Same But Not Quite Similar
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Thank you for all the love! ^^ This chapter will solely based on Eunhyuk's story. But it won't be disappointing you will find more of him here ;)


He gets off his black Sedan, locks it before walking up to the front door of the luxurious mansion situated by the east of Seoul—an exclusive bungalow area for the upper class people, wealthy and powerful. The cold air biting his skin cold though he prefers standing there rather than inside. After everything happening at the hospital, Eunhyuk is clueless how he would answer to his father if whatever stupid scheme the current Director’s doing will get to his father through the board members. He can only hope no such thing would happen; yet.


After all, Eunhyuk’s father is one of the notorious founders of Seoul National Hospital itself. As the possible—and supposing successor to the position; to which he opposes, that doesn’t mean he would just let anyone destroys the good name of the hospital his father spends all his precious time building up. Even if the man would be Kim Heechul, his father’s dearest apprentice.


As he enters and takes off his dress shoes, the whole house is quiet except for a few hushes from the other rooms. Possibly the maids. Putting on the indoor shoes, he proceeds to the big staircase at the center, passes the humongous living room and long hallways with glass doors separating the compartment. Spotless floors and rooms, only the best maids his father has working for them. He is grateful his home’s in a clean environment or else he might be irritated. Eunhyuk can’t stand dirt nor tactless maids; he hates tactless people.


He proceeds to his destination when a gruff yet vibrant voice calls out to him, breaking his train of thoughts. “Eunhyuk-ah.”


He stops mid-way, turn his body to the glass doors to find his father sitting by the dining table. Dishes served with the house maids helping for his before-meals medicine. He’s wearing his usual maroon knit-sweater, the cold night air is biting on his fragile bones and weak body gnawed by years of long working. Eunhyuk bows down respectfully to him, “Father.”


“You’re home early. Finally I got to see your face after 3 days hahaha.” His father; Lee Soo Man chuckles along to his own words. One hand slightly tremble outstretches to his son, “Come and eat dinner with me. It’s been so long since we eat together.”


Eunhyuk can’t say no to his father, no matter how wears out he’s feeling at the moment. So he walks into the dining room, passes his sling backpack and blazer to one of the maids before taking a seat on his father’s right. Mr. Lee’s face lightens up in delight watching his son sitting together with him. Of course, Eunhyuk takes notice of the look his father is giving him. Awkwardly, he voices out. “Is everything alright, father?”


Mr. Lee nods his head, “Yes. I’m just happy you’re here.” He smiles earnestly to his usual stone-faced son. It has been so long since the last time Eunhyuk ever smiles…. and that’s more of a reason why he wants to show his brightest beam to him. Mr. Lee wants Eunhyuk to know that his father is happy—and Eunhyuk deserves to be happy too. “Tell me about work. What’s new in the department?”


“Nothing honestly. Everything is the same as usual.” Oh, what a lie that is. How he wishes he could just tell his father about the Director’s dirty scheme. Definitely his father—as the former Director of SNH, would be shock beyond words to hear such a scandalous news. Heechul might be scrapped clean from his position considering Eunhyuk’s father still sustains a strong connection with the rest of the board members.


However, he won’t do such thing. Worrying his sick and old father is the last thing he ever wants. After all, his father will be devastated to learn that the person he has chosen by hand to succeed him could be smearing dirt on all his hard work for years. Talk about letting his dear father retiring in peace…..


“You know, I miss treating patients and doing rounds around the wards. Ah, good old days.” Mr. Lee chuckles, voice warm and light. No worries etched to his tone. Eunhyuk in his heart feels content that his father is well rested at home after retiring years ago from such a stressful job and position. Working as a surgeon while fulfilling his duty as the Director pay quite a great toll on his father’s health the moment his age starts catching up to his body. Watching the one and only family of him in all great shape eases all anxiousness twirling inside.


But the anxious couldn’t be swept away easily. He finds himself being troubled with so many things nowadays. Not enough to collapse his will but strong yet to distract him from his ultimate course; working as a successful health practitioner and saving as many lives as he could. Helping his patients to get back on their old lives happily.


Then the ing mess Heechul brings forth suddenly barges into his life. Great.


“I know you won’t like to hear this from me…..” Eunhyuk is taken away from his reverie, turning to his father with so much effort to relax his tense face muscles. He can’t appear stressful in front of his father, he might worry him. “You look quite troubled, son.”


And there goes his brilliant act. on you Eunhyuk.


