Same But Not Quite Similar
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“Change the doctor, that’s what should be done.”


“It will raise their suspicions.” Behind his desk, a perturb Kim Heechul is sitting with both hands lied flat on the wooden furniture. His fingers tapping incessantly impatience creating unwanted sound that Ryeowook perceives as truly annoying. Though he couldn’t possibly have enough luxury in his chaotic shocked mind to interrupt the older. “Besides, what’s the point doing so? They’ve met him. The cat is out of the bag after all.”


“Ridiculous.” Ryeowook chastely mutters, not agreeing with what he has said. “At least they won’t see him again…or do anything—” Before he could finish, Heechul cuts him off; “Like what? Murdering him? Oh trust me Wookie they will. But not in a broad daylight for sure.”


“You never know, hyung. They’re lunatic people.” Uttered the terrified nurse, clearly panicking as he’s continuously pacing around the room. Jungsoo who’s sitting by the chair facing Heechul could only tilt his head back, giving a disapproval shake to the nurse. “There’s no need to pace around, Ryeowook-ah. Please sit down. You’re making me dizzy.”


Of course his plea falls on deaf ear. Jungsoo sighs, turning his attention back to the mesmerizing sight of his friend being overwhelmed with something. Those worrisome look plastered on his face could only be seen when something is extremely troubling Heechul to no point of an easy solution. He has a guess this problem exhibits the same nature as well unfortunately. “You’ve mentioned before this Henry Lau is dangerous. What’s his capability?”


Heechul snorts loudly. The tapping stays unbothered. “Oh too many to count. Although I can say they are sending a much less brutish one to do the work this time.” So there are more threatening people exist in this gang than the one sent for them here. God, Jungsoo has foreseen the danger knocking at their door the first day he’s learned about it but not to this extent of unsafety.


“You’ve met him?” Jungsoo has asked again.


“I’ve never met him. But I’ve heard a lot enough to drive my night sleepless when Kyuhyun’s had told me yesterday.”


“So there’s more dangerous people other than this Henry Lau….” But his presence alone able to make everyone bathing in cold sweat. Must be quite a notorious guy despite being taken as ‘less ferocious’ in the gang.


“Indeed. But the others rather put the blade straight to your throat. Henry is another story…” As Heechul starts, they find Ryeowook halting in his pacing. Standing still behind Jungsoo’s chair while looking straight at Heechul in silent. “Henry works like a spy. He gathers information, threatens to cause fear before disappearing without a trace. The next thing we know is big trouble would be chasing us everywhere we go.”


“The Black Jade.” Reckons Jungsoo followed by a solemn nod from Heechul. “That’s right. The Black Jade. A big mafia group working underworld for years. Undetectable by the authority.”


Jungsoo nods albeit in his mind he could only imagine the cruelty this mafia group able to do. He has hoped to never be a witness of it regardless of any outcome. Ryeowook on the other hand—resuming his pacing, finds the whole situation too perilous to be taken lightly. Considering the years they’ve been trying to keep on the low profile, hidden to the eye of this vicious group only to be exposed now must have proven their growing negligence to the underlying danger that never sleeps on their way.


“Please tell us you have a plan.” Ryeowook in all his mighty attempt to not break down into another panic attack asks Heechul, already stop pacing when the seconds of silence given by the man seems nerve-wracking enough to stop his heartbeat. When the silence continuous, the panic comes rising. Ryeowook’s shouting. “You don’t?!”


“For God’s sake, calm down Ryeowook. I’ve been in contact with people who can help us about it. They’re on their way here.” Heechul reaches for a document inside his drawer, handing them to the two men. “While we wait for them, I want to discuss with both of you about something else. A change of scenery for a moment.”


“You think it’s a good idea to think of something else right now?! This is serious hyung! Everyone is in danger!!” Another shout from a panicking Ryeowook filling the room. Too confounded for him to register the annoyance clearly vaporizing from Jungsoo who’s working his outmost best to make him sit. He even passes the papers Heechul’s handing them to the nurse, forcing him to read what it seems to be a lab test result. The top heading reads Gangnam Police Department. Jungsoo is confused. “What is this?”


“That is the result of the sample from the plate we used in Choi’s surgery.” Heechul calmly explains, ringing the bell for the two about the recent incident during Doctor Lee Eunhyuk’s surgery. “I’ve sent it for a test and it seems they’ve found our long awaited answer.”


