The Palace


Summary: In 1619 Joseon, Lee Sungmin and Jo Kyuhyun are two spies for a Left-wing rebellion faction in the heart of Hanyang, led by Lee Youngwoon, Sungmin's father. However, what everyone does not know is the feelings they developed for each other in the four years of their training in the boarding academy, prior to their entrance to the Royal Palace. Now that Sungmin is one of the King's concubines, and Kyuhyun works in the Ministry of Defence in order to infiltrate the Army, what is to come of their relationship, and the mission that they have sworn to protect and complete with all their lives? Will their feelings and emotions get in the way of their missions, or will they only strengthen the bond and love that were never supposed to be?


- I'm getting married!

The shorter boy looked up at the taller boy, his eyes slightly making a smile while the words slipped out of his cute lips.

- What?

The taller boy replied, with obvious confusion in his voice. His right hand was still holding a bouquet of flowers that he had himself picked in the woods nearby. The bouquet was a bunch of tiny flowers combined. But they had a bright pink colour, which he knew the person in front of him would appreciate, and they looked as cheerful as him when smiling. The hand holding the flowers lowered to his hip, almost to his back. He was trying to process the sentence that the boy before him had just uttered to him. He was half hoping he had mistaken what the other was saying, that he had gotten another ear infection, so his hearing was not as clear as it normally was. The other half, he was praying, that the other was only playing with him, after all the pranks and teases he had done to him all those years.

But the other boy cleared his throat, looked at him serious in the eyes. The tall boy knew that this is his cue of paying attention. He took a moment to think of another expression, then said with a clarity and seriousness that he did not know were piercing into the other boy's heart and squeezing it into pieces:

- I'm going to the Palace! For the mission!

The bunch of flowers dropped deadly to the ground. The boy did not know how he replied, or reacted to what the other had said. He only felt like the sky had just dropped all of its weight onto him. He felt like all the clouds and wind up there were trying to surround and suffocate him, for some reason, because he could not breathe normally anymore. And, he felt like that smile had shifted into a strong firm hand, and it was squeezing and crushing his heart into pieces, then it had shifted into a large and strong foot, which was now stepping and pounding onto the leftover pieces like they were poisonous ants. He could not breathe, or see, or hear anything now, because his mind and all of his strength were focused onto only one thing, or more precisely, one person. The person that was standing right in front of him right now. The person that was announcing the death and the torture of him just a moment ago, with a smile that even thousands of those bouquets of flowers could not compete. The person that thought that this was the beginning of his mission and the Revolution.

But, for him, this would be the end of everything.


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Chapter 53: Finally you are back?! Welcome back!

Where have you been? Please continue to update, it is a nice story. Please don't leave us hanging again :)
magicelf #3
Can I translate this story into my own language? no problem? I really liked this story♥︎♡♡♡♥︎
magicelf #4
Thank u for writing it♥︎
khimqtqt14 #5
lindatan #6
Chapter 32: Tats was so great for Min & Kyu . So calmly & happy being together
lindatan #7
Chapter 15: Thanks authornim for updating this story
lindatan #8
Chapter 11: No matter who & where he is at , he’s always your Sungmin
lindatan #9
Chapter 10: Hope both of them can stil be friends after Min marriage . He need a friend to talk to , a friend whom can stay by him . Thanks authornim for updating !
lindatan #10
Chapter 9: The king getting interested in Min now . Love the interaction between Min & Wook , brotherly love .