Same But Not Quite Similar
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All paragraphs in italics is in Flashback. 



“Min, hurry!” Urgency laced in his voice as he pulled Sungmin’s hand forcefully behind, both of the teens were running for their lives from an impending danger; an impending death. The needs to get away from this place intensified alike a blasting fireworks or else none of them would see the next sunrise; and that was certain since how mad the Black Jade had been with them. All thanks to some stupid scheme Kyuhyun thought he could pull over to trick the gang.


He’d knew it won’t worked out well to be honest, but to find him and Sungmin scrambling away on their feet was definitely out of his prediction—Kyuhyun was stupid. He should’ve thought about it! Now all their lives were at stake!


“Where the is Donghae and Hyukjae?!” Sungmin had shout-whispered that after the duo had found a shady corner to hide. Their breaths shallow as they wheezed, too tired from the sprint. Even in hiding, they still could hear the hasty steps resonating throughout the dark alleyway. It’s the Black Jade. They were looking for them.


When they’d found all 4 of them, it would be a game over. They will kill them without any mercy.


“ there’s too many.” Kyuhyun had uttered when he saw a few men in black hoodies around the area. The small corner they were hiding was well hidden but it would only be a matter of time until they would be found. Kyuhyun knew he had to run, took Sungmin far away from here to safety. But Donghae and Hyukjae were nowhere to be found. Where were they?!


“Kyu……” Heard was Sungmin’s trembling voice behind his neck. He tilted his head slightly to meet the shaking orbs of his boyfriend. Sungmin was so close to tears—and so was Kyuhyun; because the Lee ing Donghae and Lee ing Hyukjae probably were still inside the building. Alive was a debatable topic. But he held the tears in. Kyuhyun needed to be strong. His friends needed him. Sungmin needed him. “A—Are we going to die?”


He had no answer because Kyuhyun knew no one’d ever escaped from Black Jade alive. But they can hope…… right?








It’s been a week and at last Kyuhyun is sober enough to throw anyone around him—even a very glad yet anxious Sungmin, quite a menacing glare. Doctor Shin is in his room again today; like how he’s every single day, checking up on him. All the observation and something about his IV drips and such. Not that Kyuhyun ever minds them. Sungmin helps him to sit, even standing up for a brief walk inside the room proving the doctor he’s all well and ready to leave.


But Doctor Shin won’t let them, or more precisely speaking; Kim Heechul won’t let them.


“Your wound is closing up well. I guess you’re not overexerting like the last time, aren’t you?” Doctor Shin attempts on a joke, his voice light alike a sing song but neither Kyuhyun nor Sungmin give any reactions to it. Although the latter does manage a smile to not be acclaimed as rude. Kyuhyun however is all gloomy and quiet, seemingly deep into his mind. In the midst of Doctor Shin’s useless rambling he’s concern of only one thing….


He needs to find Donghae. He needs to talk to him.


“Excuse me doctor….” Its Sungmin’s voice that pulls him out from the reverie, glancing to him that has his eyes looking at the slight buffed up man with uncertainty in those orbs once shined with so much happiness. Somehow at one point thanks to all the years Kyuhyun has known Sungmin, he could read those underlying emotions and intentions in him even by a swift glance of an eye. “Is Heechul hyung here today? I need to talk with him.”


Kyuhyun notices Doctor Shin is quiet for a good 5 seconds before he speaks again; this time positively disturbed, “Director-nim is very busy today. I don’t think you can meet him at all for the next few days either.”


Kyuhyun snorts—to which goes unnoticed by everyone. Just say he doesn’t want to see our ing faces.


“But this can’t wait. I really need to talk to him.” Sungmin urges. Clearly not giving in easily to the man’s words. Somehow it pricks on Kyuhyun’s interest to see what kind of another bull would come out from him this time.


He doesn’t expect Doctor Shin to sigh, eyes gently looking at them as he speaks, “We’ve broken Donghae from his hypnotic trance.”


That is definitely something none of Kyuhyun and Sungmin would expect to hear. Out of sudden, too soon, too unforeseeable when they know how damn stubborn and egotistical Heechul is. So why with the sudden change?


“When?” Kyuhyun vocals out, his first word since he has sobered up.




“H—Heechul hyung, is he….—”


Doctor Shin nods to Sungmin. Smiling softly in return, “Yes, Director-nim is the one making the call. The procedure is done safely without any complication. Donghae is fine as well.”


“Where is he?” Urgently inquired is Kyuhyun, almost pouncing on the man if it’s not Sungmin holding him in place by the waist. Anxiety creeping inside Kyuhyun. The news of breaking Donghae from his hypnosis could mean three crucial things;


One: His memory of Kyuhyun and Sungmin is returned.

Two: They can warn him about the gang chasing after them.

