Same But Not Quite Similar
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The digital clock by the counter reads 10:27 PM, finally marking the time for Eunhyuk to leave. He turns towards Ryeowook who’s standing by the cabinet, putting few files back in its place with his back facing him. He languidly calls out for the other. “I’m going home.”


“Alright, hyung. Good job today!” Cheerfully Ryeowook pipes out, glancing shortly to the older before returning to his task as the back of Doctor Lee disappears by the corridor. It’s another night where Ryeowook is left alone with another staff nurse at the counter; she’s too engrossed jotting down few things for patients’ details to be checked in soon. He finishes his job and reaches for his name card on the island, and walks to the corridor. He’s on duty to take rounds for the hour.


His steps vividly echoing along the vacant corridors, filling in the silence of the night that seems much colder than the previous one. Ryeowook could only hope his patients are warm enough to sleep. As he’s almost made it to the ward room, his body is abruptly pulled to the side. In unprecedented seconds, he finds himself inside a storage room—packed with cleaning utensils in narrow spaces, and somebody’s holding his body close. Before Ryeowook could scream, a hand clasped his mouth tight. That moment he recognizes the cologne, he stops struggling.


A deep soothing voice blesses his hearing, “Sorry, I made you surprised.” It’s Jongwoon, wearing his one in a million smile with face only an inch apart from Ryeowook’s blushed one. The latter stops struggling, though his hands are faster to hit the man on his chest—bear in mind it isn’t that hard. Ryeowook can never use violence on his dearest Jongwoon.


“Stop doing that! I could get a heart attack.” Lament the nurse. Unable to hide the wide smile anymore from his lips, clinging onto Jongwoon now—hands draped around the other’s neck and one leg lifted up to his waist. He knows his boyfriend won’t mind it. He loves it.


“Sorry Wookie~ But you know I love surprising you.” Uttered Jongwoon in sing-song manner, intentionally moving his nose closer to the other. He lets their skin touches by the nose and triumph feeling invades his chest as Ryeowook makes no effort to move away.


Squinting his eyes narrowly Ryeowook quips out, “You’re not forgiven just yet, Kim Jongwoon.” He addresses the incident with Jungsoo, where his boyfriend has intentionally revealed to the man about the secret they’ve been dying to keep. Remembering that day where Jungsoo suddenly demands answers from Heechul is like experiencing a snap of a vein out of his chest. Ryeowook’s memories freshly reminisced how he wrecks his entire brain thinking what has gone wrong, how can Jungsoo find out? But Jongwoon saves them the trouble when he has told them that he’s the responsible one. Heechul might have said nothing but Ryeowook is furious—and partly glad as well.


To say Ryeowook isn’t surprised, well a better word to describe him that night is like being attacked with a thunderbolt. Sudden and devastatingly mind-blowing.


Putting that aside, he wonders why Jongwoon is here? Just to apologize? He can wait until they get home though. Why the rush? “What are you doing here for?”


Jongwoon smiles, and somehow Ryeowook could get his intention right away with only a glance of those smile over his pretty lips. “Because I want you.”


Without any warning, he dives for the younger’s awaiting lips, already opened with his cute confused face. Instinctively when their lips met, Ryeowook’s eyes closed shut, enjoying the luscious lips over his own. It’s molding together perfectly in a harmonious rhythm. It’s soft and hot. He loses his ground, unable to think anymore as he slowly into Jongwoon, rubbing their bodies on each other. The passionate kiss turning into a messy and exciting make-out session that they’ve missed so much—thanks to the busy schedules they don’t get to enjoy their healthy life for months.


“Hmm, Jongwoon hyung—” Ryeowook’s words are bit down as Jongwoon works on squeezing his sensuously, delicious moans escaped the nurse’s mouth though he forces them down in his throat to avoid them getting caught. The walls aren’t that soundproof after all yet here they are, challenging the odds to be exposed after years keeping their relationship a secret from everybody. Like a senseless high school kids.


As air deprived forces them to break apart, Jongwoon notices the flush face of his dear boyfriend and in that moment something snaps inside of him. The tightness inside his pants becomes unable to be neglected, he needs Ryeowook right now. “Baby, can you be y for me now?”


“B—But people can h—hear us…..” Panting with moans unable to die down is Ryeowook, fighting his consciousness from falling into the pit of beautiful desire with his hot body being touched all over by Jongwoon. The hands supporting his waist and bums, playing with them inducing euphoric feelings awakened. He knows Jongwoon is really needy right now, he’s not joking. And that excites Ryeowook so much.


“I thought you like that; people hearing us.” Jongwoon smirks, end up being hit on the chest again.


“Not here! We’ll be found out.”


“So it’s no?” Here comes the special attack—Jongwoon’s pouting like a big baby he is, eyes drooping adorably that he is all aware his boyfriend couldn’t possibly resist. And he did it; because as he slowly squeezes one cheek of Ryeowook’s , the latter doesn’t protest. He only moans and grinds their lower part together. Jongwoon loves this the most about his Ryeowook, how he’s so sweet and loving to him. Their hearts joining together as if made out of one cell. It’s cliché but nothing could sound truer than that.


As their lips and tongues each other with such fervor, Jongwoon’s mind couldn’t be more grateful for him to have someone he loves dearly—with him here, alive.






“Lee Donghae.”


Calmly he called out the name, eyes gazing at the soundly asleep young teenager who was lying on the surgery bed. A mere 17 years of existence about to end; a life on the brink of death waiting to be saved by Jongwoon.


Just a minute ago as he was wheeling this young man’s body inside the Operation Theatre, his dear friend and colleague Kim Heechul was standing by the side; watching through the glass door before it closed shut. In those split seconds of halted time, Jongwoon had a glimpse of his friend’s face. Tears of deep anguish and desperation painted on his features, begging silently for him of words he had said to him inside the ER. Remembering them made his heart dropped yet at the same time ignited with fire of determination.


