The Light Of His Life

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"THE LIGHT OF HIS LIFE" Jihbum fanfic







Jihyo, a stage three cancer survivor, from a weak and frail girl that she was had learned to be strong and do healthy things with the help of her friends. She feels free and happy that she was able to do the things that she wasn't able to before when she was still sick. Rather than the hospital bed, Jihyo became active in school activities and gained even more friends.


Meanwhile, due to an accident, Jaebum, one of the best soccer player on the school team injured his leg and couldn't be able to play for the coming Sports Fest to be held in their school which also affected his scholarship for college. Just like that, the door to the seemingly bright future ahead of him just closed before his eyes making the once popular and active young man's life as a student becomes quiet that he refused to do outdoor activities again.
At the main event, Jihyo went to watch and support friends when she took notice of JB whom she held a grudge before because of an incident. Now, she realizes that after seeing him, the hate was gone but only filled with pity. Everyone knows of his recent accident and being a naturally kind girl she is, Jihyo left her friends and approach the man to watch the whole game with him.

Jihyo's concern didn't end there. She was there to cheer him up even her presence annoys him at times but when she saw him smile at her for the first time, Jihyo knew she could help him to stand up again. Even he stopped playing soccer, she knew his passion for other things remained like his talent in photography.



It's really hard to choose an OST for this story as I was able to construct the plot without using any music as my inspiration. But Baek Yerin's "November Song" just perfectly fits the story's vibes so, in the end, I became satisfied to use it. Please listen and make a judgment of it yourself





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