Three: Nothing will change much.


But it’s better than nothing; Kyuhyun in all honesty can’t stand to be locked up here anymore while his friend—a once used to be friend that walks around the same place with him is so vulnerable to danger. The same fact that Sungmin has been telling him how in the days they’ve been spending their time here, he couldn’t even get to stand 30 meters close to Donghae’s shadow—yes, it’s quite an exaggeration but it’s exactly what happens. The SN Kim Ryeowook is too tough for agile Sungmin to counter. Heechul is good on protecting his cub, Kyuhyun has to give that to the old man.


“He’s resting somewhere in this hospital. His condition is stable and might be discharged by the day after tomorrow.” The doctor’s words give a spark of hope in him. Donghae is still here, he’s in this ing place. If only he could just leave this room and find him…..


It’s the only chance. Who knows where in the goddamn world Heechul will send them off after he’s done kicking Kyuhyun out from this stinky hospital. There can’t be more delaying. Kyuhyun doesn’t hesitate, he speaks the first thing in his mind. “Please, take us to him.”


Doctor Shin is visibly frowning now. A look of disapproval clearly shown on his rounder face. He shakes his head firmly, “I can’t do that, Kyuhyun-shii. Donghae needs to rest and so do you.”


“But I’m fine! Please, I need to see him!” Kyuhyun begs, desperation growing hideously inside him. He knows if he misses this chance with Donghae staying at one place—not being hidden by Kim Heechul for once, he could see him again. After all these 17 years.


“Shindong hyung….” It’s Sungmin again, this time using the man’s nickname that only those closer to him is allowed to address. It’s working its wonder though when Doctor Shin’s hardened eyes turn soft, staring guiltily to both of them. “Hyung please, we need to see Donghae. It’s been way too long since the last we’ve talked to him.” Sungmin is close to tears as he utters those, and Shindong can relate. Because he knows what happens. He is one of the witness of that night.


The night that changes everything, including their supposed-to-be unbreakable friendship.


The doctor sighs once more, knowing so well the look shown on the two young men’s faces. They won’t back down this time. In truth to be speaking, Shindong hasn’t expect himself to handle this matter so soon as today. Because unlike Heechul, he’s not unsparing. “Listen to me both of you…” He starts, dropping the clipboard by the table. “As your assigned physician I’m asking you to consider your health rather than other matters. You’ve just barely woke up and we don’t want any of those wounds to re-open. But……” Again another sigh, this time much heavy and longer than before. The two only wait patiently for whatever Shindong will say, hoping for the best. Wishing for him to side with them this time and lend a hand.


“As yours and Heechul hyung’s friend, I can only ask you to wait just a little bit more and follow the plan. You will just make the situation worst if you see hyung right now. He has enough on his plate after the decision he’s taken.” He isn’t stopping yet, “And if you see Donghae, it’s going to be chaotic. You two understand me, right?”


Although been a fugitive for almost the half of their lives, it’s not difficult for both of them to understand Shindong’s grave words. They know Donghae will be confused if he sees them, anything that could lead to far bigger mishaps might occur and it’s the last scenario everyone would’ve wanted. Of course, to avoid Heechul’s wrath as well. Kyuhyun and Sungmin might lose their heads if anything happen to Donghae again.


Begrudgingly they agree. Shindong looks relieved with it. “I’m sorry again for everything. You kids don’t deserve this…..”


He has left even before Kyuhyun gets to say, “WE do deserve it. No matter how unfair it is.”






After Shindong has left, both Kyuhyun and Sungmin fall into a deep silence inside the room. no one braves enough to talk, afraid their turbulent emotions will give away the croak of their voices, the unintended breaking of a dam full with suppressed emotions—the unwanted spill of memories; too many to feel yet too less they’re feeling. It’s what best describes the two.


Despite the haywire minds and unasked violent thoughts, they’re still holding hands. Tight not to let go. Kyuhyun is still sitting with Sungmin by the chair beside his bed. They’re wearing a gloo

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Chapter 32: Hyuk your lie too far please be honest with Hae i'm afraid Hae Will be more hurt and cant take anymore
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Chapter 14: I feel Heechuls pain and struggles to make Donghae happy.He will do everything for his brother to see his smile but bearing this problem by your own creates more problem and lies I'm glad you finally step up and slowly correcting your mistake by removing Donghae under hypnosis.💔
Chapter 32: Jujur aku agak lupa bagaimana jalan ceritanya (aku sangat pelupa), sepertinya aku harus mengulang membaca dari awal lagi untuk mengingatnya
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Donghae and Eunhyuk being same as the story. Hyukjae meeting donghae and all. Getting smitten by him. Eunhyuk being jealous. AND THE NEVER ENDING LOVE TRIANGLE.