HeavenLee's Beach Resort Story#4 Bound By Fate

Story Ideas by LayDZhang


Layra-  / Zhang Yxing X Kim Yura / Bound by Fate

 I- Having different opinions and principles in life. It must be difficult to like a person when you don’t share the same beliefs. It is rather more complex to fall in love with the person you treated as an enemy. But they said ‘love’ is the most powerful thing on this planet and it can overcome every obstacle.

 II- The grand piano is Yura’s best friend ever since she lost her other half, her twin sister in a tragedy including her parents. Her life had been a sad one and each day, it’s like losing her own will to live on. She was on her way to ending her own life by jumping on the highest building by the beach when an old man pulled her from the nearing edge. The man gave her another reason to live when he adopted her to become one of his most trusted people. He trained her to become a strong beautiful woman for her mission. One of the biggest assignments he had given to her is observing a bothered young man the old man has saved from drowning in the near ocean.
 Yixing is not easy to handle. He looks quiet and soft on the outside but inside within him is a stone-cold attitude that she finds so hard to melt. For Yura, she doesn’t trust the young man and she knows he also did the same.

 III- The sound of bombs and grenades always filled his ears with excitement. Excitement to go to war and fight for his own country. A country that is near to its extinction from losing its people’s hope by the abusive government of the foreign countries. Being desperate to give his countrymen the justice they deserve, Yixing went to a mission impossible, a very risky operation that can’t guarantee his safety. He almost loses his life when he landed on the water part of the land but somehow, he survived.
 To a faraway land, he arrived on an island near a paradise-like beach where he met an old man who gave him a place to stay. The warm welcome he receives gave him a different view of what’s life outside the country he called ‘home’. It’s not as bad as it seems. There, he realized that everything is not too late. There is still hope with the new life he discovered.

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