyuk doesn’t get the chance to know though for like on que, his phone starts to ring. Ignoring it at first he couldn’t help but to notice the ringtone is one he’s familiar with. It’s from his office, a staff is calling informing him about an appointment with a football athlete today and it’s been 20 minutes since the patient has arrived. Eunhyuk wishes he can say no but if there’s one thing he can’t neglect in life that would be his job.


Reluctantly he takes his leave, pulling the door’s handle and slams it harder next in protest. The people inside the room heave a string sigh of relief as they’ve been holding their breaths all the minutes Doctor Lee and Director Kim are fighting. Yet the peace is disturbed again when unexpectedly Heechul pulls Sungmin by the collar of his sweatshirt and slams his body to the wall. The loud bang startled the two female nurses with Doctor Ahn cursing out loud. Ryeowook and Shindong panic, trying to break Sungmin free but Heechul’s grip only tightens on his shirt.


“What the ing hell are you doing, Min?! Do you want to die??!!” Heechul threatens, pulling the collar only to push Sungmin’s head to the wall again. The man winces in pain as then Ryeowook begs the older man to let Sungmin go.

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