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Kyumin (5,890 kyumin fanfics)

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Christmas with the Exes

[Chanyeol X OC] What happens when two exes are forced to embark on a snowy road trip to find their runaway brothers? A lot of bickering, passive aggressive tones, snappish words and refusal to talk about their past. Will they find their brothers?

The Mark of a Tally

By jakurin updated
Characters Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Victoria
With 2 chapters, 6 votes, 43 subscribers, 280 views, 7 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

  A red mark, like the stroke of a tally, appears on your wrist each time you fall in love.When y


By marvin0823 updated
Characters Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Hankyung, Heechul, Kangin, Donghae, Eunhyuk
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 23 subscribers, 420 views, 5 comments

A former Idol member who got forgotten and become the DJ for his living since then. He only manage to do one radio program from Monday to Saturday and one full day for himself but it's kill him because nothing he can do alone to enjoy it. He's on his late 20's and he's still lonely no lover. Ming DJ should struggle his radio program which content of romance between couple yet he's a single man. A stars that become the hot issue everywhere he goes. His voice melt millions heart and tha


By dbsj0001 updated
Characters Super Junior, DBSK
With 1 chapters, 5 subscribers, 40 views
Status Subscribers Only

A set of one-shot, mini series, and drabbles of all my work as an author. 

Thanks to Our Twins

By marvin0823 updated
Characters kyuhyun, sungmin, victoria, sunny, changmin, eunhyuk, donghae
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 24 subscribers, 220 views, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

They're meet many times accidentally but one thing for sure, their first meeting was thanks to their twins. Sungmin will be bored to the death if only Kyuhyun didn't show up and share the similiar reason why he felt bored and that was their first encounter that filled with happiness and their story just begin.          


By Kyu3392 updated
Characters Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Donghae, Super Junior & possible others
With 34 chapters, 113 votes, 682 subscribers, 705 comments
Status Subscribers Only

The music business isn't an easy one, but for blind street singer Cho Kyuhyun, life has never been easy. And it’s only going to get more complicated. Kyuhyun thinks his dream has finally come true when he’s offered a contract with Sapphire Blue Entertainment, one of the top three entertainment agencies in Korea, but as always, things don’t go quite according to plan. Cue Lee Donghae and Lee Sungmin. Donghae is a very handsome trainee with a mischevious charm, who can d

Perfectly Imperfect

By BunnySol updated
Tags kyumin
With 8 chapters, 11 votes, 73 subscribers, 2000 views, 90 comments

Kyuhyun is perfect...but clueless. Sungmin is weird and...well weird.

Super Junior Gangs

By LittleRose2888 updated
Characters Super Junior T, Super Junior M, TVXQ, BoA, SHinee, Kpop Artists
With 48 chapters, 10 votes, 101 subscribers, 3910 views, 68 comments

They were the most bitter gangs in all South Korea. T and M, and it was Detective Jongwoon's job to catch them. But with a new partner like Kibum and growing attachment to one of the gang members, will he be able to take down the two underground powerhouses?

East Sea VS Sapphire

By Kiss_And_Music updated
Characters Super Junior, Some Shinee and Exo here and there.
With 12 chapters, 13 votes, 89 subscribers, 2180 views, 77 comments

When an economical crisis strikes the South Korean School District, two completely different prestigious schools are forced to combine into one. But unfortunately for their lone Principal Park, the schools are already run by their own share of bad boys- And they don’t like to share.

I'm His No.1 Fan

By kimwookie updated
Characters yesung,ryeowook,sungmin,kyuhyun,donghae,eunhyuk, other super junior member
With 10 chapters, 1 votes, 27 subscribers, 510 views, 17 comments
Status Subscribers Only

there's a saying  " a way to a man's heart is through his stomach " is it effective??? is it possible??? or is it effective only for those normal relationship?  . .there's always an exception ,right?    

Ain't Cute and Innocent

By JaKoKm updated
Characters Hyukjae Donghae Heechul Ryeowook Kangin Leeteuk Kyuhyun Sungmin
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 20 subscribers, 410 views, 3 comments

Lee Donghae was walking down the long hallway towards his classroom. The girls secret glances accompanied him on his way. His brown locks and facial features made him quite popular among them but they never talked to him. Having a crush on Donghae was one of these crushes you would never admit, because Lee Donghae was not only good looking, but he was also a complete nerd....

Inlove ako kay Cho Kyuhyun.

By Magic_Ice137 updated
Characters kyumin kyuhyun sungmin
With 14 chapters, 5 votes, 20 subscribers, 640 views, 38 comments

--WARNING:TAGALOG-- Paano kung nainlove ka sa

These grey-striped clouds above us

By Youngblood updated
Characters Super Junior, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, etc.
With 4 chapters, 18 subscribers, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Super Junior|| english version || As "Monday murderer" the newly appointed serial killer is titled, who has stretched his nets all around Seoul and especially around SM-Entertainment. With his victims he climbs the career ladder ever higher and higher, until his newest


By kayetin updated
Characters Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Heechul, Changmin
With 25 chapters, 33 votes, 301 comments

Title: Marry Me, Marry My Daughter Pairing: Kyumin Other Characters: Ryeowook, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Heechul, Changmin Warning: Gender bender, Identity Switch Genre: Romance, Drama, Family Rating: PG-13 Summary: Cho Kyuhyun is a thirty seven years old man. He’s handsome, smart, rich and a very successful CEO. He was divorced to his wife because he caught her cheating. He falls in love to his secretary; beautiful, nice, very loving, simple an

Which one?