He forces a small smile—possibly a first since….. Weeks? Months? Years? But obviously only in front of his father he shows it. The slight uplift at the corner of his lips and the loss evidence of knitted eyebrows by his forehead giving a much youthful look to his features. Although it’s all just an act. “I’m alright, father. Just a little tired from the board meetings.” Well, that’s half-truth though. The board really does giving him an unbearable headache. The biggest pain in the .


“I’ve heard from Director Kim the board is still undecided about the new cancer treatment proposed by the Ministry of Health in Switzerland. It’s been almost 4 months without a proper decision made.” The mention of Heechul’s name sends tiny sparks of anger inside his veins but Eunhyuk holds them in. He won’t show unnecessary emotions in front of his father.


Other than hating people, he hates showing emotions and weaknesses too. For despite all the glory he has achieved in half of his life; a prodigy student, the smartest and youngest doctor working in a prestigious hospital in the country, making a name for both of his own and his family—for his father, Eunhyuk still admits he’s just a human and one of the traits of a human being is weakness after all.


He has a lot of them. Too many to count. Thus he refuses to let them see the light though.


He bows his head down slowly in respect. “Please don’t worry yourself about that, father. The board members will handle it.”


Mr. Lee smiles to his son. “I believe you will do so. You’re my son after all, the best out of the best in the country. Perhaps in the world too!”


“Now you’re being too much.” His father laughs loudly hearing the amusement hidden behind his son’s scowl face. Inwardly, Eunhyuk can’t help but to smile at his father’s joyous laughter. Mr. Lee knows of this too.


“I’m not! My son is always the best. Because you’re my son.”


Eunhyuk looks back to his father beaming widely his way; the man who has raised him all alone with his bare hands all these long and harsh years. Providing everything to him in silver spoon although that’s more of a reason why he wishes to be successful with his own blood and sweats. He aces in high school, enter the best med-school in the country and even lands a scholarship abroad bringing along his father’s good name. All his achievement is done by his and his father’s love alone.


He really is his father’s son, and Eunhyuk will never disappoint his beloved father. Never.


So he acts like everything is fine. Because he’s his father’s son.






Eunhyuk has only known his father since the first words left his mouth when he’s a child. He has never met his mother, never knows what she’s like nor hearing her voice.


That’s because she has left him behind.


He can’t remember when or why she does that because he’s barely a few months old when she walks away from his family. Throughout the years, it’s only his father in his life’s frame; nobody else. When he’s around 5 years old, little Lee Eunhyuk starts questioning his dear father why his other friends at the kindergarten have a father or a mother coming to fetch them except for him. It’s either his father or his secretary to come and get him home.


After countless persistent questioning for weeks, his father reveals to him that his mother has passed away because of a terminal illness. Eunhyuk doesn’t cry but he sheds few tears that night at the knowledge of him being motherless. He stops asking about her after that.


However, few years later when he’s in the 2nd grade of primary school does he learn the horrible truth desperately hidden by his father. That his mother isn’t sick. She’s not dead because of any illness too. But she has ran off with another man, forever leaving behind his father and their son.





After dinner, Eunhyuk asks for his father’s permission to retreat to his bedroom. He wishes him goodnight and walks up ahead to the staircase, turn right to walk along a vast hallway. The tall and large windows along the corridor able to have him overlooking the scenery outside, admiring the pool in the garden with its water glistening like crystal shining in the night due to the moonlight. It’s calming his nerve one way or another. He takes another turn to the left and opens the door to his bedroom.


He takes a long hot shower, wears his usual grey pajama and plops down onto the comfortable armchair besides the bookcase standing opposite to a large plasma TV inside his room. The wooden bookcase containing all the books he has possibly finished reading thousands of the non-fictional genres; anatomy books and encyclopedias. Those can be taken as his most precious possession. The thick books are one of the many things that able to bring him success in everything he has learned since he’s a child.


A towel in his hand running through his wet hair as he scrolls through all the boring shows late in the night. Finding nothing interesting, he just lets the TV runs on. Not paying any attention to it as he steams off from the long day, Eunhyuk sighs loudly. Releasing all the tension inside.


It feels absolutely odd for his head to suddenly wonder about the intern boy at a time like this. Lee Donghae who has caused so many troubles to him since day 1 of his clinical posting. Eunhyuk always thoughts the intern is just crazy but after hearing from Heechul this evening, he has to admit his sympathy for the kid. To be burdened with a memory of losing your loved ones, being hunted by nightmares every nights, and unknowing to what supposed to be known. The feeling is awful.


He has lived a life like that once; during the period where his innocent heart is tainted with deep hatred after finding out about his mother’s infidelity. A 9 years old Eunhyuk is beyond mad; he curs

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