Ryeowook flips the papers one by one. By each leafing the knit of his brows keep tightly knitted together before his eyes go wide. “The result….” He gasps, facing Heechul in disbelief.


“True. Our usual supply of surgical plates has been replaced with a cheap material. Without the board knowledge at all.”


“I don’t like where this is going, Heechul. You don’t tell me…” Jungsoo‘s starting to get the hint of Ryeowook’s worries now.


“I’m not joking. You guys can read the result yourself.” Sighing is Heechul, grimly he speaks as he’s standing up from the chair. “Someone has been sabotaging the surgery.”


“But all our supplies would have a direct authorization from at least Heechul hyung or the board members themselves. It’s impossible for anyone to miss out this exchange. Look over here—” Ryeowook points at one page towards the two. “The packaging schedule is clearly messed up. Our usual titanium alloy plates and the replaced one are completely different materials but it passes the inspection. How can the changes happen when it has been authorized?”


“The answer is simple, Ryeowook.” Jungsoo answers, slowly looking up to a knowing Heechul. “One of the board members is the one changing it.”


No words Ryeowook could utter hearing the revelation that proves enough to make him stand in urgency. Another panic attack coming through him. “W—We need to tell the police!”


“Done. But the police can’t make any moves without a proof and honestly speaking, I don’t want to create a scene. We’ve got too many troubles knocking at our door after all.” Heechul speaks.


“So what you want us to do?” Jungsoo’s question draws a smile on the director’s face, beaming mischievously. “As expected from my Jungsoo, always fast enough to catch up! It’s an easy task so no big deal.” Said Heechul as he slides two files by the desk with an empty leaflets each. The two hesitantly take it. “I want you guys to play the cop before the real one comes in.”


Puzzled with what he’s saying, Ryeowook turns to open the file only to see a full report case alongside a list of names printed on the papers. Then his eyes gaze down towards the name of patient……. “This is the full report of Choi’s surgery last week. What you need from this, hyung?” He inquires out in confusion.


“Wookie, I want you to investigate the nurses involved in the surgery that day. Find out where the surgical instruments provided by them came from and how the entire surgery is drafted out by those involved. I think they have a connection with this unauthorized materials.”


“You think one of them swap it up?”


Heechul nods solemnly to the question. “Nothing I’m sure of yet but it doesn’t hurt to look into it more carefully. Can you do that?” Carefully he asks this from his friend, not that Heechul wants to force Ryeowook into this secrecy job without his consent. Although no one could do such a good work being his little spy other than him. He has been doing it since years ago helping Heechul out for many things needed to be done behind the screen.


When Ryeowook nods to agree, he’s glad. “I will hyung. Just leave it to me.”


“Perfect. Now Jungsoo—”


“I’ve got it and damn you always give me the hardest job ever, Chul-ah.” Jungsoo returns the file back on the desk, sighing as he does so. “You want me to sniff out among the board members.”


“Yes I do. I think half the money for the supplies goes to one of their pockets. So it’s best if you could try learn some dirt they got.” Jungsoo exhales in amusement, watching Heechul with a smirk of his own staring at him. It’s obvious there’s no escape for him this time.


“Guess I have no choice.”


“Don’t be a chicken, Jungsoo-ah. When will you get to use your nosy talent for good if not now?”


“I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not from you.” Heechul laughs wholeheartedly before they’re both interrupted by the sour-mood Ryeowook; still unable to put a smile on his face unlike the others.


“This is not good. First the Black Jade, then this? It can’t be a coincidence.”


“I’m glad you think the same too because I’m bringing in the expert for those troubles.”


“Who?” After the word comes out from Jungsoo’s mouth, they find the door is knocked. Drawing their eyes to it in a slight surprise of the intrusion. Heechul however seems brighten up. He’s expecting a visitor. “Ah, here they’ve come.”


The door is opened and entering the room is two gentlemen dressed in a casual yet significant outfit for the eye. One with a big buffed body adorning a black leather jacket and the other in a long brown trench. A good looking man in his fine age the latter is.


Heechul walks to them with a light steps. Standing close towards the size plus man. “Let me introduce you to the detective of Gangnam Police Department. Detective Kang Hodong and Detective Min Kyunghoon.”






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