My Lady

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"My Lady"

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Oh Sehun never experienced having a girlfriend. Although he's attracted to some female classmates in school, he never tried to approach anyone because he isn't ready to enter any kind of intimate relationship. There came a  time in his life when most people around him, especially close friends would suspect his uality but to Sehun, it was nothing to be worried about because he knows himself more than anyone and he knows time will come soon when he will be ready to meet someone in his life.


They said love comes in the most unexpected way and when a new transferee came and becomes his seatmate, a beautiful but quiet girl named Bae Suzy who was also his new neighbor, his quiet and peaceful heart is always bothered by her presence and even his mind was invaded by thoughts of her.


Is he in love or it's just another feeling he's mistaking for love?


Meanwhile, Suzy is starting to like the handsome man despite his shy nature but she's afraid to open her heart to anyone especially that she has a big secret and she won't take the risk of telling him, afraid that he would avoid her like what happened from the past.


As the title suggests, "My Lady" by EXO is the main theme song of this romantic story starring 94 liners visual...

Oh Sehun and Bae Suzy.

Anyway, without further ado let's jump right into it!



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Chapter 31: Oh did I missed anything??
Chapter 31: Oh I have never heard about this disorder. I will surely search about it. To know more details
Chapter 31: I've never heard of that illness before, plus the plot sounds really interesting why lie!!
Chapter 31: Omg i didn't know abt this disorder before?!!!!
Chapter 30: 'Fascinated with the word death' gosh you've caught my full attention!!!! Gosh that sounds so interesting.
Chapter 30: Ohhh wow that sounds like a horror kind of story!!! I really liked it hahaha u always come up with interesting ideas!!
Chapter 30: Oh What happened next?
It's interesting
Chapter 29: Omg are u really drunk 😂😂😂 the idea sound intetrsting!
Chapter 29: It's been a long time and in sure it's a challenging task to write.
Well, I ship Lee hi and B.I XD😂😂😂😂