By kfanfictworld updated
Characters Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Lee Donghae, Lee Hyukjae, and others
With 1 chapters, 7 subscribers, 130 views, 2 comments

Cho Kyuhyun is an heir of his family's well known company, which means, he's the new CEO. He's a good guy, he always impress everyone near him, so there's nothing wrong if he becomes the CEO of his familly company. But what they don't know is, he actually has been dealing with D.I.D (Dissosiative Identity Disorder) since he was in college. And his other personality, Mingyu is totally different from him. He has a happy go lucky personality, and he always makes Kyuhyun have to deal with gangste

Folie à deux

By EclecticInkling updated
Tags kyumin minkyu
Characters Siege Ming, Siege Kyu, Fissure Ming, Fissure Kyu
With 7 chapters, 24 votes, 139 subscribers, 2320 views, 82 comments

Folie à deux (/fɒˈli ə ˈduː/; "a madness shared by two") A delusion or mental illness in which symptoms of a delusional belief are shared by two intimately related individuals. (aka Brooke and Allie's insane foray into a shared universe between Fissure and Siège en règle)

♥ Till The Day The World Is Covered In Sapphire Blue ♥

By Super_Junior_Lover updated
Characters Super Junior
With 313 chapters, 93 votes, 307 subscribers, 1489 comments

Super Junior/Super Junior-M.

Tell me some words

By mrslee19 updated
With 163 chapters, 2 votes, 33 comments
Status Completed

Words, I love words... ❣'Collection of 

That Boy Who Loves Kyuhyun

By chiaraa updated
Characters Lee Sungmin Cho Kyuhyun Kim Kibum Lee Hyukjae
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 31 subscribers, 250 views
Status Subscribers Only

"That rabbit looking boy is in love with Kyuhyun and the badboy himself knows it"  

Drabbles: Super Junior as Parents....

By DawnMalfoy updated
Characters SuperJuniorot15 EXOot12
With 9 chapters, 7 votes, 67 subscribers, 2570 views, 18 comments
Status Completed

What would happen if Super Junior couples were the parents of EXO members?  How would their mornings be?  These are all fluffy (or humourous) interpretations of what might be

One at a time

By Tamily updated
Characters All Super Junior Members.
With 25 chapters, 11 votes, 106 subscribers, 5060 views, 95 comments

When he's put in front of 12 indifferent eyes, his last thoughts about laughter, pampers, smiles and comforting pats in his shoulders fell straight to the ground. Nothing is what we imagined, and nothing goes the way we thought it would, but sometimes, destiny makes up for you, although you have to do your part. Kyuhyun has to earn everybody's affection, or deal with their indifference; and maybe, some are going to fall so deep in love.

My thoughts, Your memories

By Abhirami updated
Tags kyumin
Characters Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Hyukjae,
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 13 subscribers, 160 views, 4 comments

Hi everyone, this is my first fanfic in AFF and the first ever chaptered story I wrote. Its genderbender with Sungmin as girl. The story is a college based romance with both fluffy and angst feels to it.  I hope you will read it and comment on it. Its a story I hold close to my heart, hope it finds a place in your hearts too. Dedicated to aleihs19, Eeteuksangel, amy1993min, ame


By amy1993min updated
Characters Lee Sungmin, Cho Kyuhyun, Lee Hyukjae, Lee Donghae and other SJ members. Yunho and Jaejoong (Yunjae hint) and Changmin
With 24 chapters, 18 votes, 121 subscribers, 5400 views, 150 comments
Status Completed

Hyukjae,Donghae and Sungmin have been friends for as long as they can remember. Having some bets every now and then was the way they roll. But what if these bets were about to bring a big change in their life.....   Ok! so this is my first ever story so pretty much suck at description but hopefully the story will be a little better. Please bear with me <3 The story is 100% mine.


By jengski updated
Characters Lee Sungmin, Cho Kyuhyun, Kim Youngwoon, Park Jungsoo, Kim Ryeowook and other Super Junior characters
With 47 chapters, 74 votes, 384 subscribers, 24670 views, 972 comments

Their soul is like a magnet, always pulling each other in a full force. Kyuhyun is a North Pole and Sungmin is his South Pole.   Pairing:

Vraie obscurité

By Prom15e-to-13elieve updated
Characters Super junior 15
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 10 subscribers, 230 views, 4 comments

Everyone is born innocent. It doesn't matter what you really are, or what monster truly lies beneath that facade. We all stay innocent. Well, at least until that one moment, when you start to think for yourself. The moment when you decide that you want to continue to be the person you are now... Or, when you decide that you want to be different. To stand out. To attempt new, thrilling things that many others fear to do.  To release the monster inside of you. To