‘Jongwoon-ah, please save him. Please…..’ Heechul had begged through his eyes, just like how he’d begged the same things to him back in ER; a bloodied Donghae with so low chances of surviving underneath Jongwoon’s hold as he tried to revive him with CPR. A devastated Heechul was beside them to stop his bleeding that seemed to never stop. He was dying; Lee Donghae was dying and his older brother refused to accept that.


Thus here Jongwoon was, standing by the surgical bed with his team ready to start the surgery. Before the team members returned to their assigned spots after sanitizing themselves, he had whispered to him. “Donghae, you have to fight. Keep fighting and never give up. You are still needed in this world. Many people are waiting for you, love you. You are forever loved.” There was no answers given, only the solemn heart monitor beeping softly in the room accompanied by hasty footsteps by the cold tiled ground. Whilst the one on the bed had both his eyes closed, body frozen and life seeping away—fading to nothingness in such unfair way.


“Even if your lover is gone, he must still want you to continue on living.” The team assembled, already in position. Jongwoon started the surgery. “So keep fighting, wake up and be alive Lee Donghae. For him.”


That’s everything everyone wanted from you. “Scalpel.”








Shutting the car door closed in a soft thud, he saunters to the front door with one hand tucked inside his pants’ pocket. Despite the relaxed slow walk he’s taking, Eunhyuk’s body is aching from head to toe—hoping to release the tension with a good shower and sleep after a long day at work. Nothing seems unusual as he enters the house. Everything is the same like how they used to be every single day. His home, one and only.


Until, he passes through the living room to the hallways connected with the dining area. Eyes catching the Kim Heechul sitting by the dinner table with his father nonetheless. To say he isn’t surprised with the Director appearance here, in his house at this time—would be a big fat lie. Not that Heechul has never been to his house but he never thought the man would have enough balls to face his father with the mess he’s caused.


“Ah, Eunhyuk. You’re home.” His father notices him with a smile on his face, hand extends out to him. “Heechul is just about to make his leave. Will you see him out for me?”


Eunhyuk with all the fibers in his body wishes to say no but he can’t show his father the feud between them. It will make his father confused and curious—and the latter is a bad premonition. No matter how Eunhyuk despises Heechul’s actions recently; or safe to say he’s never like the man since the beginning though, he couldn’t let his father knows about it. Not yet, he wants to clear it up carefully and neatly before telling him himself.


“It’s alright, sir. I can walk to the front myself. Doctor Lee has been tired with all the works today so let him has some rest.” Heechul says, sending a small smile to Eunhyuk; quite business-like smile in the younger man’s perception though. He bows down respectfully to Eunhyuk’s father that it almost gives away an impression of a loyal dog to his owner.


A dog that bites the hand giving it foods at that.


“I’m sure Eunhyuk won’t mind it….” Lee Soo Man turns to his son, “Would you, Eunhyuk?”


“Of course, father.” He pulls a polite smile, forcing the corner of his lips up whilst biting the inside of his cheeks. “This way, Director-nim.” And he accompanies Heechul to the front door, until his car and that’s when the pretend is over.


“What are you doing here?” He has asked, rudely as well. No longer hiding how he feels to this unwanted visitor here in his house.


While Heechul isn’t looking any impressed either, seems expectant of such reaction. The smile not leaving his face. “I just came to deliver a document to your father. He asked me to stay for dinner too. Rejecting would be rude of me, wouldn’t I?”


“Stop playing games.” Eunhyuk doesn’t buy it.


“I am not playing any, Doctor Lee. You’re overreacting.”


“Shouldn’t I? After you showing your true colors? You hide criminals in my father’s hospital. You have guts to act all innocent to him after that. It sickens me.”


“Since when you’re not sick of me?” Heechul nonchalantly spits. “But don’t worry, the feeling is mutual. You’re sickening me too but since I’m a professional, I just tolerate you for now.”


“No, you’re tolerating me because you want to use my father’s influence.” The moment the words left his mouth, Eunhyuk witnesses Heechul’s eyes turning dark. The loosened up expression he’s sporting becomes tense with unreadable glints in his orbs. Threateningly he whispers, “Don’t speak of me like you know me well. I will never ever do that to your father.”


Eunhyuk wouldn’t deny the little shake of his heart at this reaction, but he’s too proud of himself to admit it out loud. Too arrogant and self-conceited on showing kindness nor weakness to people he marks as ‘enemy’. For him, anyone that keeps secret and uses his father is an enemy; even his father’s favorite student Kim Heechul. “Then prove it; tell him the truth and kick Cho Kyuhyun out.”


“I can’t do that.”


“Why not?”


At this, Heechul’s already unlocking his car. He sits behind the wheel and starts the engine, not paying much attention to Eunhyuk’s accusing glare anymore. He’s tired after all those meetings he’s had to attend, tired of the demanding board members, tired of everything; to which of course Eunhyuk wouldn’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t know about that.


“Because I don’t have the power for that.” Eunhyuk’s brows furrowing in absolute puzzlement. He squints his small and sharp-defined eyes to the man who’s now speaking to him through the small opened window. “What do you mean?”


“Oh you do know what I mean, Doctor Lee. You are a smart guy, such a simple thing shouldn’t be a problem for you to figure it out.” For the first time in the night, a sincere smile drew out from Heechul to him. It causes the hair behind his neck standing up, goosebumps attacking his body as he could only watch the car pulls out into the road, disappears by the time it takes a turn at the front gate. Eunhyuk is left alone with questions bombarding his mind, “What the hell did he just say?”

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